My blog is 8 months old and I’m burnt out

I looked at the calendar and today is 11/14/18… I hit publish on my blog 3/14/18.. my blog has been 8 months old for one day😭🥂🍾 4 months till my one year celebration y’all!!Normally, I celebrate and I have a mimosa, plan a ton of content etc but this time I’ve been so busy I can’t even see straight. I’m grateful for my blog. It has come a long way from the 7 views from my dear mom group friends.

I can’t even describe the happiness that my blog brings me. I am blessed to be able to create content for a living. I’m a small blogger but I’ve been blessed to have brands approach me for my content for their websites.

Having a brand slide in your DM’s feels like winning the super bowl🤣 I work really hard on my flat lays and I just love creating content. I’ve been focusing on what my audience wants.

I asked my Facebook audience to choose between Vegan Taco Lasagna and Vegan Thanksgiving meal options. Writing those two recipes have given me new respect for food bloggers! Writing recipes is hard and that thanksgiving had 4 recipes in it! 4!

That post took a lot of work… I think it’s part of the reason I’m burnt out. Not only did I write those post..

I was approached in My DMS yet again

I did a guest post “How I manifested the life of my dreams in less than 6 months”.

I was approached by “clouds and dirt” a spiritual lifestyle website for women. I was thrilled that they reached out me and the response was just amazing

I get so excited and just overwhelmed when people are touched by my words. I love this. I really do. I wake up with my mind focused on what to create, what to write and how to make it work today.

Paint Hive Studios: paint and sip

When I started blogging I never dreamed that opportunities would just appear but they have and I’m so grateful.

My blog has lead me to opening a social media marketing agency. I run the social media account for Paint Hive studios

Paint Hive Studios is a mobile paint and sip studio. Miss Latonja Davis-Benson brings the paint and sip party to you! She works all over Southern California. She is a very talented artist that really forces the atmosphere to come alive! I’ve truly been blessed to know and work with her.

She’s my fiancé’s art teacher. He reached out and told her I could her with her social media. We’ve been meeting every two weeks since August to discuss content strategy, marketing. I post for her Facebook business page and run the ads. I teach her to trust what social media and what it can do for your business.

I think she’s starting to trust me and understand all my nerdy ranting and poking her is worth it in the end.

Social media marketing agency

I still can’t believe I run a social media marketing agency. I still can’t believe I get paid do to what I love and I thank for God for that.

This opportunity wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for my blog.

I was looking for ways to make money with my blog and I came across a YouTube video that detailed how to start a social media marketing agency. I started the agency and began seeing client. (If you want to see the video click here6 ways to monetize your small blog it’s one of the 6 ways I teach bloggers to make money lol)

Self publishing

I’m 85 pages into my self publishing journey. My book “The Blogger’s Bible: The gospel truth about full time blogging” is my truth. What it really takes to make an income and exactly how to do it.

I was inspired to write this book after being able to legitimately make an income from social media and blogging.

I’ve made money and I want to help others do the same. I want to tell people the honest truth. What it’s like to run a blog while working and running a family. What apps you need, how much money and time you need. Since I’ve been working on my book it’s like the universe just places these amazing women in my life.

Phenomenal woman: Speaker to author

Melani Hubbard is just a phenomenal woman! she’s a motivational speaker, she’s a survivor of a horrific domestic violence incident and she’s now an author telling her story and motivating other women in the process.

Melani is very close friends with my nana and she’s her hairdresser. Melani also gave me my first “big chop” in summer.

At that time she told me she was writing a book.

“Battered, Bruised and Broken” is more than just beauty shop talk.. Miss Melani wrote a book..

That really inspired to get up and tell my truth! I’ve been blessed to spend time with Miss Melani and just pick her brain and watch her growth!

I watched her give her speech last month I’ve been watching her announce, speech after speech and I’m so motivated by her.

Just seeing someone prosper by giving their story has motivated me to tell my story.. my blogging story and the truth.

I see my book as a way to help others that may feel stuck in their blogging journey and just don’t understand how it all works. (in terms of how to make an income.)

I also teach people how to work the “holy trinity of social media: Facebook Instagram and Twitter” it’s a lot of work writing a book. Sitting down, emptying your heart and mind onto a page. It’s daunting. This book means a lot to me and has take a lot of thought and it’s just the manuscript😅

(no wonder I’ve been a little burnt out from blogging lately.)

I have been doing allllll that and Yesterday I finally stopped being scared and started my own Facebook blogging group🙌🏾

Facebook blogging group

This is something I’m very proud of..I wanted to create a place where bloggers and would be bloggers could come and learn.

Bloggers can share ideas, share post. I want to create a true community for bloggers to learn and grow together.

I’ve wanted to do this for a while but I just get scared no one will join or participate but.. that’s just normal self doubt. I’m proud of this group yesterday 10 people joined! (Ive had the group before it was just for marketing and no one was really feeling that so I changed it!

I asked the members and they were really into the idea of blogging support.. and honestly I can talk a mile a minute about blogging and I love love, love,supporting other bloggers. I’m excited to see where this group goes!

I had been on hold creatively just had a lot going on with my day job I worked a crazy number of hours and just wasn’t able to sleep, blog, or mentally function.

I was just in a creative, rut..

so I’m 8 months in and burnt out.. not in an omg imma quit my blog way.. just in a I need a couple days to just decompress.

I had to acknowledge my 8 months blog-aversary though. I’m so grateful for what I do. I can’t really express the joy I get from being able to wake up and create.. and inspire others to do the same. I receive the best messages

I really love waking up and inspire my audience, so the get engagement and feedback that keeps me going! That keeps me creating.

I wouldn’t have the inspiration of motivation to post to Instagram without this blog… it’s been a beautiful journey. I can’t wait to see what next month brings!

Hopefully 2k instagram followers…

Instagram isn’t my friend..but to be fair… I haven’t been applying my time like I should.. as you can see I’ve been busy.

Thank you for your support these last 8 months. I appreciate every read, every share, every follow, I love every comment. I read them to my family. This is blog, my content are a career I’m building and I appreciate the support I really do.


  1. Congratulations on all. You have achieved.. Remember to take breakdays. On Sundays I try to switch off all social media, it’s amazing how inspired I get by deliberately doing other things and switching off. All of the best.

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    • I really need to try that! I act like social media will die if I don’t post lol I need to unplug more and enjoy it. Think I’m going to pick a day to unplug.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You have done SO MUCH these past 8 months!!! You definitely inspire me to keep going, I’m looking forward to the release of your book. In the meantime I will join your Facebook group! By the way, it’s so important to unplug it gives you a chance to recharge. I’m excited for the rest of your blogging journey!
    Much love, Sheila 💕

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    • Thank you for you comment!! Yes I have a hard time unplugging I need to give myself a break. You’re right. Thank you so much for the support. I can’t wait for the book to be done lol I love writing it but it’s truly a process. Thank you for the support I appreciate it so much.

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  3. Wowsers!!! You have done so well in 8 months. I’m so proud of you because let’s face it … bloggin’ it ain’t easy 🙂 keep up the amazing work! But remember to have some down time 💜 you’ve gotta look after yourself 🙂 xx Rach

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