Easy vegan croc pot chili

I love Chili! Its hearty, rich and filling!

This is an easy vegan chili recipe for the croc pot🙌🏾

It’s the perfect comfort food for winter days.

It’s perfect for those days you want the croc pot to do all the work. You can put this chili on in the morning and have it for lunch!

This easy vegan chili is great on top of just about anything! Fries, hot dogs, baked potatoes, you name it! This vegan chili will kick it up a notch!

This vegan chili is so easy.. anyone can make it!

Here’s what you need for easy croc pot vegan chili

2 can of black beans (15oz)

2 cans of Kidney beans (150z) 1 can white beans

1 bag of Boca veggie meat crumbles(you can find these at any local grocery store. They are a staple at my house, the boca meat crumbles cook just like ground beef only much healthier! They are a healthy source of protein and excellent if your transitioning to veganism and want a meat substitute. I’ve subbed this for ground beef for two years now and my meat eating family hasn’t mind. If you season the veggie crumbles properly they are outstanding! This is first thing o recommend to anyone trying vegan cooking or the vegan lifestyle. Get some boca crumbles.. you’ll thank me later.)

1 packet of taco seasoning

2 packets of chili seasoning (I tend to only use about a packet and a half.. maybe a little more, you season to taste as the chili is cooking)

1 medium onion diced

1 bell pepper of each color (red, orange, yellow, green.. GO WILD! Get creative!)

1.5 cups of corn (fresh or frozen.. sweet corn taste best with this chili)

1 tomato diced

1 tomato pureed (fresh tomato.. blend a tomato! underlying taste of the fresh tomato.. it’s everything!)

Seasonings: salt, pepper, garlic powder, a little bit of lawry’s seasoning salt.Not that we have the ingredients let’s prepare the chili!

Easy Vegan croc pot chili instructions

first step is to pull out that croc pot set it aside.

Open your cans of beans and dump them in the croc pot! (You can rinse them if you like, but I don’t.)

Next dice all the veggies!

With this chili it’s important to get all the colors you can in the pot!

Red bell peppers, yellow, orange! All of them!

They all have slightly different flavors and bell peppers are packed with vitamin C they are just a phenomenal little addition to the chili and one of the stars of the dish.

You don’t have to add bell peppers if you don’t want but the bell peppers really do make the meal not delicious for the body but pleasing to the eye.. don’t you think?

Once you have diced your veggies.

You’re going to get a skillet and about 2 tablespoons of oil to cook your boca meat crumble. I sauté onions first in the skillet to get flavor then I add the crumbles and let them fully cook.

Stir in your taco seasoning to the meat and set aside.

Combine all the ingredients into your croc.

Stir in the veggies and the boca veggie crumbles.

Add your packets of chili seasoning to the croc pot.

The beauty of this meal is that’s really all the prep and work you have to do. Just dice your in veggies, pop open your cans and let the croc pot do the rest🙌🏾

I let this cook on low 4-6 hours.. I stir my pot every hour. While your are stirring taste your chili and see what spices you would like to add.

then let the vegan chili sit on warm for about an hour just to let all the seasonings marinate.

This chili is very hearty chili.

I’m always adding more boca meat and tomato to give it rich color and texture. After you let the chili cook in the croc pot you’re free to use it too vegan hot dogs

and make vegan chili dogs😍

Or use the thick delicious chili to drown French fries

The possibilities are endless with chili! That’s why I think it’s one of my absolute favorite foods.

This chili is super fast, super filling, super cheap to make. The total cost is about $10 and makes giant croc pot of chili for my family to munch on during the week.

I shop at Winco Foods in Temecula California. That really helps to save me a ton of money on groceries. Winco sells boca veggie meat crumbles for about $3 a bag and that bag makes 2-3 meals for my family a week!

I don’t just use the crumbles for only Chili I used them in my Vegan Taco Lasagna and my family went wild!

Let me know if you my chili recipe what you think.

When I ran my vegan meal prep service a couple years ago I always SOLD OUT of the chili. The teachers couldn’t get enough of it!

I started to make it weekly it became so popular!

I hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments!

Happy Eating!!


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