How to master your mindset and change your life

I didn’t alway used to be a positive person. I was negative and petty. I thrived on the fact I was a judgey, petty, mean girl

I was Regina George dipped in chocolate online for fun! I was angry at home, angry at work. I was on edge and always ready to snap. In fact I was know for going off online.

I was miserable in all aspects of life. I was financially destitute. I had a job. It’s the same job I have now in fact but things changed at my job when I changed.

2 or 3 years ago I was piss poor financially and mentally.

I can look back now and say I wasn’t a good person.

I started to change my mindset about two years ago.

I noticed by changing my mind I was actually changing my life. Once I mastered my mindset and positive thinking I realized I was capable of living my wildest dreams.

I’m constantly online and I’m constantly posting online. I noticed that what I was I posting had an effect on my emotions and the people I was posting for on Facebook.

I have a lot of online friends I’m close to. I’m in a lot of mom groups, I’m the admin of a few. I run a fitness group.

I see thousands of post everyday and sometimes that can be draining.

One day I got sick of seeing people complaining, posting obscene things, saying obscene things about women.

That stuff seeps into your mind. You may not be the one posting the material but just seeing it constantly bombard you does have ana effect on your mindset.

I started to remove those pages. I decided then and there I was going to stop complaining in my FB post. I was going to stop being a bully. I stopped being petty and became more empathetic to the post and people I was encountering online. I realized there was enough negativity in the world without me adding to it so I decided to be positive and only positive things, funny memes and babies. Things that make you happy when you see them.

That triggered something in me. I started applying that principle to everything.

I started to be mindful of my speech and speak positive. I practice this a lot it’s easy said than done but like everything the more I try, the better I get.

I really focus on having positive thoughts even in negative situations and when I can’t find something positive. I think of something to be thankful for and that normally triggers me back into positive mood.

(I’m always just thankful I’m alive and my family is alive.. then I’m thankful for everything else and eventually positivity comes flooding back to me.)

I started to see my life really change.

When you genuinely focus on being positive and express that positivity it will naturally repel negative people.

You’ll notice certain friends or even family stop associating with you. You’ll notice certain situations in your life suddenly stop occurring.

When you master your mindset you almost get a high from the positivity and you feverishly fight for your own happiness on daily basis. You feel joy you fight to protect your energy from negativity and seek out light naturally.

Once you master your mindset and find happiness you want to keep that energy all of the time!

When you master your mindset your own happiness will wake you up in the morning.

Not your job, not your bank account, PURE JOY will awaken you.

When I mastered my mindset I was able to master my finances, my love life and my spiritual life. I changed who I was, changed my way of life all by changing my way of thinking and controlling my mindset.

This post I’m giving you the tips and tricks I used to master my mindset and keep my vibe high🖖🏾🙌🏾

“The secret” to loving you best life

I was given the book “The Secret” many years ago but for whatever reason I didn’t read it until I was like 30. One day I decided to find the audiobook on YouTube and I listened to it on my drives to work.

It changed my life. It’s only an 1 hour and a half long. The concepts in the book aren’t foreign, we just don’t have to sight at times to apply the concepts in the book.

“The secret” is what really helped me to believe that I could make a living as a blogger. I listened to this on the way to my day job and I dreamed of being a blogger. Listening to this book gave me the confidence to full pursue my passion. It was one of the catalyst for all of this. I dug deep into myself and applied “The secret” to my life and well the results really do speak for themselves.. you’re here at my blog aren’t you.. and I’m writing my first book.

“The Secret” is a book everyone should read or listen to. It really opens your mind to the concepts of manifestation and the laws of attraction.

Educate yourself! Feed your mind to improve your mindset

Books to improve your mindset

“The power of now”

I was given “The power of now” many years ago. I read it every year to try to gain a better understanding of the book. You see, I often reread books because I don’t understand full the first time. I speed read first and then reread to understand. With “The power of now” I think I reread it because I understand it differently as I age.

When I received this book I was in my early 20’s and the HOTTEST OF MESSES. I was not in a position of life to understand the concept of living “in the now” I just wasn’t in the right mindset in my 20’s to really understand the concept of me being in control of my own happiness. I was too comfortable blaming everyone else for my position in life rather than accepting accountability for my own shortcomings.. I wasn’t ready to handle that my life was a mess and it was my fault.

By the time I read the book in my 30’s I was ready to be accountable and take action.

Once I started living in The now.. when I say I cry happy tears just thinking of where I am now and what I have, who I have. I’m grateful. I’m blessed. I’m not a millionaire but I’m not scraping together change to get a tank of gas at the end of the week anymore.

I realized my happiness wasn’t contingent on the money in my bank account, or the man in bed and in my life. My happiness was inside job!

I reread “The power of now” yearly to just kickstart my brain and get time focused on living in the now and really enjoying the life in front of me. This book teaches you to own your moments. Time isn’t real. Moments are. Cherish them and savor them.

Once I learned that from this book I was hungry for more! I opened up Pandora’s box for knowledge.

I realized if I was learning I didn’t have much time to think about negative thoughts of engage in negative behavior online.

  • I have a few go to books I’m sharing the links to their full audiobook on YouTube if you care to listen:
  • “You are a bad ass” by Jen Sincero

    “You are a bad ass” By Jen Sincero is the best self help book I’ve ever read. There’s something about the way the book is written that just snatches your soul by the seat of its pants and forces it to do SOMETHING!

    I was craving a new life, I was tired of being broke and miserable. “You are a bad ass” really helped me to want more out of life and go after what I want in life.

    The book is filled with introspective exercises that force you to open up and examine your self limiting beliefs and throw them away.

    “You are a bad ass” teaches you to slay your own fear dragons. That was something I was unable to do until reading this book.

    I was able to relate to the author being struggling and living in a garage at 40.. well I wasn’t 40 but I figured if she could change her life at 40.. I certainly could change my life at 30 something so I did.

    You have to read this book to get your mindset straight no two ways about it.

    “You are a bad ass at making money” by Jen Sincero

    “You are a bad ass at making money” is the book to help you get your financial mind right. Many of us have no money because we have a poor way of thinking about money. We have these notions of the rich and wealthy and we subconsciously keep ourselves from elevating financially because we have poor thoughts about cash flow.

    Everything is energy, even money. This book teaches you how to make the money flow to you easily. I learned to manifest money so fast after this book I was able to write a post about manifesting FASTER!

    (5 tips to manifest whatever you want FASTER!)

    “You are a bad ass at making money” WILL CHANGE YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE!

    I don’t worry about money anymore. I know it flows to me easily and freely. That’s one less stress to have.

    Podcast to master your mindset

    “The lavendaire lifestyle”

    “The Lavendaire lifestyle” is podcast for creatives that really keeps you motivated and encouraged to be your best self and create your best life.

    “Manifestation Babe”

    “Manifestation Babe” is a podcast that helps you dive deeper into the laws of attraction and manifestation. Her tips and guidance guarantee high vibes all day. Kathrin Zenkina is real, raw and inspirational. Her story is so relatable, I listen to her to find new manifestation tips.

    Her tips have helped me manifest several jobs. When I need to gear my mind toward money I search for “manifestation babe”


    This is easier said then done. In order to be positive, think positive, and be positive you have to remove negative influences.

    Remove all negative

    • Friends- if you friends that you don’t see, don’t support your dreams. Don’t even know about your dreams, don’t care about your life.. cut them OFF! Remove them. Those aren’t friends. Those are energy drains. You’re giving energy to wondering if these friendships are real.. they’re not. Remove them and foster friendships with people who want to be in your life. Remove the negative friends and replace them with positive ones.
    • Social media accounts- stop following those accounts that are posting death, destruction, and unspeakable things. Just seeing that stuff has an affect on your mind. Have you ever read a headline that was so awful you couldn’t think about anything else? Imagine seeing 20 of those headlines a day.. that takes a toll on you mentally. You have to protect your mindset even when scrolling. Remove the accounts that complain, that argue, that just have no value on your life. You have control over you social media accounts. Stop feeding your mind negative profiles.
  • Do a negativity cleanse! People! Music! News! No negativity for 30 days!
  • Diet

  • What you eat impacts your mind. I’m vegan. I’m not telling anyone to become vegan. I’m telling you to find a diet healthy for you body. When you feel good about your body. You feel good about everything else! There are certain foods you can eat that elevate the mood. Concentrating on what you put into your body has a profound affect on the mind.
  • I know it does for me! Yes I’m very health conscious, I’m Captain veganism… but Taco Bell is REAL and they do have vegan options. I know when I’m 98% 7 layer burrito fresco style with potatoes.. I’m a snarky human being.
  • When I dial it back and return to cooking for myself. I notice I feel better. I’m happier about what I’m putting into my body. When you take control of what you’re eating you feel amazing.
  • Your mindset changes when you’re filled with the right nutrients.
  • Exercise

  • Working out helps with so many things. Your mind needs exercise. At least 30 minutes a day.. just be active! You don’t have to buy a gym membership. I work out with YouTube videos on my tablet almost everyday.
  • Exercise regulates so much with the body. Consistently exercising helps your mind to sort things out.

    I know for me exercise helps me to de-stress. If I’m in a mood, I’m cranky, I’m lashing out and being negative I work out for 30 minutes and release some endorphins.

    Endorphins naturally improve your mood and keep your vibe high.


    My therapist told me on Friday that sleep is so important.. even more important than food! You can live longer without food than you can without sleep and people don’t take sleep as important as they should.

    You can’t be in your right mind if your aren’t sleeping properly.

    (I have to follow this rule myself!)

    Sleep is PARAMOUNT to your mental health. Lack of sleep can trigger anxiety and depression.

    I suffer from both of those thing so I have to be diligent about my sleep for my mental health and well being.

    In order to master you mindset you need to master you sleep schedule!

    The body needs 5 hours a night to function. Focus on good sleep. Check out the photo above for tips from my Therapist on sleep habits.

    Seek spirituality

    Whatever you believe in.. practice it! Spiritually is so important. I’m Christian. I pray and I also meditate. I take time to wake up be thankful for each day that I’m alive.

    I just think it’s important to tap into whatever you believe in spiritually. Take time to just be alone with you beliefs. Take time to worship however you worship. It’s really important to learn to center yourself and be one with the universe.

    However you do that is up to you but this in my opinion is the key to mastering your mindset.

    It takes time learn to master your mindset. It took me about 2-3 years to get to where I am now. It’s a battle somedays to be positive but if you stick to t you’ll be so happy.

    Mastering your mindset just takes the ability to see that you need to change and having the desire to actually change.

    That’s it’s. You have to be fed up with your old self to the point that you want a new beginning.

    I had to be tried of being a broke, complaining mom online and make more of myself.

    If I can do it.. anyone can.

    I hope you take the time and apply just a few of these things to your life.

    I promise not only will you see a change in your mind, you’ll a change in your life!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

    Have you read any of the books I suggested?


    1. This was such an inspiring post! It’s amazing what a positive mindset can do for your life. Thank you for sharing your experiences. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I so get where you’re coming from, how negativity breeds negativity when you’re surrounded by it. We have to make the choice to break free from it! I will have to check out the books – You Are a Badass has been on my Amazon list for a while.


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