Book Review: “The Bomb Life” By Claire Sulmers

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m in a Starbucks typing my soul away because “The Bomb Life” By Claire Sulmers is a book ever entrepreneur needs to read

Every female entrepreneur that doesn’t quite fit the mold and doesn’t do the fake friendly till you make it this is the book for you! This book was SNATCHED MY WIG!

I heard about Claire Sulmers Friday on my commute to work. I listen to podcast on my morning drive.

Claire Sulmers was the guest on “Rants and Randomness” with Luvvie Ajayi.

(I’m currently obsessed with all things Luvvie after reading her blob her book Book Review: “I’m Judging you: The Do better Manual” By Luvvie Ajayi

I thought if I blogged about Luvvie.. my obsession would end.. NOPE.. LUVVIE IS A GATEWAY DRUG TO OTHER AMAZING BLACK CREATIVES!)

In the episode Claire talked about going to HARVARD, working at PARIS VOGUE.. and losing 1M followers when IG locked her out of her account… you read that right INSTAGRAM LOCKED HER OUT OF HER ACCOUNT WITH 1M FOLLOWERS..

I only have 2,070 followers.. ( It has been some of the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life accumulating 2k instagram followers I did outline the whole journey if you’re interested👉🏾Batsplaining Instagram: A quick guide to 1000 Instagram followers 🤘🏾… anyways back to the review)

I can’t even imagine the pain of having to regain 1M followers..

However in the interview Claire was so upbeat and positive about her new journey and used it as a lesson:

“We have to remember we don’t own these social media platforms.”

Claire went on to discuss her journey as a blogger.

Claire has been a blogger since 2006.

She’s DEEP IN THE GAME! She’s runs the website her site follows the fashion trends of celebrity women of color.

Claire Sulmers is a boss.

Claire started her blog while working at a magazine that just wasn’t appreciating her talents.

Claire took her talents and created work for herself!

Claire is writer, runs a blog, is the brand ambassador for brands like Toyota, Uber and more and I haven’t even started on the book.

By the time the podcast ended.. I was clamoring for more Claire Sulmers!

I searched her IG!

I found her on Twitter

And then I had to know MORE so I purchased Claire’s Book “The Bomb Life”

I purchased “The Bomb Life” Friday.. I picked it up Saturday night because I couldn’t sleep I read the whole book in a few hours time

Claire is open and honest. It’s like talking to your good girlfriend about life. I couldn’t put the book down because I truly wanted to know what was going to happen to Claire next.

Claire starts her book out by saying

“Yes I went to Harvard.”

That opening alone gave me chills.

The prestige of Harvard already gives you an allure of success and excellence. Claire is Ivy League! I was already intrigued!

Claire Sulmers gives several stories of her youth where she talks about the light bulb moment where she decided to put all her energy into getting to Harvard. She GOT IN!

Her brother had gone to Harvard and given her this pearl of wisdom (that actually pops up later in her life.)

Claire gives you the good, the bad and the ugly of relationships while balancing a successful career in the spotlight

Claire Sulmers is an open book when it comes to relationships and blogging. Claire gives an account of a leech of a man that wormed his way into her life with sweet nothings and false supportive gestures. She turned around and this man was reaping all the benefits of her hard work.. the dating advice alone in this book is priceless.

No one tells you what it’s like to have a man ask to be your “plus one” it takes the right man to be with you when you’re in the blogging/content creation field. No one is talking about this but Claire. Claire is open and vulnerable in away that’s missing in blogging books. We constantly read about the magical meteoric rise to success but not is talking about being hurt in love.

You get so many perks, people see those perks and assume that’s what blogging is about..That’s not the case.

That one awesome event comes from months of reaching out to brands. Months of proving what you can do. Months of radio silence and feeling of inadequacy..

CLAIRE SULMERS talks about that. I loved that.

Claire gives you the real nitty, gritty!

I’m not even in the fashion niche but this book is applicable to so many facets of life.

The best part of the book is where Claire Sulmers basically gives free content strategy for bloggers

Claire Sulmers gives you the blueprint for success in the book.

If you don’t know something LEARN IT!

Claire reveals in the book in the beginning of her career she learned basic HTML and sold banners for advertising on her blog. That’s how she made money in the beginning. I was blown away Claire actually gives real business advice. Real ideas. I was so inspired to work on my blog and where I wanted to be next year! This book is so motivating.

This book is empowering! I can’t wait to implement the ideas I’ve learned from Claire. I’m big on vision boards. Manifesting, and WORKING!

Claire is just so motivating! To see her and just know her path to success is possible is amazing.

Claire is upfront… she tells you blogging and social media is not a get rich quick thing. It takes TIME!

That’s what I loved about this book. It’s real.

I recommend this book for every blogger that just needs motivation. I recommend this book for women of color in blogging to see what success can look like.

I’m really intrigued by Claire! She’s such a dynamic woman. To go from blogging at work to mogul, running a blog, a business, writing a best selling book. Claire is what I aspire to be.

She’s a beautiful black woman that has craved a path of success on her terms. I’ve been obsessively consuming content that Claire is featured in and she’s so vivacious and determined. She’s been told “No” but she never takes “No” for an answer and that’s what I’m inspired by.

She’s not afraid to reach out to brands. She’s not afraid to start over from 0 iG followers. She just keeps working, keeps creating, keeps pursuing new avenues for success and that’s what I’m obsessed with. I’m obsessed with her drive and work ethic.

She’s a woman that society often leaves off the cool list but she’s so dope.

I’ve never read a book so quickly in my life.

I needed to hear the words Claire Sulmers wrote. Claire is fearless and I needed to soak in those words! Everyone needs that kind of motivation. That’s kind of determination. There were instances in the book.. I would have thrown in the towel.. (A tub fell through the ceiling😅) yep that would have been the end for me.. NOT CLAIRE!

If you need a book to kick you in the face and motivate you and you blog next year then you NEED to read “The Bomb Life” By Claire Sulmers

Have you read “The Bomb Life” By Claire Sulmers? What were your thoughts?? Let’s talk in the comment🤗

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