Want to live your best life? Live like a 2 year old

My youngest daughter Christy lives the best life of anyone I know. Whenever I’m feeling down I watch Christy. At 2 years old the world is still a magical to place to her. Honestly I think we disappointed with life when she got here.

I think when she was in the womb she built her father and I up into being sooo awesome then when she got her she was just let down 🤣

I had never seen a more disgruntled baby in my whole life.

It seems like after a few months of analyzing us we fine reached her standards and she just decided “well, they’re not I expected at all. However these people and this life is mine and I’ll make the best of it”

Once Christy started to interact with world it became pretty apparent Christy knew how to live life to fullest NOW MATTER WHAT!

When Christy was a baby I just loved the way she looked at things with such awe. She would study and watch and just wanted to be apart of any and everything we did.

As soon as Christy could walk I realized Christy was a Renaissance woman. Christy relished in all of the aspects of life and lives with such zeal and wonder! I studied the way she lived and decided that I needed to adopt Christy’s way of life. I need to live like Christy.

Always be who you are no matter where you are!

Life is was too short to worry about who’s watching you eat corn in Walmart.

“Eat the corn Ann Mae”

Christy lives her like with absolutely no regard of who’s watching and what their feelings are. When Christy is happy… she twerks.

Somethings can’t be contained! Happiness is one of them and if you’re happy express that happiness no matter where you are.

You happiness maybe contagious it jumps onto the next person!

Isn’t that what we all want anyway? To spread a little joy everywhere you go.. you can’t do it if you aren’t comfortable being yourself everywhere at all times.

In order to make friends you must be friendly

Everywhere we go Christy makes it a point to say “hello!” And give each person she sees a high five. It warms my heart the look on people’s face when this little ray of sunshine just says “hello” a few times people have said “she made my day” Christy being so friendly opened me up to being more friendly when I’m out. I never really thought about it but a little smile and greeting can go along way. You never know what someone is going through and your smile can do more than you realize.

Love fiercely and express that love often

When you love someone (or something) let them know. Life’s too short to never express your feelings. Everyday Christy wakes up she says

“Good morning, I missed you, I love you”

Christy has only been on this planet two years, she knows enough to let the people she loves know they are loved. She will go out of her way to let you know you are loved.

Enjoy working with you own two hands

Christy takes pride in learning new things. She feels so proud when she does something on her own. That pride in her face just shows me how important it is to do an honest days work.

It’s just something about the look on her face when she “helps” us. To me she loves to be included and do her part.

It just reminds me the importance community.

Even if your part at work is small. It matters. Take pride in your job. Do you little job with GUSTO! Do it with a smile!

Try new things

Christy is never afraid to try new things.. with the exception of coconut water

When you know something isn’t for you..it’s perfectly fine to express that as well.

The important thing is to try things first! Get out of your comfort zone!

Sure the first time your try somethings they may be a little be scary, but in time you’ll get used it and you’ll love it!

Self care matters

Christy may only be two years old but she knows and loves to be apart of self care Saturday. She loves to take a little time a just herself.

I noticed early on Christy had her own routine. She liked to take her time, in her chair and enjoy whatever show I was watching. I started to notice she enjoyed her own time.

It hit me that if my child could learn to enjoy her time alone at two. That’s something I needed to do. Just devote moments to myself. Even if it’s just reading a book when my family has gone to sleep, my time alone with myself is important.

Self care doesn’t have always involve facials and manicures. Self care is whatever activities you enjoy that help you center yourself.

It’s not selfish to enjoy the things you like alone. It’s not self to enjoy your own time. Christy taught me that.

Don’t be afraid to assert yourself

Christy is a no nonsense woman and I like that about her.

She’s a honey badger. She does what she wants.

Christy isn’t even 30 inches tall but when she speaks her little mind, we listen. She makes herself heard and she says what she means. It’s fine to stand your ground. It’s perfect fine to be strong and stand for what you believe in.

It’s ok to cry

Christy is typically a little ray of sunshine, but there’s time Christy cries for no reason. Christy is 2 that’s who she.

I’ve learned.. that’s ok! It’s ok to not be ok. It ok not understand why you’re crying. Sometimes I ask:

“Why are you crying” to see if will give me a response, once she said “I don’t know”

I told her “we’ll let me know when you’re done”

I was being sarcastic… about a minute later she said “oh I’m done, I better. Let’s play”

Sometimes you just need to cry. You don’t have to know why. It’s okay to release emotions.

It’s perfectly fine to cry.

Love yourself

Christy loves herself. She looks in the mirror at her Afro and says “I pretty mama!” and I agree and let her know “you’re smart too!”

I just love the way she looks in the mirror and loves herself. Christy takes pride in her appearance and loves when she’s dressed up. Christy is a jeans and T-Shirt during the week but on Sunday she gets to dress up for church and the super model comes out.it’s okay to let your inner super model out. She’s in there.. let her strut!

My baby inspires me to take a little time and “get pretty” it works when I’m not feeling 100% or on the days I don’t want to smile, something about getting dressed makes you feel a little better.

Life is better without pants

Nuff said.

Always toast to happiness!

As long a you have a glass you can toast.. and you should!life is better when you march to the beat of your own drum

Life is better when you make your own soundtrack. Christy wakes up and just loves life.

Yes, she drives up the walls but I try to remember she’s only been on this planet for 2 years. However for a person that’s only been here for two years I’ve learned so much from her. Christy lives her best life everyday. She just loves to be included in whatever the family is doing. She wakes up happy and continues to bring that love and happiness to everyone she meets and that’s what I love. We all need to be a little more like Christy. Enjoy life like it’s the first time we’re living it each day. Greet the day with a smile. Wake up and say “Good Morning, I missed you, I love you!” To the world each day!


  1. I’m always amazed at how much a child can teach us. I did a blog post last year, Slow Down And View The World Through New Eyes, where I realized that we need to take some time and just take in the world around us, like children do. It was based upon the observations of my 8 year old, who sees everything as beautiful, even the weeds in our yard. I think children help us to slow down and see what’s around us!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg completely! Christy was what I needed in life and didn’t even know. I used to lose my patience till I just realized she’s just learning. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


  2. Awwwwwwwwww… Christy is super lovely and adorable! Children do teach us a lot of things and it is up to us to see things in their perspective. They express so much love and happiness!

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