Vegan Taco Lasagna

A few weeks ago I was scrolling Facebook and saw this photo called Taco Lasagna:

I was at work.. it looked easy and delicious. It also looked like something my whole family would eat and I could make vegan. So I rushed to the market and got the ingredients and did my best:

The family enjoyed it…

But they did have some critiques.. the original recipe calls for flour tortillas and they wanted me to remake the recipe using corn tortillas and instead of salsa they requested enchiladas sauce..

So round 2 Taco Lasagna…

This was the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my LIFE!

I was so busy eating it I didn’t get many pretty photos for the recipe and Instagram! This Taco Lasagna is FIRE! It’s perfect taco Tuesday surprise! I made it for my family and had the left overs for lunch!

It’s pretty delicious so let’s get into the recipe and cooking!

Ingredients of Casserole portion

(You’ll need a casserole dish)

1 bag Boca vegan meat crumbles (they are they best they cook the closest to ground beef! You’ll love them! I use them weekly!)

1 pack corn tortillas (my casserole dish required 12 shells)

Red enchilada sauce

1 packet of taco seasoning

1.5-2 cups diced onion ( we love onion.. and onion brings out a lot of the flavors of this dish)

(1 cup green bell peppers optional I omitted these because my family is not a fan of bell peppers! but I would add them for texture and color)

Vegan Cheddar (I only use So Delicious brand it melts!)

Cooking oil

Salt/pepper/ garlic powder… I season as I cook so I Wil remind you to do the same. I don’t have exact seasoning measurements


Shredded Lettuce


Vegan sour cream



Pre heat your oven to 350

Later your casserole dish with tortillas to see how many you need to fry.

Think Lasagna the whole time your cooking and layering that really helps.

After you know how many shells you need fry them soft.. not too hard or you won’t be able to cut through the bottom to serve the dish. Fry them soft like for enchiladas..

Fry up all the shells you need and set them aside.

Next you want to prepare your “meat” grab a skillet enough oil to coat the bottom of the skillet. I always sauté onions first in the skillet because the meat crumbles are flavorless so you can add what flavors you want and I just onion so I sautéed the onions first about 5-8 minutes till they turn white. Next you add your crumbles.

They cook like meat but it’s not meat so keep an eye on it. Add your taco seasoning.

Once this is cooked just set aside.

Next open your bean, your red sauce. Place them in separate bowls. You can taste and seasons these for you like at this time.

This also a good time to prep your topping.

Now we layer!

Layer beans first.. I used the beans like glue 🤗🤷🏾‍♀️ I wanted to make a nice foundation for the Lasagna since I don’t have typical “Lasagna noodles”

Next layer the meat and onions you can put as much or as little and you like I like a thick Lasagna.

Drizzle the enchilada sauce

Layer of cheese… repeat this process for one more layer.

After you complete layers cover with enchilada sauce and cheese.


Cover with foil and baked for 30-45 minutes until Cheese is melted and bubbly

My family all like different toppings so I served them pieces and they topped it. Chris ate his with just guacamole and he LOVED IT!

I tell you it went so fast that I couldn’t believe it.

This meal is definitely in the rotation to spice things out at the dinner table. It was filling. It didn’t cost a fortune and no one complained about it🙌🏾 this recipe is must!! It’s so fun to eat and look at:

Let me know if you try this recipe! It’s one of my family’s new favorites I hope it becomes one of yours!

Light and love to youuu!❤️ enjoy!


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