The 7 sites I use to find paid work with a small blog

Last year I made about $5000 blogging.

My goal last year was to be able to quit my 9-5 and be a full time blogger.

After it took me about 5 months to make my first $200 I realized a couple things.

Number 1: making money with your blog and social media is really fun!!

I LOVE what I do!

I didn’t know this was a career option until last year! It’s pretty amazing to be paid to do what you love… but the work is hard and you have to know how to find the money and where!

When I started earning an income with my blog and social media by pitching my blog and social media to brands for sponsorship. I applied for freelance writing jobs, created a social media marketing agency and offered my services as a blog coach to create Several streams of income using my blog and social media.

It felt amazing to be earning an income from my blog and creativity.

Then came Christmas, bills, responsibilities. I took my family on our first road trip.

My blog made it possible for me to have money to Provide my family with Christmas gifts.


Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

If felt so good to have extra money and not be able to worry for a while.

I wanted to provide a nice Christmas. I wanted have financial freedom all year long. The extra money I earned allowed me to have freedoms I hadn’t had in years and money allowed me to make wonderful memories.

The extra stream of income was a great cushion for my family but it was gone after I provided Christmas for my family

(and paid my adult licensing fees for the year car tag, nurse stuff, car insurance .. Merry Christmas and happy birthday to me😐)

As I started to see my blogging money depleting I decided my goal for 2019 was to secure the bag and collect coins like Mario.

I plan to build my funds back up this year.

That’s it and that’s all.

So far I’ve landed a writing contact that’s 4 figures.

I contribute 500 word post to an app that needs a blogger 3-4 times a month.

It’s still not quit my job money but I dance when I get pay notifications all the same!

Small jobs add up.

I’ve also found cool sites that you apply to with your blog. The site then matches you with brands that are looking for ambassadors and blog post.

I also did my 1st paid IG campaign of 2019!

I earned money from streaming a Tv show and giving my honest opinion on Instagram!

I was going to watch tv that night anyway might as well get a little coin for the piggy bank!

Once I received my 1st payment.. I had to let everyone know! This is an amazing way to make a little cash from your IG!

*None of this post is sponsored, these are just sites I personally use and want to share.

I get super excited when money is involved!

I’m so here for talking about ways to secure to bag in 2019!

Here are the 7 sites I’m finding work as a blogger with a small blogger (this includes the site in using to leverage my social media following) to make cash:

Twitter search bar

Yes,you read that right. The “search” area of twitter.

I search #bloggerswanted and the term “blogger wanted” and I scan for jobs that match my DA I look for paid work only. I landed the job where I contribute 500 word post right from Twitter!

I saw a tweet that mentioned an app was looking for a blogger.

They mentioned the rate of pay and type of content they were looking for, I sent them an email and included my work.

Shortly after I submitted the email I began submitting ideas and submitting work to the site.

Shorty after I was published I sent them an invoice and was paid!

It was that easy! It was as simple as taking time out of my day to search and submit writing samples.

This opportunity not only gives me a little funding, it gives me a published credit to add to my resume.

That credit shows you have worked before. The more experienced you are the more money you can make in the future… it’s a win-win!

Twitter has opportunities every single day.

I’m not qualified for half of the stuff I see, I just apply anyway.

It’s not up to me to decide if someone wants to work with me or not, it’s up to me to decide to submit myself for the work. matches bloggers with brands and campaigns.

I found out about them from twitter.

I’ve applied for a few campaigns and been paid.

They provide opportunities and pay based on Domain Authority (DA)

(They are U.K based,the payments can take a few days to process of your PayPal isn’t set up for international transactions.. just something to keep in mind.)

The site is pretty straight forward.

You fill out your information. Blog site it finds your DA, you pitch for jobs, if your pitch is strong enough you are sent instructions on what to do next.

Takes about a week to get paid.

Once again not quit your job money but every penny adds up. is an app (and website) similar to this site pairs social media influencers with brands.

The site calculates your rate of pay based on the amount of social media followers and engagement you have.

You can register your Facebook and Instagram.

I signed up with this app last year but I didn’t get a campaign until I had over 2k followers.

I don’t know if that’s coincidence or not. I do know the more followers you have the more money you make.

I also learned with this app it’s better to hold out submitting your campaign.

The longer you wait the more engagement you have on your post. The longer you wait they also triple your pay rate.

I got really excited working with the team heartbeat.

I felt like I was a “real influencer” I was actually being paid for posting o Instagram.

once I did one campaign I was hooked and looking for more.

The work is fun! I love making iG post anyway! Why not get paid?

This was by far the most fun I ever had.

I just had to come up with a creative way to talk about the show “Jack Ryan” on amazon streaming.

The objective was to get to a buzz going around the show, I had a blast!

It was date night with my fiancé, I got to eat pop corn, sip a mimosa and collect some coins 🥂 has a job board on its site. There are so many opportunities for bloggers. I will always recommend this site because it’s the first site I found a job as blogger.

I worked as the editor of an online e-magazine for a few months and made 4 figures!

(It was a stressful job and showed me all money isn’t worth the stress😅) I did earn an income.

The jobs on the site are resume based. I simple made a resume in google docs based on my qualifications as a blogger, content creator and social media influencer.

I made a cover letter, I made a media kit Canva and applied for every job I felt qualified to do.

I don’t count myself out of any position.

I apply for every blogging job and leave it up to the person hiring to say

“This blogger is not for me” I don’t know which jobs are going to reply back, I do know I can’t get replies if I don’t apply though.

I apply for jobs on problogger every Tuesday and Thursday.

There is so much opportunity on that site!

TMZ, The shade room, all kinds of jobs.

I’ve applied for many jobs and found a lot of freelance work on

Ziprecruiter is another job site search “Freelance writer” or “Freelance blogger” and apply until your hearts content!

When I was searching in December there was 4K remote blogging jobs available!

There is work out there you just have to be willing to apply for the jobs. connects freelancers to clients. In order to use upwork you have to set up a profile. Your profile does have to meet certain criteria to be accepted for work. I applied until I was accepted🤷🏾‍♀️ be persistent, continue to apply until you’re able to work.

Once you’re accepted the job opportunities will come to your inbox, you work as you please. You apply for and accept the offers you want.


Google! The search engine.. it’s your best friend! Use it! I use google to study SEO and watch cat videos but you can actually use the search engine to apply for remote blogging jobs.

I use google often to just see what the possibilities are. There are new job opportunities opening up every single day for bloggers. There is so much freelance writing work it’s crazy!

You have to be willing to put yourself out there and work!

I have a small blog (300 followers) and a small social media following (8k plus all social COMBINED) I don’t have the numbers to “make an income” or to have brands even notice me.


I use my blog as portfolio. I show what I’m capable of creating. I have my blog in categories and laid out in a way that when I pitch to brands and such samples things are clear. What I write about and where I can be found.

You have to create your own lane if you want to make it. That means creating your own opportunities and going after your own opportunities.

Here are a few tips to find work:

  • Actively search. Make it a point to search for work at least 3 times a week. A job and money aren’t just going to walk up to you. You have to seek out the freelance work. There are moments brands show up but those moments are few and far between. If you want consistent cash flow apply for work consistently.
  • Pitch to brands weekly! Pitching to brands simply means reaching out to brands for sponsorship in exchange for WORK meaning a blog post with social media promotion. Several days of social media promotion, photos of products. Pitch yourself for work! (For more tips on pitching to brands check out my post “My top 8 sponsorship email tips” you have to be creative. I pitch to brands in the “contact us” section of their website. Those emails have lead to tremendous opportunities. Just from sending a great elevator pitch. I take my time to research the brands and pitch to 3 brands a week. Every week. This is a job. If you want work make it!
  • Submit your articles to websites. If they like it. They pay you. That simple. I’m not the best writer. I put myself out there, I just love to write, I love to create and I’m able to take direction from editors and I learn. Read articles and then submit your ideas and articles to the magazines you dreams of working with. Who cares if they say “No!” At least they see you! I embed links into every email. I know when a writing sample is read. I know more writing samples are ignored and opened that I care to think about. I also know some of those writing samples used and I get asked to send an invoice for my work. Be fearless. If you want to be a writer. Submit the work and be a writer. Who cares if they say “no” they can’t say anything if you don’t submit anything.

The key to making money in 2019 is you.

The work is out there. It’s in strange holes of the internet but it’s out there. It’s up to you to apply for the jobs and create content that’s worthy of payment.

That’s the key as well. Not just to write a post and take pictures but if you want to work as a blogger as yourself:

“Would I pay me for this post?” That question humbles me often.

Create content that is worthy of not only pay but your worthy of audience and worthy of yourself.

If you’re looking to find paid work as blogger, apply yourself, apply for jobs and create content worth paying for.

If I can do it.. (no computer, no camera, 2 kids, a whole fiancé, a house and a day job) you can do it too.

Make the time to put intention into making coins in 2019!

Good luck 🙌🏾 #securethebag2109

Let me know if you found this post helpful🤗


  1. Awesome information! I will definitely be using these tools and looking into applying more and just putting myself out there.


  2. Your posts are forever helpful for new bloggers I’ve learnt so much from just reading them. I can’t wait to start making cash out of my blog as well..well done Shayla😘

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  3. Hey I just read your post. I’ve been looking for paid work as a blogger. This was super helpful. I haven’t looked anywhere that you mentioned so I bookmarked your article so that I can refer back to it. This is so helpful, I’m glad I came across this .

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