5 tips to manifest whatever you want FASTER!

I’ve been actively manifesting about 10 months. I have documenting my manifestation journey since about the 3 month mark.

I’ve manifested jobs, trips, I even manifested a whole MAN!!! I manifested the life of my dreams which included meeting Perez Hilton😍) In less than 6 months, and told the tale on many a website

Safe to say I know a thing or two about manifestation.

I’ve recently began to notice that I can manifest things pretty quickly if I really focus on what I want. It became like a game. It’s fun. I wanted to test out my manifestation..There’s a book I wanted and I manifested just enough for the book.

I happen to find the exact amount between an old purse and crumbled in the pocket of an old pair of jeans.. manifestation is real and I wanted to share a few tips to help you manifest what you want faster!

1. Write it down!

When I’m actively trying to manifest I do an exercise where I write down the perfect day in the life of my dreams.

I do this at the beginning of the year for my goals and mindset.

You have to write down the day in detail. What you’re wearing. What you eat. Who calls you on the phone.

What does you house look life? Your office?

Really capture the emotions of how that perfect day in your dream life would feel. I write down every last detail to what I eat and how the food made me feel.

You write it out as if it’s actually happening.

You begin to open your brain to think that your dreams are possible. This exercise is showing your wind what is possible.

I’m visual. I write down what I’m manifesting and I stick it right on wall in my house.

Right next to my calendar is a list of what I’m manifesting.

I carry a note book and where what I’m manifesting in there.It’s conditioning the brain. If you see if you’ll work for it. Manifesting isn’t just about whispering your desires into the wind.

It’s about pursuing those desires with every fiber of your being. Manifesting is just letting the universe know.

One definite way to speed up the process is to write your desires down. Journal, sticky note, the choice is yours really just write down what you want. That way you can see it and the universe can too. It’s like a contract between yourself and the universe.

2. Immerse yourself inspirational positive education

When I’m focusing on something I study that subject. As luck would have it, I was studying social media growth and the title of this podcast struck me. “How to manifest a million YouTube subscribers” it sounded so far fetched I had to listen. Besides I had decided February was the month I was focusing my energy on manifestation and healthy mindset.. The episode had a million followers AND manifested in the title.. I was hooked.

The guest was “Manifestation Babe” a manifestation coach who has made of 7 figures in the last few years, from manifesting.

Toward the end of the podcast she said:

“If you’re trying to get followers and you’re not growing, it’s because you’re obsessed over numbers, if your obsessed over numbers you’re coming from an area of lack”

That was the catalyst I needed to stop obsessed every five minutes and do something more productive with my time.

I decided to revisit Jen Sincero.

Her book “You are a bad ass at making money” changed my life.

This book is the reason I have any financial success.

I decided to see what Jen Sincero was up to and she’s written and new book. “How to be a bad ass everyday”

Which is basically a manifestation tool.. she said so on this Podcast “Switch, Pivot, or Quit”

This new book gives you tips on how to harness your energy and manifest! I don’t have the book YET

I just manifested the money to buy it this morning 🤣 so I listened to podcast about the book and manifestation. Every episode motivated me more and more!

When you constantly immerse yourself in positive education it forces your brain to exercise, it opens up positive channels of energy and you learn. The more you the learn the more you grow.

Each episode I shared taught something. The lessons were so powerful in some of the episodes I was moved to tears and shared them with my instagram followers on IG stories.

Immerse yourself in educational content that sparks your interests.. make sure it’s positive. Whenever you’re learning your brain is open so be sure to fill it with positive education.

3. Keep your vibe high

I’m going to break this into subcategories because I have a few things to say.. so your vibe is just your energy. You control your energy. No one else. From the moment you open your eyes you are in control. When I’m actively manifesting

I watch the same video at least 3 times a week.

“Listen to this every morning for HIGH VIBES ALL DAY”

This video basically programs your brain to have a good day. The video says

“Is today going to be a good day or is going to be an amazing day!”

The video tips your brain into positivity and vibes.

In order to keep those vibes high you need to

Think positive

Your thoughts matter. Every thought matters. Catch those negative thoughts before they fester and become an infection of your mind. One single negative thought about yourself can stop you from achievement. Program your brain think happy. When those negative thoughts come in.. find funny videos to make yourself smile. Find inspiration you need to be happy again. In order to manifest at lightning speed you need to have the right mindset. The right mindset starts with positive thinking.

Speak positive

Be a voice on positivity in person and online. You can’t ask for the desires of you heart and then spew hatred.

The universe can hear you.. and read your reads too. Be a voice of positivity. There’s enough negativity in the world, be different. Speak different. Speak the positive change you want into you life.

Give compliments online. Just be nice. It cost nothing and honestly if feels great. I love to leave kind words online. I love to speak kind words into the world. I didn’t use to always be that way.

When I learned what you say effects so much I learned to speak life and stop being negative with my words.

It’s easier said than done and something I have to practice more myself, when I do.. insta manifest!

Be positive

Don’t just think and speak positivity.. BE POSITIVE!

Go help someone. Take out the neighbors garbage can. Be so service in a positive manner. If you don’t have time maybe you have money you can donate to a cause that really matters.

Whatever you can do try to find time to be a positive influence on someone.

4. Do a negativity detoxification of your social media and social life

Every page isn’t good for you.. just like every person isn’t good for you… stop following pages about death! Stop following negative people! Stop following folks that complain.

That will harp on your spirit. To constantly see negative images will put you in a funk.

You don’t have to follow anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable with what they post. If you don’t like their online energy.. DELETE THEM!

We spend so much time scrolling. Who you follow matters. Their energy matters.

Same with people in your life.

Protect your energy.

If someone is constantly draining you of the ability to be positive.. let them know.

“I love you, but I need some time to protect my energy.”

If they love you they will understand and hopefully it can open a dialogue about why you need space from them.

5. Let it go

Once you ask for it.. trust the universe has heard you. If you keep thinking about it you’ll begin to obsess. When you obsess you’re coming from a place of lack. You’re coming from a place of distrust with the universe.

You’ll put negative energy into your situation if you constantly hold on to the same desire.

Once you ask you’ve been heard. Put all your effort into obtaining what you want. Manifesting doesn’t just come from blindly asking.

It comes from working feverishly to get to you goal and relishing in the fact you made it once you get there.

There’s more action involved than wishing but the wishing is basically just putting your desires out into the world. Once they are known and hear them cross your lips.. work until your dream is accomplished.

My bonus tip:

Keep the faith!

Dive deeper into whatever your faith is. Whatever you follow spiritually, dive deeper into that! Attend church, prayer, worship whatever way you want but connect to that higher power. You need to! Remaining positive and focused isn’t an easy task and you will need your faith to get you through. Invest in some spirituality.

These are the tips that have helped me manifest things almost instantly now. I hope that you enjoy this post.

Are you into manifestation? What are some things you have manifested? Let me know in the comments🤗


  1. I love this post because I believe manifesting really works. When I focus my energy on something, keep a positive mindset then good things happen. More people need to take note of this, instead of complaining and pitying themselves when life isn’t going their way!


    • Amen! Totally agree! I’ve had to really focus and stay positive to keep my vibes high but it is definitely worth it. Thank you so much for the comment I appreciate it.


  2. I absolutely love this post! Bookmarking it right now to check out all of the books and podcasts you’ve mentioned! I recently bought You Are A Badass so I will start with this one and then read all her other books. 2019 is going to be the start of my manifestation journey and there’s no stopping me! Thank you so much for all the inspiration!


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