Easy, Impressive, Vegan cocktails

If you’ve been following my Personal IG you’ll noticed I’ve been really into vegan cocktails lately…

I love cocktails!

They’re fun sip while watching reality tv.

They’re also fun to look at and easy on the pocket book!

A good friend of mine posted a picture of a Dole Whip Mimosa on her Facebook and I wanted one so bad.. but I’m vegan, so I know I can’t have the whipped cream..

But I did a quick google search and discovered Target sold DAIRY FREE WHIP CREAM!

I had to have it! I went out got the supplies to shoot and the rest is history! I am addicted to wine blogging and cocktails!

I made my very first vegan cocktail..

Vegan Dole whip mimosas

  • These mimosas are made with
    • Prosecco, sparkling wine or champagne
      Dole pineapple juice
      Coconut milk
      Dairy free whipped cream

    I didn’t really measure the drinks I want to say it’s 1:1 on all ingredients and just decorate with dairy free whipped cream.

    This dream was AMAZING! Cool refreshing, tasted just Disneyland and VEGAN!

    This was the drink that inspired me to craft other vegan cocktails!

    I realized mimosas and cocktails are very inexpensive to make at home.

    I found the pineapple juice at .99 along with long stem champagne flutes.

    I had this idea.. like field of dreams.. maybe if I post pictures of cocktails and tv I’ll summon friends that want to sip cocktails and watch tv with me…

    The next cocktails I made was delicious and refreshing mimosa..

    Pear Mimosa

    This mimosa was made with

    • Brut champagne
    • Pear nectar
      Sugar rim
      Pear for garnish
      Toothpicks for garnish
      Champagne flutes
  • That’s it’s and that’s all.
  • The pear nectar was actually a little hard for me to find.
  • I figured I would just pop into the store and find it canned.. but no.. I had to go theee different stores!
  • I ended up going to Sprouts Market and find Looza Pear Nectar.
  • This nectar is so delicious! So velvety, rich, cream. I tasted one sip and wanted to drink the entire bottle of nectar. I made my pear mimosas very heavy with nectar because I really enjoyed the taste and I love the color.
  • This nectar is very thick and rich, it goes well with sparkling wine.
  • Sparkling wine, Prosecco, Champagne.. they all pair amazingly well with fruit.
  • Crafting fresh fruit cocktails with these wines is easy!
  • A lower end bottle of sparking wine will run you about $5.
  • While you will save a couple bucks, you are compromising on taste.
  • For a couple dollars more at your local BevMo you can get a nice basic Prosecco for your spring entertaining for about $10.
  • Mimosas are perfect for entertaining at home during spring.
  • I have learned it’s easy to make your drinks look impressive and inviting.

    Take a few moments to slice your pear.

    Take a few moments and take pride in the craftsmanship of the drink you’re preparing. Your guest will appreciate it.

    (If you’re like me and making it for yourself.. you will appreciate the extra touches. It’s nice to look down and just see a beautiful drink winking back at you.. saying “Hey girl.. we made it through.. DRINK ME!! I’m pretty!”)

    It’s not hard to find drink garnishing ideas…

    I literally googled “pear in a drink” to get inspired and the result pages were just beautiful!

    I’m not creative.. sooo I simply diced a pear pierced them with a tooth pick.. and laid them across the glass for display.

    I used glasses of varying sizes to change the aesthetic.

    I found my stemless champagne flutes at Walmart, they were about .89!

    Not bad at all!

    Strawberry mango mimosas

    are a quick crowd favorite… when I say crowd…

    I mean me.. I really loved these🤣

    • Prosecco
    • Mango nectar
    • Strawberry garnish
    • Sugar rim

    I sipped these on “Bachelor Monday’s” Monday’s and mimosas just go together so lovely and these refreshingly delicious treats make Monday less Monday!

    The texture of mango nectar really cradles the champagne bubbles so perfectly.

    It’s such a subtle change on the classic mimosa.

    You can leave the strawberries in the glass and let the strawberry rest with mango and champagne as you sip.. it’s bliss!

    This was one of my favorites! Simple.. on the outside looks like a normal mimosa but BAM.. it’s a party in your mouth… it’s really outstanding.

    Orange creamsicle mimosa

  • I had the idea to make these because I had leftover whipped cream from those Vegan Dole whips! To make these beauties you need
    • Orange juice
      Coconut milk
      Dairy free whip cream
      Orange for garnish
      Orange sugar crystals for garnish

    I had the most fun shooting these! The mixture is pretty simple I just did a 1:1 mix garnished with whipped cream.

    I found the sugar crystals at Albertson’s

    They were about $2.50.

    Totally worth it.. it’s just fun to have a special cocktail to yourself.

    The sprinkles and garnish are really necessary.. make it taste better if you ask me.

    Oh.. quick tip.. in order to get the sugar to stay on the rim, coat the rim with a small amount of juice from the fruit you’re garnishing with.

    My finally cocktail was the most beautiful

    Strawberry Fields

    I had these two OBNOXIOUSLY large strawberries in the fridge just looking at me!

    It was the first day of spring and I want to make a fresh fruit cocktail to display these cocktails.

    I was scrolling Instagram and saw my favorite wine blogger “Tasty Vino” and posted a cool drink with Prosecco and a lime..

    Fun fact.. “Tasty Vino” is Genesis from the Real World.

    She was my first reality tv show crush.. so I’m always stalking her Ig.. in a non creepy way🤷🏾‍♀️🤣

    So that inspired me to make my drink

    • Whole strawberry
    • Lime juice
    • Mint leaves
    • Prosecco
  • I found a great Prosecco from BevMo for $10!
  • This was my favorite cocktail of the week!
  • Not only was it the most beautiful. It tasted the best!
  • I roughed up the strawberry to get the juice of the berry to really infused with the Prosecco. I only used a few drops of the lime juice.
  • The mint is was what really kicked the drink up a notch!
  • This is the perfect drink to impress your friends during spring!
  • This drink was also my first post to get 100 “likes” on Instagram!
  • So it holds a special place in my heart.
  • I had some left over strawberries.. I sliced them and froze them to make decorative ice cubes for my remaining Prosecco

    Look how fun that is!

    I froze them in plain water.. but imagine if your freeze them fruit in Prosecco 😍🍾

    All of these cocktails can be made quickly and cheaply!

    You can throw these drinks together and call over your girls for a night of laughs and tv gossip!

    Which cocktail are you going to try this week?


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