The benefits of Reiki in your everyday life

7 years ago I began a spiritual journey. I was 26 and always looking to find myself. I studied and tried many different religions.

I was working in plastic surgery with a very eccentric nurse who had just became a massage therapist.

Some how we started talking and she began massaging my hands and told me I had “Healing hands” I would have thought it was just that nurse being weird again but that wasn’t the first time I heard.

A woman named Jenny Wright had told me the same thing in early meetings.

Jenny and I known each other because I was attending a lot of Buddhist meetings in Temecula and my journey just kept bring me to her.

I had known her because her daughter was a dancer on a friend of mine dance team.

I’d seen her all around town and I always loved her energy. She told me one meeting “You have healing hands” and explained to me what that meant. She talked to me about Reiki energy healing.

I was as intrigued. We didn’t talk much more about then but I went home and googled “Reiki classes in Temecula” sure enough Jenny’s website popped up.

I eagerly signed up for classes and was so excited to begin my journey into holistic healing. As a nurse I’m always intrigued by natural medicine and how the body heals. I was a very fast learner and on 9/26/2011 I became a certified reiki practitioner after mastering level one and level two Reiki Energy healing.

The training was very intense and beautiful. My energy was cleansed, my chakras we’re balanced and my energy channels opened.

I was given a Reiki Attunement that day. I learned that the body and mind are constantly trying to achieve balance.

Pain and illness are often attributed to misaligned energy.

I also learned that one can heal the body with positively charged energy.

Let’s dive a little deeper into Reiki, what it’s about, how I use it everyday and where you can find more information on Reiki energy healing.

What is Reiki

Reiki is healing technique where an energy healer (Reiki practitioner) places their hands on your body. The energy from the practitioner opens the blocked energy channels in your body. The physical touch of the healer activates your body’s natural healing abilities. Check out this short clip from The Dr Oz Show where he explains in the practice of Reiki Therapy Reiki helps to balance the bodies energy and helps the body heal itself naturally.

The benefits of reiki:

Reiki has many benefits from a single session of reiki patients experience:

-Clearer mindset the ability to focus.

-deep sense of relaxation.

-energy blocks are dissolved and broken down

(Blocked energy can cause an array of things to be seemingly wrong in a persons life)

The body is broken into different areas and chakras reiki practitioners can feel energy blocks and remove them causing the patient to have decrease symptoms.

the hands of reiki practitioners “heat up” you’ll notice when a practitioner is charged and performing a reiki session their hands are like heating pads. They guide their reiki charged hands to areas of the body affected by pain. Reiki is excellent for pain relief.

-Reiki promotes balance and harmony through out the body and its cells.

-Reiki speeds up the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

– Reiki Sessions help to wake up the immune system.

– most important reiki helps promote SLEEP!!

How I use reiki in my everyday life

As a reiki practitioner I noticed Reiki sessions force you to create an environment for relaxation. You don’t have to go all out but you have to put the mind and the body on a level to relax and channel positive energy. I perform reiki on myself every Sunday to charge myself for the week and to remove and energy blocks that I make have.

I Reiki my children!

My oldest was 5 when I became a practitioner so I explained everything to her in detail, why my hands were hot and what each section of her body represented.

I would Reiki Brooke right to sleep.

My youngest Christy I’ve only been able to do reiki on her when she was a baby and less mobile.. I’ll have to write a post about Reiki for toddlers but as in infant reiki after a shower would get her to sleep.

She suffered from colic and several food allergies, sleep and relaxation was not something our family had so I would Reiki the family and get them sleep🤷🏾‍♀️

I use reiki a lot to balance and heal my body.

I’ve used reiki on mini headaches and cramps… DEFINITELY on cramps!

I send positive energy and vibes through distance reiki when requested.

I’ve Reiki’d drinking water. I use a lot of crystals to channel different energy and unblock different energies through out the body.

I’ve used reiki to change the mood of others and bring a sense of calm and peace.

I learned so much and benefited so much from being a reiki practitioner.

For more information on Reiki

You can purchase these guides from Amazon

“Essential Reiki: A complete guide to an ancient healing art” is a book that I still use periodically to remember hand placement correctly when I Reiki myself or the family. This guide really gives you everything you need to know about Reiki. I Reiki this book if you’re the slightest bit interested in becoming a reiki practitioner or you just want know more about the subject.

The next must have book is “Reiki For Dummies”

“Reiki for Dummies” is the holy grail of reiki books! It puts all the information in your hands and makes it so easy to understand. I read this one often as well. I recommend both books but if you can only get on.. start with this one first then purchase the Essential Reiki book.

Reiki really opened my mind to the possibilities of holistic and natural healing. The body is truly amazing and what you can do with touch is phenomenal.

If you’d like to talk more about reiki or energy healing leave me a comment below or reach out via email


Sending light and love to you and yours🙌🏾


  1. Great informative post! I’m a nurse too and a few years back I done the Reki course as well as some other alternative therapies, however I didn’t really get into it too much as I had a bit of a tough time in my personal life. This post has made me think about getting back into it and using it to de-stress and recharge my batteries! Thanks for sharing!


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