Review: Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rock clear cartridge -Jack Herer (sativa)

I am so excited about this post! I have heard a lot of great things “Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rock” as a brand.

I knew they specialized in Moon Rocks but that’s not really my method of delivery for cannabis.

I’m like Kristen Belle, “ I love my Vape pen”

I have to have everything in cartridge form.

I did not know Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rock Clear had a cartridge until NOW.

First let me begin by saying this is not a sponsored post.

This is my honest opinion of Dr Zodiaks’s Moon Rock Clear Cartridge after a first time use.

What is Dr’ Zodiak’s Moon Rock Clear Cartridges?

Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rock is hailed as one of the strongest brands of cannabis of the market.

The brand even has the backing of Snoop Dogg

Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rock have several products listed on their website

Dr Zodiak’s launched their wildly successful cartridge line last year.

Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rock Clear Cartridges are considered “high-end THC”.. high end meaning the THC content is tested at 90% plus.

The brand is pesticide free. Moon Rock Clear Cartridges are the extremely high quality vaporized cannabis cartridges.

These cartridges can be used to treat a wide variety of diagnosis such as anxiety and depression and help to relieve pain and increase appetite.

Dr Zodiak Moon Rock comes in several different flavors.

-However the Jack Herer is new and is NOT flavored

(you’ll have to ask a bud tender which flavor is Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid)

LET’S Begin the review!

The packaging

The cartridge comes is a very small and discreet black box. The brand has a constant theme of space travel (for obvious reasons.) There’s an astronaut reaching out and I’m a sucker for packaging, I think it’s cute. The brand also has their hashtag #moonrockclear right on the front which made it a lot easier for me to stalk their Instagram and social media (and their was a lot of it!)

Once you open the box you get the cartridge.

The Cartridge has a blue bunny on it.. a demented bunny..

It’s The company logo…. it made me think of “Donnie Darko” that gave the cartridge a few extra points in my book.

All jokes aside the cartridge very well made.

The entire piece is made with very thick clear plastic. The tip is clear plastic as well.

I loved the packaging right away the blue is very fun and lively. I am able to see the product is very viscous. I love when I see a thick product that see through. You can see right away this is high quality product.

I love that.

Now for the tasteThe taste

From start to finish the product is very smooth. The first draw fills your mouth with smooth delicate clouds of vapor. No harsh chemical taste. Just pure clouds or vapor.

You’re able to hold the product in without irritation. That’s a huge plus.

The draw is very smooth. I’m very impressed with the texture of this product. Sometimes the first draw of a cartridge can be irritating and leaving you coughing more than enjoying the product. Not with Dr Zodiak’s phenomenal first draw.

The effects

The effects of The Moon Rock cartridge start about one minute after the very first draw. I have to say Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rock Clear cartridges have the fastest delivery of any cartridge I’ve ever tried.

Jack Herer is a sativa (and my favorite strain! 🙌🏾) it’s like a tiny shot of espresso in a vape form.

It perks you up right up but organically, and slowly.

It’s a happy mellow energy. My first draw was at about 7pm on Friday night after working all week, running errands and chasing the kids.. needless to say I had no energy.

One puff gave me the energy to clean the house… I did NOT clean the house..but I had the energy to do it.. and that’s what matters.

This sativa is one of the best I’ve had. It really does give you extra pep you need during the day get things done! Great strain for weekend chores!

The cost

Lately, Chris and I have been traveling from dispensary to dispensary using Weedmaps to see the deal each dispensary offers.

We like to see what the first time patient deal is and if they offer any daily deals.

we traveled to “The Green Garage” in Lake Elsinore to find Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rocks for $60

(Site says $65…. I came on a good day apparently)

Prices vary depending on where you are purchasing.

Dr Zodiak’s website has a section for questions and product locations.

You can also use Weedmaps to find Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rock Clear cartridges near you.

How long does Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rock Clear Last

I’ve been using the cartridge for about 6 days.

I love this cartridge and I love my battery! I have a traditional battery and Stiizy battery that I used in my Review: Stiizy “Rose” Battery and Strawberry Cough Sativa Pod)

My stiizy pods last me about 3 days.. this is day SIX!

Tomorrow I will find a new dispensary and look for a different product to review and rate, but I have to say that really love the fact that this product last as long as it does.

To me it’s worth price because it last so long.

I tend to get really disappointed when I pay a lot of money for a product and the product doesn’t last very long.

This doesn’t disappoint me in that department.

Just from the fact it last 6 days that makes it a product that I know I will buy again. I love a product that last. If it last a long time then it’s worth the money.


Overall I recommend Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rock Clear🙌🏾

This product actually gave me a mellow and euphoric effect feeling.

Almost a warm a fuzzy feeling, plus the energy to dance a little.. IF.. I wanted to.

I love the look of the product. The size is very small compact. Fits most battery units. Odorless (which I love) tasteless, free of pesticides and last forever.

The price is a little steep but I don’t mind the price because the product last over 6 days. In my opinion It pays for itself.

I use my pen for anxiety and to give me a little boost of energy.

The Dr Zodiak Moon Rock Clear Cartridge has helped to relived the symptoms of anxiety when used as I feel them. The product has also given me extra energy.

I will be purchasing Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rock Clear again in the future!

Have you ever tried Dr Zodiak’s Moon Rock Clear Cartridges? Or any other Dr Zodiak Products? Let me know in the comments!


  1. So far ,
    Dr zodiak is the only Vape cartridge that has worked for me .
    I love it.
    I just started smoking mine last week this is the sixth (?) day and it’s still vaping however there is now just a bit of extract on the bottom of my cartridge.
    Curious to see how many vapes what looks like a dab at most, will actually produce.
    I’ll probably find out pretty soon 😁I have pretty much quit smoking pot even though top quality weed. I think I have top shelf weed it’s not as good as the zodiac cartridge! Never thought I’d find a vape cartridge that’s better than the good bud….. I’m impressed.✌😎

    Liked by 1 person

      • Moon rocks is the best and I can get it for 32 dollars out the door . Go to baseline greens they are awesome and have great first time paitent deals as well as daily deal a free day or pre rolled for every purchuse over 30 it’s well worth it you should go there


  2. You’d better check out Chula Vista Firehouse. Will not disappoint.

    Great Post. actually rocking a jack herer cart!


  3. “One puff gave me the energy to clean the house… I did NOT clean the house..but I had the energy to do it.. and that’s what matters” lol funny and relatable

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love love love Dr zodiaks moon rock clear
    Done had several strawnanna
    Several Blueberry.
    Original strawberry
    Now I’m gonna try jack herrer
    I’ve done tried dank, dragon’s breath, lions breath, heavy hitter
    Dr zodiaks by far my favorite one. Just because it’s so thick but yet clear. One cart last me a week where others last three days. They are amazing!! With out a doubt my favorite!


  5. Fyi on the front of the packaging, the astronaut and a couple other things are stickers. When i buy multiple zodiak’s, i usually put the sticker that tells you what it is on the cartridge so i dont get them confused! (The print is REALLY tiny though). LOVE dr. Zodiak.

    Liked by 1 person

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