Wine Wednesday: Wilson Creek winery, Temecula Ca

I’m from Temecula, California. Temecula is known as “Wine Country.” Temecula is a picturesque town located in Southern California, just 1 hour north of San Diego. Temecula is lined with wineries! Hence the name “wine country” I’ve lived here in Temecula since 1996!

I love this town! I love the wineries and I’ve decided to educate my followers about the wine and wineries Temecula has to offer!

I’m also looking for a place to write😅

I used to write at coffee shops around town. I started taking myself on “dates” to write and create content. I gave myself $20-$30 a week to just take myself out. Clear my mind and create.

I would spend about $15 on coffee and snacks at the local coffee shop, with the coffee shop comes a lot of commotion.

A lot of hustle and bustle. I was using my time to write and escape the distractions around me at home.. the coffee shop had the same distractions.

I decided in 2019 I need to step up and invest in scenery for writing and relaxing. I decided I would check out the wineries!

A wine tasting at Wilson Creek Winery is $20.

For $20 I can get a view like this:

No shade to coffee shop writing, I just think it’s time I elevate my scene and learn about the wineries around me. I want to teach my followers about wine and I want to learn more as well. I want to elevate myself.

I’m looking for a winery to grow at, to write at. I’m looking for a winery to call my home.

The 1st wine tasting I ever attended was at Wilson Creek Winery so I figured I would begin my journey looking for a winery to pledge membership with place I first had wine.

Wilson Creek Winery is the first of MANY wineries I will be featuring on Wednesdays!

Before I begin I want to say this is NOT a sponsored post.

This is just my experience at Wilson Creek Winery🤗

Alright let’s begin! 🥂

Wilson Creek Winery, Temecula Ca

Wilson Creek Winery was opened in 2000 by Gerry and Rose Wilson.

Wilson Creek Winery is family run winery.

The interior is very rustic. It feels like you’re walking inside a wine cellar. I really enjoy the decor. Simple understated.

My favorite wine at Wilson Creek is the Peach Bellini. I m a huge fan of sparkling wines. Wilson Creek offers a wide variety of sparkling wines. I really enjoyed that about their winery.

The Menu of wines at Wilson Creek Winery

Wilson Creek Winery has your typical list of Reds, and whites but during my visits I focused on the Sparkling Wines.

Wilson Creek was promoting their Sparkling White Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Sparkling White Cabernet Sauvignon was released around the holidays and helped Wilson Creek Winery ring in the new year.

The Sparkling White Cabernet Sauvignon surprised me with its taste. It was complex and creamy with delicate undertones of apple and cranberry. It’s like having a holiday party in your mouth.

I was told by my server it’s best to pair the Sparkling White Cabernet Sauvignon “with thanksgiving food!” Sparkling wines are very complementary with salty foods, sea food, soft cheeses.

(Honestly I would pair this Sparkling White Cabernet Sauvignon with the “Faux Gras” Recipe I posted 👉🏾Faux Gras: Vegan Patè recipe)

Wilson Creek Winery has these amazing specialty drinks. I tried the “Chocolate Almond-tini” The Chocolate Almond-Tini is Almond sparkling wine infused with chocolate!

It was surprisingly rich and delicious! I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t normally mix wine and chocolate.. in the same glass😅 it was decadent and divine. I really enjoyed the flavors together.

I also tried the Angel’s Kiss, Sparkling almond wine with a splash of cream Sherry. I was instructed to have that as my final tasting because it’s a very strong drink.

I was definitely feeling my tasting after I had that Angel’s Kiss, it’s definitely one that lingered on my lips and I really enjoyed.

I also tasted one of Wilson Creeks ages specialty wines.

In order to try this you’ll need to give you serve 2 tasting tickets in order to try the specialty drinks.


Prices at Wilson Creek Winery, Temecula Ca

A tasting cost $20.

The cheapest membership is $59 paid Bi-monthly.

With that membership you are mailed you choice of their sparkling wine section.. (which is perfect for someone like me) this also gives you 20% off snacks!

The membership also allows you to bring friends for tastings, 20% off merchandise, 10% discount on concert tickets. The membership does offer a lot of amenities and use of the private members area.

The prices of wine range from $20-40 and up (depending on year etc)

Wine club members receive 20% off all bottles of wine and 30% off cases. It almost pays to be a member at Wilson Creek Winery.

What I liked about Wilson Creek Winery, Temecula Ca

I came to Wilson Creek to find a place to write, relax and spend sometime with my oldest daughter.

I’ve also come here with my fiancé and our youngest daughter.

Each time I visit I love the scenery. I love the employees. The servers were very knowledgeable and helped answer the questions I had about wine.

They really lived up to their being centered around family. The servers were patient with Christy and served her tiny crackers and water.

I enjoyed ambiance. The dark colors and tones really lend to rich and hearty vibes. You smell the wood barrels. It’s has a very cozy, cottage like atmosphere. Almost log cabin like.

The outside is stunning giving you luscious views of Temecula California.

Wilson Creek has more relaxed atmosphere. It’s not as upscale as the other wineries and I think that was my primary draw to Wilson Creek.

It’s not fancy, it’s one of the more informal wineries in town but Wilson Creek Winery has a beautiful family vibe that you just want to be apart of.

What I disliked about Wilson Creek winery

The only thing I ever complain about is the walking in the parking lot with heels. It’s not friendly for that!


I used to enjoy Wilson Creek Winery. It was one of my favorite wineries in town, my last visit prompted me to want to try other wineries and see what else is out there! I like the prices at Wilson Creek, I love the Peach Bellini and I really enjoyed the taste of the sparkling white Cabernet Sauvignon.

Checkout Wilson Creek on Instagram

Wine Wednesday Questions from readers:

@Coffeeandcreamroses ask “What Sparkling wine do you use in a mimosa”

Well I asked Wilson Creek, they make their with Almond Sparkling Wine. However you can use a good Processo You want a drier champagne for your mimosa.

You can pair sparkling wine and Champagne with the following foods:

    Triple cream Brie (cream style cheeses)
    Butter sauce even buttered popcorn 😱
    Oysters, shellfish, fried oysters
    Fruit based desserts

Well that concludes my first WINE WEDNESDAY!!!

What are some of your favorite wineries in Temecula? Leave some in the comments! Also if you have any questions about wine let me know in the comments!

Next winery I go to I’m asking about Red Wines.. I don’t know much about reds.. they go with meat.. steak meat🤷🏾‍♀️ I need to what else goes with red wines! I want to learn more! This was so fun.

I’m really looking forward to finding a winery home to call my own.

I’m just in a point in my life where I want to experience beautiful views and beautiful times with a glass of wine in my hand. I want to find a winery that would like to partner with a creative. That’s the dream 🤩 until I find a winery to call home I’m going to taste all the wine and bring you all the info!

Cheers to wine Wednesday!


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