Vanderpump Rules Season 7 episode 1 recap: I’m vanderpumped Jax put a ring on it

I’ve waited along time to watch this episode!

Warning: THIS IS FULL OF SPOILERS SO PLEASE DON’T read it until you’ve watched! However I’m 5 days late👀 Vanderpump comes on Bravo Monday night but I work early… 🤷🏾‍♀️

Anyways for a recap of last season and rundown on my tweet from Jax read my post “My favorite sport is brunch, my second favorite sport is yelling at Jax Taylor”

Yep… That happened over the Summer.. the man himself RT’D me.. I think he, thinks I really hate him but on the contrary.. I love him! I’ve been rooting for him to get it together! He’s too grown and too damn fine to just waste his life alone being the man whore of bravo.. I saw MORE! I wanted MORE for Jax and my prayers were answered! But let me slow down.. let me recap!

(I really had a mimosa before and watched before I typed this.. I like my reaction to FRESH!)

Anyways let’s begin

The episode begins with Lala Kent saying “I like to be about 120-123.. I love when I can my ass bounce.. it’s so fun!”

I felt that in my soul. I know half the audience eye rolled but something about Lala I can’t hate her! I love the shade! Lala starts the season out swinging. She holds nothing back. I’m here for Lala season I’m glad they’re showing her more and giving her more screen time! I knew she was more than just pretty!

Next scene was Jax and Brittany

Jax started out scene talking about “I had the choice between my dream job and my dream girl and I picked my dream girl”

Jax… “Job in Miami”

There was no job! Everyone had their lives and stuff going on Jax made that job up!! He needed to look good in front of his friends who were actually adulting with their lives🤭 anyways back to to the love!

Lisa and Lala grieve

Lisa Vanderpump and Lala Kent reveal they are both dealing with grief. Lala relieves she is dealing with the loss of her father and Lisa reveals that she lost her brother to suicide just 5 weeks prior to taping this show. It was tough scene to watch. Lisa says

“We have to move to forward and keep living. We have to make those looking down on us proud with the lives we lead”

Next scene was Scheana

Rob dumped Scheana

I’m not surprised! She followed the man like she was a sick puppy and worshipped him for that fact that he could breathe oxygen through his nostrils.

She ran that man away with her desperation. She’s too pretty to be so damn desperate. That’s enough about her.

One of the highlights of the episode was when

Jax tells Stassi and the gang he plans to PROPOSE TO BRITTANY

YES! Jax told Stassi about his proposal.. it was a beautiful moment. You know what I call that moment….

GROWTH! These two have come so long from the ugly past they shared. Jax was 6 kinds of awful to Stassi! He was the epitome of F-Boy. Just awful! But her he is.. Revealing his plans to asking Brittany Cartwright for his hand is marriage!

I’m just thrilled!

Stassi has a new man!

I’m praying this one is good she deserves happiness! She’s just stunning and I need HER to have a happy ending!

Anyways! Stassi was the only girl to know about the plan for Jax to propose and it was killing her! It lead to really boring storyline where she had to hold in the secret from the rest of the girls.. I don’t really like those girls so we’re just going to focus on the best part of the show!

Jax and Brittany

The entire lead up to the proposal was so beautiful!

I’ve watched this man since the start of the show. I have watched him break hearts. I’ve watched him lie.. I watched him do nasty things Vegas! I’ve yelled at him and just ugh!

Anyways he has on these skinny jeans and has to shove his ring in pants🤣 I mean it’s fitting since the guy is known to not be able to keep it in his pants🤷🏾‍♀️ so anyways the entire episode he’s struggling with this box jammed in his skinny jeans and it’s pretty hilarious.

He takes her to a little stand in Malibu that serves seafood 👀the food looked bomb they looked all beachy and Instagram worthy it was real cute!

He got down on one knee it was short and sweet.. maybe a little too short but you know what know.. at least he did it! That’s all that matters.

Brittany turned a hoe into a husband.

She did what no one thought any woman could do. She locked down Jax Taylor.

I stalk them on twitter.. he’s not going to mess it he really loves her. He really shows up at events and everything. He’s like an uber supportive boyfriend.. I mean FIANCÉ!!

I’m pretty hopeful for the season for these two! I want to see a wedding! I want Jax to behave.. I really want a happy ending for them. Brittany is such a girl! I watched their show “Jax and Brittany take Kentucky” or something like that and I really fell in love with them as couple. I think Jax is going to do right by Brittany.. I think..

Predictions for the season

James is going to awful and that Raquel is going to leave him… and hopefully he’ll stop calling himself “white Kanye”🤣🤣

Anyways can’t wait till next episode 🤗

What are some of your predictions for this season? Feel free to share your thoughts on the first episode in the comments!


    • Oh I’m working a piece about this weeks called “coming to you as a woman.” I may include a clip so people can see the scene that has me heated right now lol it’s a good show. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post.


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