Rich White man energy: From now I am living as if I am a rich white man

Before I begin let me start out by saying. I’m not racist some of my best friends are rich white men..

Seriously I’m from Temecula California. My best friends growing up were rich white men.

This morning I was nearly killed by a rich white man driving home.

He was driving on the wrong side of the road in his 6 series BMW.. he flipped ME the bird and it was that moment I decided.. I want that kind of energy!


Chadley in the BMW was wrong as hell but he flipped ME OFF!

It’s not his fault.

Rich white men do what they want all the time with no consequences and I want that freedom.

I’m not being a dick. It’s something I’ve always admired.

I’ve seen it growing up. In high school the place was filled with Chadleys.

Rich young white men with wallets and no real consequences.

Who’s fathers before them had wallets and no real consequences..They had this twinkle in their eyes. Like they knew.. regardless of the circumstances it was going to work out.

Chadley always has confidence “I’m having a kegger at my place after the game you stopping by?”

No Chadley we are teenagers.. there are consequences to under age drinking. My parents are black I have to be home at 10pm…

My grandfather made me go home at 10pm because “the only thing open after 10pm is legs” so I never to got to see Chadley’s in the wild after 10pm but I heard all the stories and I wanted that zeal and disregard for rules.. safety and my liver!

Society has proven over and over again being a rich white man you can literally do and say whatever you want.

And I want that energy!

You can’t tell a rich white man nothing!

You can’t say “no”

Why? because he’s a rich white man he can buy another one.

I might not have the money but I’m going to radiate the energy!

Rich white dudes can be wrong as two left shoes in any situation but they have to the money to convince you they’re right.

I want to have to so much confidence in my ideas.

Like rich white guys on their 6th startup with their fathers money.

I want that energy.

I saw this show earlier this week called “Summer House”

At first I was applaud! I went to twitter to complain🤣

But then I was sucked in.. These were rich white men in the wild.. richin’ it up.. I have never in my life seen such entitled men, prancing about so dapperly dressed.

Just humping and living their best life in linen pants.

I want that energy!

No Socks! no real goals outside of tasting beer and partying.

Being 30 plus day drinking with your best friends..

I want to come back in my next life as a rich white man.

I jokingly say that to friends when they tell me the problems with their rich white husbands.

“Phil went hunting elk in Canada he’s been stressed since I gave birth 3 days ago..”

And I’m like “Rich white men have the best lives.. I’m sorry about Phil..that’s why God made Amazon and online shopping buy a giant stuffed moose and drink a mimosa!”

(I’m not a good friend tell your problems all my advice is pray, shop and make a cocktail.. I’m not the DEEP friend.. 🤷🏾‍♀️ back to rich white men)

Now don’t get me wrong I’m black and proud all day every day✊🏾

I just want that energy!

I’m carrying myself as if I was given a small of a million dollars to start my life.

I’m living as if I play racket ball and golf on the weekend with Kyle and John.

I’m living as if I’m running a county into the ground and IDGAFFFFFFFFF🤘🏾

This mornings brush with death showed me what I need to do from now on.

I need to have the audacity of a rich white man in all aspects of my life.

On the outside I may look like this

But inside.. the energy… it’s this

All 2019…

I needed to vent.. thanks for reading


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