Vanderpump recap: Hope and Pride (“I’m coming to you as a woman”)

Oh my where to start… ok I’ll start by saying

SPOILER ALERTTTT it’s all spoilers and SHADE in the post.

This weeks episode of Vanderpump Rules was emotional roller coasters filled with glorious ups! Engagement happiness! Jax Taylor’s redemption world tour and a whole lot of “White Kanye” aka James Kennedy 🙄

This guys is the personification of excrement. Oh he just annoys me to my soul! He’s so full of himself! I get the whole “Fake it till you make it” but he just comes off as delusional.

“Everyone’s obsessed with me”

“I’ve got the nice house, super model girlfriend and a labradoodle”

He reminds me of those Instagram models who post fabulous photos of their life they want us to believe they have meanwhile they sleep on an air mattress in a basement apartment they found on Craigslist… James is like that… but worse!

It’s hilarious because he’s droning on with his obnoxious accent talking about how’s he hottest DJ and just the hottest guy and all the girls want him.. meanwhile

He bears a striking resemblance to the mad tv guy🤷🏾‍♀️… that’s all I see whenever he’s on screen!

He’s literally the worst the kind of human and I hate that he’s on the show. He’s constantly berating the women on the show. He’s a womanizer, he’s just disgusting and I can’t for the life me think who’s friends with to continue his storyline.. what’s the point of James?

Even in the scenes where the cast is surprising Jax and Brittany, James says in a cut away

“Jax will make a great 1st husband”

Like why James! Whyyyy! I mean everyone’s thinking it but it worse when James says it because well he’s AWFUL!

Back to Jax and Brittany

Brittany shouts from the rooftops “I’m engaged!”

I hope this works out.. I honestly don’t think I can take it if Jax screws this up. Brittany is the best thing to ever happen to Jax and I honestly think that Jax losing his father was a catalyst in him finally getting down on one knee and growing up!

Grief can do cause you to do a lot of things and many of the cast members Ariana speculates Jax proposed out grief…

I don’t think they’re wrong and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are times things have to happen in your life for you to realize “Hey I need to grow up, I don’t have to bang everything on two legs”

I personally believe Jax is maturing.. it only took him 40 years

Jax begged Lisa for his job back

This scene was tense 😬 Jax just came out with it

“Can I have my job back” and Lisa was like

“Aren’t we passed that daawwwling?”

“What’s in it for me?”

Jax mumbled some emotional stuff and he got his back.. so JAX IS BACK AT SUR😍

Next is the part that just has me STEAMED! So the majority of the episode is centered around Hope admitting that

She slept with James Kennedy while his girlfriend Raquel was sleeping in the same room

Yep.. Hope revealed that she is friends with Raquel and when Raquel goes to work, school, sleep Hope is having sex with James!

If Hope is the new standard of friendship I don’t want no friends. Where is this woman’s self respect! How can you sleep with a man knowing he has a girl and the girl is laying in the room across the way! HOWWWWWWW

I can’t deal with this chicken mcnasty! Is dare you call yourself a friend!

Then how dare you continue to sleep with your “friends” boyfriend! She’s just the lowest form of human.

Kristen is on some kind of mission to take James Kennedy down

I get what she’s trying to do.. She’s sick of James berating women, she’s sick of James cheating on Raquel.. The only problem is Kristen is a dirty dirty friend.. she slept with Jax the first season while she was “friends” with Stassi.. so I mean.. I wouldn’t trust Kristen as far as I could throw her.. and I wouldn’t touch her.

She just seems completely obsessed with this whole take James down thing.. it’s almost like it’s her only storyline and she’s holding on for dear life.. lord knows she’s the least interesting of all the bunch.

Kristen tells Stassi of her plan to confront James and Raquel at the Pride celebration at sur..

Kristen and Hope sneak and ambush poor Raquel

The flat out tell this woman her man is cheating and she DEFENDS HER MAN😱

Lala Kent is my hero this episode!

Lala just sincerely wanted Raquel to have a backbone and stand up for herself! Lala is a strong woman! I love that she’s opening up more this season and really sharing about her grief. I just loved that she’s so raw, real and tells it like it is! She called her “Tupac Reincarnated” and in this episode I see what she means😂🤣

In the mist of Raquel defending her cheating ain’t shit boyfriend Lala straight out ask

“Are you really that stupid?!?”

I was dying🤣🤣🤣🤣 she gave zero F’s about Raquel’s feelings! Lala is me! I am Lala! 🤣🤣🤣I couldn’t believe Raquel was really just #teamjames till the end! I know she just wants to be on TV but do you really want to me known as the girl who’s boyfriend cheated on you with everyone and their dog!

He cheated at Coachella! It’s already dirty there and he just adding to the filth ugh! James Kennedy is the worst and Raquel is just a dingy victim…. I don’t think she cares that James is hoe🤷🏾‍♀️ she just wants those Bravo checks .. no one can be that dumb!

Team Lala!

This isn’t the first time that James has had to deal with allegations of cheating last season a woman showed up with James CLOTHING in her hand and Raquel was like

“Ok James”

Raquel finally confronts James tearfully saying

“Why do I have to keep going through this!”

And James denies all allegations, calls everyone haters says they’re obsessed with him and once again refers to himself as “White Kanye”

The entire time this unfolding right in front of Jax who’s bartending

James screams “They accuses Jax of cheating and look at him”

In a cut away scene Jax says “I WAS CHEATING THOUGH!”🤣🤣

James storms out angrily! DRUNK! SKUNK DRUNK AND ANGRILY and begins to verbally assault everyone in his path.

He sets his sights on Kate and begins chipping away at her already weakened self image.

He calls Kate fat and flicks a cigarette at Lala before being shuffled away.

The episode closes with previews of Kate telling Lisa she refuses to work with James and she refuses to work in an environment when women are degraded by staff and nothing is done.

I’m curious to see how this plays out. Lisa seems to have a weird soft spot for James. He needs to GROW UP! The entire cast is evolving and growing and James is stuck in the same drunk stupor he’s been every season he’s appeared on the show.

The show needs to go on without this clown! He’s destructive to the group and brings nothing but drama it’s funny he named his night Djing “see you next Tuesday” because he’s a huge one!

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Thank you for reading! What did you think of the latest episode? If haven’t watched catch my recap right here Vanderpump Rules Season 7 episode 1 recap: I’m vanderpumped Jax put a ring on it

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