We will NOT be glorifying unhealthy relationships in 2019 #sorrynotsorrybruh

I’ve been triggered the last few days because of Rapper Offset interrupting Cardi B as she was PERFORMING on stage to apologize.

Typically I don’t care about this kind of thing but I have a 12 year old daughter that could not wait to to show me what she has seen on Twitter:

“Mom did you see on Twitter what OFFSET did to Cardi B?”

Oh man I was triggered

This was my teachable moment. I feel as the mother of daughters, it’s my civic duty to teach my daughters what they should NOT be accepting from men and why!

I’m real with my daughter and I laid it out there:

“What Offset did was disrespectful on so many levels. Cardi has told him she wants to no longer have a relationship with him.. well a marriage she wished to divorce. He shows up at her place of business, disrespects her work area, disrespects her need for space from him to think and disrespects her as woman by calling her bruh.. not to mention these people are celebrities. The people watching them and idolizing them are not.. and then add to that the fact some of the people idolizing them are not stable.

Just like Offset showed up with flowers and an awful apology there are men showing up after break ups With guns, killing women for not wanting them any more.

This isn’t cute.. this behavior should not be romanticized and that’s what I fear. You see this isn’t ok and these behaviors aren’t a sign of love right?”

She replied: “Mom that’s ALL true and he is also stopping the family bag people aren’t going to want to pay to see that! People aren’t going to want to see Cardi. That’s money lost, but you forget to mention this is humiliating. The whole world can see him. I would never talk to man again if he did me this way. Flowers can’t just erase what you’ve done to some.”

I breathed a sigh of relief that my daughter understood.

This Cardi B and Offset incident has just irritated the lining of my soul.

My soul needs a tums.

It’s blatant disrespect. It’s sooo annoying!

I’ve talked about it so much my fiancé uses it to annoy me.

I hate the fact this man degraded his WIFE down to word “Bruh” when apologizing.

This incident further irritates me because I see people various social media platforms romanticizing these actions.. THIS IS NOT CUTE!

I wouldn’t go as far as to call it abuse like other bloggers have but I will say that it extremely manipulative and dangerous.

We have to stop giving unhealthy relationships #goals status

This is extremely dangerous to the young boys and girls who don’t have moms to talk to them about what is acceptable.

They look at these relationships and call them goals.

This all playing out publicly and the vast majority of us can digest this for our entertainment fodder.

However there is a small percentage of society that emulates these antics. These people are their favorite celebrities and many people are going to try to emulate Offset on a dime and show up saying “I’m sorry bruh” for countless infidelities or “I forgot to pick out child up from daycare I’m sorry bruh,”

Ladies can we make a vow to not accept “I’m sorry bruh” I’m 2019 or ever!

Look I may have been more inclined to listen to this man’s PUBLIC apology had he not called his wife “Bruh” this woman just gave birth to his child. This woman is facing jail time for assaulting to strippers for “allegedly” sleeping with her HUSBAND.

He should have lead with something stronger than “I’m sorry Bruh.”

This man “Allegedly” arranged a 3 sum while his WIFE was pregnant.

He’s going to have to come with words more apologetic than “I’m sorry,Bruh”

Look I think everyone has a right to a second chance.

Especially if you’re married and have a family etc. I think Offset is on chance number 3 or 4 publicly.

I’m all for second chances when the man is sincere and coming from a place of humility with his apology.

How can this man fix his lips to call his WIFE Bruh.

I’m old as dirt…I remember dating a guy and getting into an argument and calling him “dude” I still remember the look on his face.. his body crumbled like a piece a of paper as soon as the word “dude” left my lips.

He said ” after all I’ve done for you I’m just some dude now?”

I was trying to verbally lacerate this “dude” so I said “yeah DUDE, that’s all you are is a dude for me to bone and argue with TODAY!”

Needless to say that guy and I didn’t work out. Obviously I DID NOT RESPECT THAT MAN.. hell I don’t even remember his name

If calling a man I was just casually dating “dude” hurt him that bad.. imagine how it would feel for a your husband to call you “Bruh” on national platform😞

like how can you call me “Bruh” and still expect me to get wet for you?

We have to get to a point as women where we don’t just take these apologies… we need to expect actions!

We have to see our worth beyond meaningless shows of affection. Those $15k could have been used on couples therapy because that what he needs. He need to be accountable for the fact he singlehandedly destroyed his family by seeking outside ass🤷🏾‍♀️

We have to get to a point as women where we are not moved by these simple displays.

If you want to keep your family.. Just stop cheating. Go to counseling, learn to communicate and stop sleeping with women who aren’t your wife.. no one forced this man to take vows. Just like no one forced him to cheat.

It really chaps my hide that there are women glorying this type of relationship because he spent a hefty amount on a gift.

My 12 year old can see this behavior is not ok.

If I’m a promoter I’m not booking Cardi B unless I have it in writing her crazy ass ex won’t show up and ruin the set.

Unless he’s going to join in and perform.. the crowd don’t come for Offset they came for Cardi B.

Just the GULL to call your wife” Bruh” in front of the world and you expect her to put your penis inside her.. .. how?

We the educated, coin collecting women of 2018 are not bringing these “I’m sorry, Bruh” men into 2019

We have worked too hard. We can’t keep accepting flowers and bad behavior. We can’t keep making excuses.

We can’t kept justifying immature behavior.

If you’re not ready to be a husband don’t ask a woman to be a wife! That simple🤷🏾‍♀️

If accept you “I’m sorry bruh,” and flowers with no plan of action that’s all you’ll ever get is flowers and apologizes.

I believe in second chances but only a fool in believes in 3rd and 5th chances. If you continue to accept a certain type of behavior that’s just enabling and showing the person that you don’t even care enough about yourself to stop them from hurting you.

Taking the flowers and “I’m sorry bruh” means you’ll fall for anything and we are not accepting that in 2019 No “I’m sorry bruh” in 2019!


  1. OMG. BABY this was so dope on so many levels I read it with my mouth dropped most of it. I read it Twice.
    Great read!👏👏👏👏🙌🙌

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