4c Natural hair care: New tips, new products, new GROWTH

I started contemplating “The big chop” June of last year.

I left my braids in too long and my hair broke off so badly I had no choice but to cut it.

I reached out online for support because I didn’t want to cut my hair. I was trying to hold on to whatever length I have even if it was broken and awful!

I did my big chop the first time June 22.

I didn’t know anything about taking care of short natural hair. I knew how to take care of Type 3 hair because my daughters are multicultural and have type 3 Hair.

I began creating my own hair care products to promote growth for my youngest child Christy.

Christy lost all of her due to food allergies at about 5 months old.

“The Spray” as the family calls it contains listerine!

Listerine actually strips down the hair shaft allowing hair products and oil to penetrate the shaft easily.

I learned of the listerine tip from my mother in law after Christy lost all her hair. I started using the spray on my whole family.

“The Spray” was amazing but I needed more!

I wanted my curls to POP!

Having 4c hair you can only dream of having curls that are fully defined.

I had just began learning to care for my hair about 2 months into my big chop journey.

I learned about Bantu knots and several other protective styles.

But I still wasn’t able to achieve the “wash and go” look that I so desired!

I had to horrible experience at a barbershop where a barber gave me to an inexperienced barber who didn’t know anything about “4c hair” I went in with a nice amount of growth

I was butchered and then fixed my another barber.

Basically I’ve had the “Big Chop” twice in 6 months and I’ve retained a lot of knowledge and maintenance tips and want to share with you! I have also discovered products that my 4C curls pop and I want to share those products with you.

I finally figured out how to have wash and go curls like my natural friends!

I had to start all way with the basics

What is 4c hair?

Type 4 hair is broken down into 3 types.

Type 4A

Type 4b

And type 4c

Type 4c has the tightest curl pattern. We have curls…they are just tightly coiled.

Type 4c hair is 75% more prone to shrinkage Than our other Type 4 counterparts.

If not properly maintained type 4c hair can be prone to matting. Type 4c hair is very fragile and brittle in nature. Type 4c hair just needs more love! Type 4c hair is prone drying out very quickly which leads to breakage.

That sounds like a lot of negative but type 4c hair isn’t that difficult take care if if you know what your likes.

Take a porosity test and see how porous your hair to find the right products for you. That’s the very first place to start. You may have type 4c hair but not all type 4c hair is the same.

This test is the very first step in a natural hair care routine.

Finding out how your hair handles moisture is the key to hair happiness!

What is the best oil for 4c hair?

Type 4 c hair is responsive to many oils!

In creating my own natural hair care products I discovered contrary to popular belief coconut oil doesn’t work for all naturals.

There are other oils!

I found for my hair responds really well to avocado oil and olive mixed with Coconut oil and conditioner.

I spray that into my curls twice a day. Once in the morning to like spritz my coils awake and then after the shower when the shaft of my hair is open, I use the spray again.

I honestly recommend trying didn’t oils. I wont put anything in my hair or the girls hair that we can’t eat.

I know that sounds strange but that’s my rule. Natural oils just work better on natural hair and there are so many to chose from. I’ve tried almond oil in our spray. That seemed to dry out faster but the mix of coconut, avocado, olive and Jamaican castor oil works very well on our hair.

How often should 4c hair be washed?

Type 4 hair should be washed mindfully!

I’m saying this because I wet my hair everyday in the shower but I don’t wash it.


I just needed to get that out!

Wet you hair! Water is your friend!

Type 4c hair needs water to come alive!

That being said I wet my hair daily but I shampoo my hair maybe twice a month.

I just like to get the build up of oils off of my scalp.

In regards to shampooing a lot of naturals are against it. I’m not against shampoo, I just check my labels and make sure there aren’t any harsh chemicals that can further dry out my hair.

With 4c hair your have to remember you hair wants moisture so steer clear of products that can dry your hair.

6 Shampoo ingredients to avoid with type 4c hair?

Since we’re on the topic of washing your 4c hair let’s talk about ingredients to avoid. When you flips over the bottle scan for these words

  • Ammonium Thioglycolates
  • Proplene glycol
  • Bad Alcohols (ethanol, benzyl, isopropyl, alcohol denat)
  • Parabens
  • Artificial colorants
    Synthetic Fragrances
  • All of these things can cause severe damage to the hair by drying out the hair. 4c hair is already very delicate so be mindful in your shampoo purchasing.
  • How long should you deep condition 4c hair?

  • 4c hair requires a lot more conditioning than the other hair types because 4c hair dries out so quickly. I deep condition my hair weekly. Every Sunday.

    I rinse my hair with warm water. Apply conditioner and a shower cap for 30-45 minutes. I then rinse the hair with warm water and let my hair air dry.

    What products are good for 4c hair?

    I honestly only use 3 styling products on my hair and they are all under $20!

    I was afraid to go natural at first because of the cost of natural hair products.

    I learned that I did need the help of products achieve the looks I desired.

    I actually discovered one product by accident!

    I was using “Twisted Sista dream curl gel” on daughter Christy’s hair. The product gave Christy amazing ringlets and the hold was magical!

    Christy has type 3 hair so I assumed the product wouldn’t work on me.

    I had this product in my home almost 2 years before I just decided to try it on a dry section of my hair.

    IT GAVE MY CURLS DEFINITION! I had the beautiful, luscious, SEPARATED and DEFINED curls that I always wanted as a natural!

    I was so happy with the product!

    All I had to do was apply the product into my wet hair and let it dry.

    The product was so amazing I reached out to the brand and partnered on a blog post!Journey to the bottom of the bottle: Twisted Sista natural hair care I was hooked!

    I finally found hair care products that worked for all hair types!

    This was not just a product that claimed to be for all hair types an only works on type 3 hair!

    No! This is the real deal!

    “Twisted Sista dream curl gel” is the one hair care product I can’t live without! It’s only $12.99!

    I rave about this product because it really showed me what my hair could do. This product showed me the beauty in my tiny curls. This product gave me confidence in my hair. Which is so important!

    I also loved that I only have to use the product every 2 or 3 days. I just moisturize my hair in the morning and go.

    When I am using the product it’s very quick styling on DAMP or WET hair.

    You can use a dryer or diffuser. I let my hair air dry but I have used a blow dryer and the effects were phenomenal. I tell everyone who is natural to order this product.

    “Twisted Sista amazing dream curl gel” (is not available in stores and it actually cheaper with shipping through the link I provided☺️)

    The next product I use is “Aunt Jackie’s flaxseed don’t shrink curling gel”

    I just started using this product after Thanksgiving 😬.. I ran out of my “Twisted Sista gel” and I was in a pinch! I heard about this product from a close friend and decided to give it a try.

    I used it in my hair and I LOVED Aunt Jackie’s moisture. I love, separated and defined my coils and it only cost $6.97!

    Yes! This product is less than $10 and works for 4c hair. The product works best on DAMP or WET hair. It is a product you need to hair a hair dryer with. I am notorious for letting my hair just naturally dry but with product takes awhile to naturally dry so I do recommend using a hair dryer or defuser.

    I had to use two products to achieve the hold I’m use to with my “Twisted Sista” I used “Aunt Jackie’s” and “Mielle Organics pomegranate and honey coil custard”

    This product is amazing! It’s what gives you hold and sculpting. The custard is very rich and coats the coil completely in luscious conditioners. I loved this product so much!

    It really leaves my hair shiny and manageable. This product makes my curls bouncy. Whereas the Twisted Sista gives you more of a crunchy hold.

    I style my hair with both products and I truly found products I know I will be using indefinitely! I wasn’t planning on using anything other than Twisted Sista but I’m glad I found Mielle Organics Pomegranate and Honey coil custard. It’s very hard to find in town so I ordered it online for $17.45 ☺️

    5 tips for type 4c hair growth

    Now I know I don’t have hair to ankles or anything like that. However I do know a thing or two about growing hair.

    I’ve maintained natural hair for almost 13 years with my oldest daughter.

    Type 4c hair has a reputation of being “bad hair” or hair that “doesn’t grow” that’s absurd!

    There are plenty of ways to grow healthy 4c hair. Here are my tips for healthy growth and maintenance.

    1-Leave it alone!

    Before I knew the joy of great hair products. I was styling my hair in Bantu knots or wearing a wrap.

    Just let your hair rest. Don’t over style it. Don’t pull it into a tight bun. Be kind to your hair just let your hair rest.

    The less you style your hair the less you stress your hair.

    2-Detangle 4c hair often

    While your hair is damn use your fingers to detangle and knots. 4c hair is prone to tangling, knots and matting so you want to take care in detangling hair often. When detangling, detangle in small section, slowly. You don’t want to break your off detangling to forcefully.

    3-Never style or brush completely dry 4c hair

    4c hair is brittle. Never just start brushing or combing your hair always moisten your hair first before styling to prevent any breakage.

    4- Always sleep with a silk bonnet

    Silk sleep bonnets prevent breakage while you sleep. They also help to further seal in moisture.

    (The link provided is 3 silk bonnets for $8!! That’s a steal! I lose my mind all the time so this sale was one I had to tell all natural hair care friends about.)

    5 -Love your 4c hair!

    Society has lied to us and told us our hair is not beautiful. We’re constantly bombarded with images of straight hair and even among naturals 4c hair is often shunned or looked down upon.

    I used to hate my hair. I used to wish I had “good hair” after learning how to appreciate and love my hair in its natural state I realized. I don’t have “good hair” I have GREAT HAIR! The curls on my head gave life to the bountiful curls on top of each of my daughters head.

    I did that with MY 4c hair. Kinky coils matter! 4c hair is beautiful.

    I realized in my natural journey the more confident I became in taking care of my hair the confidence I felt. I felt beautiful because I felt like my hair was beautiful for once.

    I took the time to learn what my delicate locs needed and I provided that. In doing so I made this connection. I became drawn to women and men with type 4 hair. I started to appreciate all the crowns of type 4 hair around me.

    I go out of my way to compliment another natural 4c woman when her hair is popping because I know what that Queen is doing to keep that crown looking magnificent.

    Your hair is your crowning glory. It doesn’t matter if your have is type 4A or 2A what matters is that you appreciate and love your hair in its natural state.

    The hair that grows from your head is you. No matter what you do with it. Wear it in a weave, get braids, shave it off and start again. The important things is knowing how to care for and maintain your hair and loving your hair.

    Your hair is beautiful because it’s a part of you!

    I hope you find these tips helpful! Let me know what products you use in the comments.


    1. Wow, what a journey! I decide a few months ago to try getting 360 waves. It has its good and bad days but Im continuously doing research and stuff. Great blog post live how you are so comfortable within yourself

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