Batsplaining: SEO basics for bloggers

November 2018 was the worst month for me statistically for this blog.

I was looking over my insights and I noticed I had some search engine traffic. I had never really paid attention to my search engine traffic until I started to pay attention to my websites Domain Authority.

(For more info on everything Domain Authority check out this post Batsplaining Domain Authority : What is domain Authority and how to improve it )

I was looking for ways to increase views to my website anyway I could. 13 views may not seem like a lot of view but 13 views over the course of a year is 156 views. I figured if I learned to optimize my post I could increase that number.

In studying DA I learned I could websites like to see what keywords were ranking in google already.

By December I had 39 search engine referrals to my website just by optimizing the post that were already ranking with google.

Once I got the hang of SEO I really started make goals for myself. When I started studying SEO

I was ranking Top 14 in google search for the Term “The Apparition Room, Temecula” because of a blog post I wrote called “Batmom’s night out: The Apparition Room, Temecula Ca”

Once I saw the post was bring traffic I audited the post. I went into the post and began adding links to “The Apparition Room’s” website and Instagram and links to other blog post related to Temecula that I had written. I really filled the content out and was more detailed in my writing. I added more photos from the evening and my google ranking went up!

My little blog post was on googles front page results! I was soooo proud!! I broke the Top 10 in less than 2 months!

I went to Social media and reported my news and SEO and google rankings and everyone was just like

I keep just shouting “I KNOW SEO” and all my blogger friends were like:

So I figured I would take time and explain..

Actually I’m going to”Batsplain” that’s like explaining but with pictures, links and videos because I learn better with pictures and if people explain things to me like I’m a 4 year old

Alight.. so here’s goes I’m about to Batsplain SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization.

What that means is your are creating content so compelling that google and other search engines find the content credible enough to rank it higher in the search engines.

The content is so complete it answers the question of whatever is being searched by the search engine user.

The higher the content you created is ranking the more likely people are going to click on your link and see what your content is about.

SEO is basically this is free traffic. I knew nothing about SEO when I started studying it but I quickly realized after a few Neil Patel Videos

If I rank number 1 in google that could potentially bring me thousands of views a month from just ONE blog post.


When I checked I used their free link explorer tool to check my DA number and see which Keywords I was ranking for in search engines.

I have 10 ranking Keywords. 1 post is ranking #9 in search engines.. THAT IS FRONT PAGE RESULTS!

I’m ranking for 10 words that are in 5 different blog post.

The post we are going to focus on for this post is

“The Apparition Room” since it’s ranking the highest.

I plan to optimize each post till all of the post are on the front page of google search engine results.

In order to do that I’m going to implement basics SEO practices.

Before I continue remember I’m not an expert. I don’t even own a computer. I just study the tools I have available to me, monitor my progress and report my findings.

When I things that can help other bloggers achieve success I feel compelled to share. These are the tips and basic SEO practices that have worked for me the over past few months.

Basic SEO practices

Keyword research

I learned that I had been blogging wrong after watching videos about SEO. Once I learned that I had to reteach myself the blogging process and that meant I needed to learn what keyword research was. I jumped on YouTube and looked up Miles Beckler SEO and a “Keyword research video popped up. Miles Beckler has the best video on keyword research I have ever seen!

Before you even start to write a blog post take a few moments to research the topic you are talking about.

Let’s take my “Apparition Room post” from looking at my keywords list from “Moz” Search engine users are typing

“Apparition Room, Temecula”

I went to google and searched the phrase “Apparition Room, Temecula”

When I’m doing research I write down the results that pop up that could be my title.

I also look for things that can be a subtitle in my post.

You are studying what people want to know before you even write.

This saves you time as a creator. You don’t have to wonder “what should I write about?” Just ask google🤷🏾‍♀️

Whatever your topic is there’s bound to be questions in the “related search” section that you can expand on in your blog post.

This time spent researching doesn’t have to take forever.

I’m limited in the research I can do. If you have a computer you can see how many times a term is searched.

I used the mobile app and check out the titles other bloggers are using for the topic I want to write about.

The post above my post are more descriptive in their title. The post that’s grabbing the most attention has a very bright photo and clear photo as its thumbnail.

These are things to take note of even before you being to write your post. Research matters. Even if it’s only 10 minutes. Check google and see what is already written.

See the title that is ranking number 1 and understand why.

Read the blog post that’s number one before you write to show yourself what google is looking for in a #1 ranking blog post.

Using H1, H2, H3 headings

Google uses software to detect H1, H2,H3 heading within a post.

The H1 Heading is for your title only.

I use the WordPress app and my theme is controlled by WordPress so I don’t have to manually change my title to H1 it’s already there. That being said..


You’ll confuse google. H1 is supposed to be what your blog post is about. Title only.

If you keep using that H1 header you will confuse google and it won’t want to show your post to anyone because it will deem it confusing.

H2 header is sub topics

H2 is used to further explain the topic of H1.

My H1 is “The Apparition Room” therefore my H2 will be details like price, what to wear, history etc.

H3 Headers further explain H2 subtopics

H3 Headers are just like H2 but more descriptive or further explain a topic if you have more to say your simply further explain using an H3 header to separate your information.

Using Headers signifies to google that work is in-depth and explains a subject throughly.

Add Image Descriptions to photos

The Apparition Room, Temecula Ca

If you’re using the WordPress app simply press Edit

In the “Media Options” after you have inserted an image.

You have the option to describe the photo. Adding a description boost your chances of optimization. Images are searchable.

Adding the keywords in the descriptions also shows google that your content is rich with images.

Be very detailed in your blog post, the more detailed you are the more google will love you

Google likes to know that websites are answering the questions being asked.

When you do your research your already seeing the questions being asked of google in regards to your topic. Take your time and answer the questions as throughly.

You want readers to go away feeling completely confident in whatever the topic is.

If you’re giving a review give the price, your option, where you found it, where can readers find it, find it cheaper.

Take the time to really cover all your bases.

Link to content with a higher DA than you have

According to I have a DA of 14.

The higher the DA the more credibility the site has. Sites like CNN have like 90 or something crazy like that.

Every page starts at zero and will time DA goes up. DA is important for bloggers and SEO because the higher your DA the google flaunts you.

When my DA was 9 or 10 I was in the rankings at like 14-20. As my DA increased so did my google ranking.

When I link to videos or other blog post. I use blogs or videos that have high DA numbers.

Those sites have proven track records and will provide my audience with the complete answers they desire.

You can use the free moz link explorer to check the DA of links before you embed into your post.

Use long tail keywords in your title

Long tail keyword are 3 of 4 keywords grouped together to make a phrase.

Example “The Apparition Room, Temecula Ca)

I embedded my phase into the title of my post giving it optimal chances of being searched.

Have GREAT content!

Google is like a person.. a very smart person. It’s reading your content the second you hit publish. Google can tell from the structure, length and images if your post is hot garbage or not. Google knows if you’ve used H1 Headers and how many. Google also knows if your site gets traffic and what it gets traffic for.

Google only likes to show the best content on the first page.

There’s a joke “if you want to hide a body put it in the 2nd page of google results”

If your work isn’t up to googles standard it’s not going to show it to anyone.

If your content is good google will reward you by placing your work on the front page. If your content on website is good people will stay!

If your create one great post, people will check around to see what other content you have created. If you have an arsenal of outstanding work people will see that.

Google will bring you subscribers if your content is on point.

Use the tools you have to track your progress

I don’t have a computer, but I have stats from WordPress and other websites to monitor my progress and see what my results are.

I check my progress biweekly. gives you free access to check you stats but it’s limited to like 10 views a month.

It’s so beneficial to know what your numbers are so you can see that SEO work pays off.Use moz to see what post are ranking and optimize those post. That’s potentially thousands of free views for optimizing content that you already have.

Facebook ads are not always going to be available for us small bloggers to use. We have to find was to increase blog traffic for free.

The best was is just practice great SEO from the start.

The articles that are ranking are doing so because they answer every question imaginable about the topic I’m covering.

They rank because they answer the basic questions a consumer would have.

The average menu price, The cost of drinks etc

The Review: Stiizy “Rose” Battery and Strawberry Cough Sativa Pod will crack the Top 10 and be on the front page of google once I take my time editing the post for SEO. We will check on that post status next month and see if SEO can really bring in the views for more than just one post.If you study and use the tools available to you you will see growth and change in your blog traffic. You will see more views and more engagement.

When people discover your blog from google they are excited that your work has answered a question for them. You have added value to their day.

If your content is compelling enough they will stay and share your work.

I hope you find this post helpful.

If you have anymore questions about SEO or just want to talk about SEO let me know in the comments 🤓 thank you for takin the time to read my post.

Here’s some really cool resources I want to share

This Webinar is about 2 hours long but it really walks you through great SEO practices that you can implement now and see results. I’ve doubled and tripled some numbers after watching this video a few times.

I always recommend listening to “The problogger podcast” There’s an episode about “SEO mistakes” a lot of them I can’t make because I don’t own a computer 🤷🏾‍♀️ but there is a tip about images and other tips that we need to know! So it’s a must!

Alright that’s all I can do with SEO for today😅

I hope you all get traffic and views! I hope these tips help.


  1. This is one of the most useful posts on SEO I have read! (And I’ve read quite a few!) Thanks for breaking it down in super simple terms – it seems much more manageable how you explained it. I love how you said ‘explain it to me like I’m a four year old.” Yes! Because we’re learning blogging from the beginning! Thank you for the info… now to go optimize some posts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the shout-out and GREAT use of gif’s 😉

    I LOVED reading through this… It was a fun and light-hearted way to explain a geeky ass subject. Well done!

    Keep up the great work batsplaining!!!


    • OMGGGGGGG! MILES BECKLER IS MY COMMENTS! (I’m at work at can’t scream but omhgggwgenndndndnnfnddnnfmfm🤣🙌🏾) Thank you for reading my post! Thank you for the videos you make! You helped me understand a geeky ass subject really well! You’re the truth! This made my whole YEAR! Omggggg! Omg! OMGGG! My day can’t get any better!


  3. Thanks, that’s a really good and useful guide. I know very little about SEO right now, but i’ll check out some of those links for sure.


  4. Great work! You have shared an amazing blog related to SEO services in detail. One who is trying to learn SEO can get a lot of knowledge from here. By implementing these entire tips one can do a better search engine optimization. Keep sharing contents like this which is full of information.


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