The Stone Twins

About 2 and half years ago I joined a pregnancy Group. In that group I met about 60 women who are so dear to me. I’ve shared laughs and memories with these wonderful women. One memory, that came from this family’s life moved me so much I had to share their story.

Logan and Jackson are identical twins. They’re cute as a button and I’ve lost countless internet hours staring at them..

I mean can you blame me.. look at the cuteness!

The twins are identical except for one diagnosis.

Logan has Metopic craniosynostosis

Metopic Craniosysnostosis is a condition in which Logan’s soft spots closed to soon.

Without surgical repair this diagnosis can lead to many difficulties, vision issues and behavioral issue.

At 10 months old little Logan had a surgical procedure called a cranial vault.

( The images next maybe be difficult to look at there is some swelling to this sweet baby)

A cranial vault is a procedure where the skull is cut into strips, the eye sockets are reformed to prevent cranial pressure.

Molly kept the group updated. It was very difficult to see updates but one update changed me forever.

Molly uploaded this video of Logan

It moved me to tears.

This baby had just went through BRAIN SURGERY and he was just so happy and content.

That child had endured major surgery, yet he was just so happy to be playing with his toy.

His joy inspired me because I was going through something so insignificant.

Bills, money problems, it wasn’t brain surgery at 10 months old that’s for sure.

Once I saw this 10 month old baby playing, living, thriving despite his circumstances I just fell in love through the screen with this family. They displayed such strength and true love during such a trying time.

Molly and Kevin had to sleep in separate hotels and hospital while Logan healed.

Jackson couldn’t be around Logan because it was so difficult to see his friend so swollen and bruised.

Molly stated it took about 2 months of cuddles and sleeping arrangements they weren’t to keen on to get Logan sleeping normally.Logan and Jackson have a unique bond

During Logan’s surgery Molly says

“Jackson knew something wasn’t right, he fussed the whole surgery, when the Dr came out and said the surgery was a success and there was no damage Jackson instantly calmed down.”

Logan is protective of Jackson.

Jackson encouraged Logan to walk and crawl

And Logan taught Jackson his numbers and letters.

Questions for moms with twins

I asked Molly a million questions because honestly how often do you get to ask twin moms all the annoying Singleton questions we have like “is it double the trouble?”

( Twin moms hate that by the way😅😂😂)

Molly revealed “Having twins is amazing, but honestly I was afraid because twins run in my family.

Kevin and I purposely tried to have kids in our twenties to avoid twins”

“Going to the store is production.”“you have to buy two of EVERYTHING!”

“But I was meant to have these boys and be a twin mom.”

“Kevin and I were together 11 years before the twins and I can’t imagine what we did without them. They’re my double rainbow.”

The Stone Twins 2nd Birthday

The Stone Twins turn 2 today.

I was very emotional when their mom posted their two year old photos. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed.

I’ve seen what this family has gone through by what they shared online.

I fell in love with the fight of Logan and the compassion and love of Jackson.

These babies are my little heroes. They just brighten up my day. It’s a wonderful recovery there’s still follow ups for Logan in the future, so there’s always prayers needed.

I’m truly grateful to know these little gifts from God.

It’s been a blessing to watch them grow. The Bible talks about “from the mouth of babes” I was inspired by these babies actions. The love, the happiness.

If that child can live his best life after brain surgery, there’s no excuse for me or anyone to wallow in the despair of their circumstances.

Life is beautiful and there’s reminders of that all around.


    • 😭😭💕💕 so beautiful! It gets me thinking… we really start to look at all the wrong things when life gets tough. We forget to focus on just life it’self. This baby, so innocent, knows that life is what really matters: not all these crazy problems that the world has made for us. My goal after reading this is to try and take more time to just enjoy life and it’s blessings!

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  1. That’s why I shared the story. I know what an affect these little boys had on me to stop worrying and just enjoy life. Thank you for reading!! I’m so happy to see your comments!


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