Review: Apple Dabs Green Crack (Sativa)

I am so excited about this review! Before I begin this is NOT a sponsored post. This is just my opinion and experience I’ve had with the Apple Dabs “Green Crack” sativa cartridge.

I purchased my Apple Dabs “Green Crack” Cartridge way in November. Chris and I had to renew our cannabis cards and we decided then to go on these “Weedmaps adventures” where we would use Weedmaps to find a dispensary, check out that dispensary’s 1st time patient discount and just try new places.

As luck would have it one of the places we stopped at had my favorite strain in the world in CARTRIDGE FORM!!


What is green crack?

Green Crack is a sativa cannabis, primarily used in the day time. It is said be derived from the “Skunk #1” strain and an indica of afghani origin. The strain was originally named “Green Cush” with a “C” but it was renamed “Green Crack” by Snoop Dogg

(Yep look it up.. that’s something you know now..)

I’m proud of you! Moving on..

Green crack is a strain that is used to battle stress, fatigue and depression. In flower form it leaves your feeling energetic, happy, uplifted,euphoric and whimsical.

Green Crack is very difficult to find in my area and even harder to find in cartridge form.

I had never seen “Green Crack” in cartridge form until I purchased Apple Dabs

I was so happy to finally find this strain. I could wait to get home and try the product and write this review. Over the past 4 months I’ve had Apple Dabs brand products about 5-6 times. Here is my experience with the “Green Crack” sativa cartridge.

The packaging of Apple Dabs “Green Crack” Sativa Cartridges

Apple Dabs “Green Crack”
Apple Dabs “Green Crack” Sativa

The Apple Dabs “Green Crack” cartridge comes in two sizes 1000mg (1g) and 500mg (.5g) The packaging states the product is 84.5% THC and 0.8% CBD.. I love when the product has the stats right on the label! The packaging is wonderfully brightly colored, the logo is very vibrant and eye catching what I enjoyed the most is the product is easy to get to! Some products you need a PHD to get to the cartridge. Not with Apple Dabs. Simple, clean packaging.

Apple Dabs “Green Crack” cartridge

Apple Dabs “Green Crack” 1gram Sativa Cartridges

I really like the look and feel of the gold tip.

Apple Dabs “Green Crack” .5 gram

The cannabis oil inside is nicely colored. Rich and viscous.

You can tell this is a higher quality cannabis oil. It doesn’t run thin when using a higher powered battery. (I don’t recommend a high powered battery with this product. This is a cannabis oil you’ll want to savor for a while… you also don’t want burn this product. Apple Dabs “Green Crack”has such an inviting taste you don’t want to ruin that with a battery that’s too powerful.)Apple Dabs “Green Crack” sativa cartridge

Apple Dabs “Green Crack” Sativa

I really enjoy the fact that the packaging is not plastic. It’s recyclable. I love the gold tip on the product. It gives the cartridge a more luxurious feel and it’s easier to find in my purse. It stands out amongst the plastic tips!

The taste

Photo from @appledabs Instagram

Apple Dabs “Green Crack” cartridge is true to is flower counterpart in taste. This cartridge has a citrus taste very reminiscent of the green crack flower which has subtle mango undertones. This cartridge gives you more lemon vibes upon the first draw. The first draw gives you a kiss similar to 7up, delicate citrus undertones. This is a product you don’t mind holding in. There’s no harsh tickle, you’re able to hold this in and get the full benefits… let me get to the benefits!

The Effects

Two minutes after the first draw I felt euphoric! I had clear energy to be more productive! It was not the type of high that leaves you in a strange daze. This high is whimsical and enthralling!

If you take one puff you feel boundless and limitless!

It’s such a remarkable high! No couch lock for you! Not today! Not when you’re using Apple Dabs!

The Apple Dabs “Green Crack” Cartridge is perfect for hiking with your friends, this for brunch and dancing with your besties!

This cartridge will have you ready to Marie Kondo your house! Apple Dabs “Green Crack” sparks much joy! This perfect when you need a boost of energy!

How long does Apple Dabs “Green Crack” cartridges last?

The effects of Apple Dabs “Green Crack” last about 1hr or two.. The cannabis oil itself varies depending on the size of your mod.. (battery, whatever you call your device.)

The cannabis oil is very viscous and rich. It burns slows. I enjoy that. It last 3-5days heavy use full gram cartridge with high power battery.

Apple Dabs “Green Crack” sativa cartridge

the cartridge last DAYS longer when used it in conjunction smaller battery.

You still Get the same great effects with a smaller battery and your product last longer. Win-win!

I’ve had my .5gram about 6 days now on a low powered battery.

Where to buy Apple Dabs “Green Crack” Sativa cartridges

Apple Dabs “Green Crack” can be found at many dispensaries throughout Southern California.

Chris and I found our cartridges on a Weedmaps adventure.

We simply searched for a dispensary in our area by tapping the map icon in the “Weedmaps” app. By doing this we found our cartridges at a dispensary called The Pot Stop

The price of Apple Dabs “Green Crack” sativa cartridges

We paid $55 for a 1000mg Cartridge.

( I believe we received the cartridge at that price on a special. That day some how we got two.. we like use the 1st time patient discount .. so it’s discounted.. it’s best to check you dispensary or reach out to the brand.. they are EXCELLENT with their social media engagement!)

Chris and I paid about $35 (maybe $40) for .5 gram

(we went to a different dispensary for the half gram. The full gram was purchased at a different dispensary)Apple Dabs “Green Crack” Cartridge

That I’m a savoring to the LASST DROP!

Apple Dabs “Green Crack” cartridges are used to relive the following symptoms:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • (Use in moderation if you have anxiety “Green Crack” as strain can cause pain attacks, if you are prone to panic attacks passed this pen to a friend🤗)
  • conclusion

    I give Apple Dabs “Green Crack” Cartridges a 10!

    Love the packaging, love the taste, the effects so much I don’t care about the price! Apple Dabs is that amazing! I’m the must frugal mama on the planet but the product is worth the little extra coin.

    It’s instant happiness, instantly energy, helps to boost my productivity and creativity.. need I say more! I love it! It’s the first product I recommend to all my Cannamom friends.

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    Next up time I’ll be reviewing Left Coast Extracts “Jack Herer”

    Have you tried any of the products I’ve reviewed? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you.

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