Power of prayer (a poem)

Today I’m going to be reading a poem at Pechanga resort and casino in Temecula, Ca.

I don’t share my poetry with people because.. I fear rejection, I fear judgement but I’ve been writing poetry since I was a kid. It’s something I enjoy and I think this poem is relatable.. everyone prays.

Even if you aren’t “religious” you’ve said a prayer before.

My nana is a preacher and she’s having a prayer conference today.

She asked me to write a poem for the event.

I’ve never shared my poetry outside of church.

I’m afraid. My palms are sweaty and it’s 0327… I want to cross this hurdle. It’s side few know so here goes:

Power of prayer

Prayer is your hearts conversation with the lord, it’s your time to be open and ask what you desire.

The act of prayer itself is very humbling, you fall to your knees. Head bowed, soul vulnerable and you speak from the heart.

You unplug from the world, fall to you knees and connect with God.

With your soul bare, you begin to speak.. I can’t speak for all but when I am speaking to God.. the first thing I do is give “thanks” once I do that the flood gates open..

I’m thankful for life, my life, your life.. the life of the people I’ll meet the next moment.. the life of the people I’ll meet the next day.

I pray for the life of people I’ll never meet.

That their prayers are answered too. I pray about the things they’re too ashamed to speak of.. I pray God answers those prayers too. I pray someday they find the strength to speak.

Sometimes my prayers make me gitty as I close my eyes and give thanks for the food in my fridge.

I remember the times I stressed about food now I’m thankful for the food I have to cook just for fun.

I thank God for the prayers answered.

Some of you sitting in these seats are my answered prayers and when your name crosses my mind.. I give thanks.

I give thanks for the bad times too.. the allow me to appreciate the good times now.

I take a deep breathe and thank God my lungs and the air, that is filling them and the fact my mind can comprehend the word “air” when I think it.

I remember there was a time.. I would pray “please God.. don’t wake me up, I don’t think I have the strength to do this again. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow. I’m tired of being everyone’s burden”

I thank God he didn’t answer that prayer.

I remember falling to my knees. Tears in eyes, and pain in my heart so deep I prayed to lord “God, make it so I can never love again. Stop my heart. I never want to feel like this?! Why is this love? If this is love.. never let me love.. Take my heart Lord”

I thank God he never let me feel whatever that was again.. I thank God he allowed me to feel true love and see the past wasn’t love but an experience.

Sometimes you have to have “experiences” to understanding that’s not love..

I thank God for the test of faith.. I failed more times than I can count but the minute I learned what faith was all those prayers came true..

You see the power of prayer is in the content and intent of the conversation.

The conversation is always between you and the Lord but just like all conversations there are times you want to listen because it’s exactly what you want to hear, but some conversations don’t go your way so you shy away all together, become angry and cease to pray.

That’s not the way to grow. That’s not the way to communicate.

We’re all adults here. We should be able to handle adult conversations. Conversations aren’t always going to be pretty.

Prayer is your truth.. maybe YOU can’t handle the truth? Maybe you can’t handle your own truth.

Prayer is your communication with the Lord and everyday you have to communicate..

Think about it, you communicate with your friends, be they real or virtual, you communicate with people you’ll never meet again take a moment to be vulnerable and connect with your best friend.

The friend that wakes you up every day.

Tap into the power of your words.

Prayer is words, words have power.

The power of prayer in you words.. and the actions you take after you have said those words.

what do you have to say to the lord today?

Thank you

This poem is my experience with prayer the last couple years. I’m not a religious person. I have my beliefs. I’m strong in my faith. I’m very spiritual. I believe in a lot of things but one thing I really believe in is praying. So the inspiration wasn’t hard to come by.

Well it’s weird sharing my poetry. Sooo yeah just gonna leave this here and try to go back to bed lol

If you read it.. thank you. I appreciate you.. I’ll be reading this around noon today.. so say a little prayer for me.

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