Batmom’s Bookshelf: 5 books you must read NOW!

I don’t know if you know this about me but I’m an avid and prolific reader. 🧐

I love books! I always have, book can take you journey, teach you something new, make you laugh make you cry.

They fill you with so much wonder.

Lately I’ve been really into books that help me step up photography and Instagram game. I’ve been really into photography books and Instagram growth books.

I also can’t resist a good self help read.. or anything fun.. bottom line when it comes to books I am WEAK!!

If I see a book that sparks my interest I GOTTA HAVE IT!

It’s so bad I have to put myself on a book budget!😅

Today I’m going to tell you about 5 books you HAVE to read if your a blogger, photographer.. if you’re a human with a pulse you need to read my suggestions!

I’m so excited let’s get started!

“Capture your style” By Aimee Song

Aimee Song is an icon. Point blank period.

Aimee song is a style blogger with over 5 million Instagram followers!

That statistic alone made me want to buy her book.

I first learned of Aimee from the “Girl Boss Radio” podcast.

Aimee song is self taught! That’s why I love her!

She worked a full time job, went to school and in her spare time she studied magazines at Barnes and Noble because she couldn’t afford to purchase them.

Aimee had this hunger that dripped through my speakers and bit me!

She wasn’t sugar coating her journey.

She wasn’t just spouting off inspirational quotes. She spitting FACTS!

She was a girl from L.A that just wanted out of L.A.

She left L.A to San Francisco with nothing but a desire to know more and dream.

What I loved about her interview she wasn’t forcing her NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING BOOK onto readers.

She was just sharing her truth.

Telling her story and it inspired me so much.

She was giving actionable steps. She shared stories that showcased her vulnerability.

Aimee is more than just an instablogger, she’s a multi million dollar business.

She can from humble beginnings and worked her way into being an icon.

I instantly became a fan.

I couldn’t sleep one night.

When I can sleep I read. I want to learn more about Instagram growth and photography for own blogging career.

I searched for Aimee’s book “Capture your style” because I was curious to see what kind of tips she would provide.

She has over 5 million followers. I was dying to see her tips.

Once I started reading I couldn’t pick the book down.

I found myself immediately inspired!

I picked up my camera and started exploring my own home!

Aimee tells you what apps to purchase, how to pose in your photos.

She teaches you to plan your feed, how to take inviting pictures of your food.

“Capture your style” by Aimee song is a must if your looking to step up your Instagram game.

I couldn’t get over the hump of 2280 followers.

After one weekend of following Aimee’s steps I finally pushed through and hit 2300!

I learned to use my feed to tell a story.

Aimee teaches you step by step how to build your platform.

“Capture your style” is pure gold.

I got my copy on my kindle for about $10.

What I really loved about this book is you don’t have to be a “style blogger” or “fashion blogger” to apply these steps and grow your account.

“Capture your Style” teaches you angles, teaches you how to reach out to brands, how to use your Instagram as a business tool and how to simply use to showcase you life in a more interesting fashion.

I learned you don’t have to be jetting to Milan to have in beautiful Instagram feed.

You just need great photos and story your followers want to engage with.

It’s not enough to just have pretty clothing and pictures you need to learn to own your story and tell you story.

“Capture your style” teaches you to do just that. That’s what I really enjoyed. It was so motivating and real.

I learned so many tips I couldn’t wait to try them all out.

“Capture your style” was written in 2016 and Aimee has a follow up book called “World of Style”

I think this book is more of look book than a text book but I’ll investigate that another time!

Next up is another Instagram styling book that really help to push me as a photographer last month.

“Styling for Instagram” by Leela Cyd

One day I was at Barnes and Noble looking for books about blogging. I LOVE to learn about blogging.

There’s so many ways to educate yourself. Sometimes just going into a bookstore is refreshing.

I saw “Styling for Instagram” by Leela Cyd.

I was instantly captivated! I loved the cover! I dove inside and loved the content as well.

Leela Cyd is lifestyle and food photographer from Santa Barbara California. She has over 50k Instagram followers.Her Instagram feed is just like candy for your eyes.

I started reading “Styling for Instagram” by Leela Cyd and I was inspired from the start!

Leela includes these homework’s activities for you to do as a photographer.

Things like lay on the ground and take a shot to change the prospective on your Instagram feed.

I was so annoying this week.. my family was sick of this book because I kept saying..


(They didn’t see my vision or understand I’m trying to keep it fresh for my followers 🤣 they wouldn’t let me be great!)

There was on secretion that encourages the reader to be a tourist in their town.

That was my favorite!

I started to really pay attention to the world around me and find beauty just in the streets.

I saw every outing as a chance to capture the beauty around me.

I purchased “Styling for Instagram” to step up my food photography game and to be honest since I purchase the book I haven’t taken many pictures of food..

I’ve been taking pictures of everything and looking closer for the stories behind the photos.

Another cool feature of the book is Leela introduces you to other Instagram users that have stunning photography and instagram feeds as well.

I turned to page 154 of Leela exquisites book and found LaTonya Yvette.

Latoya’s page blew me away… I began instalking immediately…LaTonya is a blogger, stylist, activist and mother. Her feed moved me because her children looked so much like mine when they were younger.

( I love Love, Food, and pretty babies 🤷🏾‍♀️ her page clicked all the boxes and I was in a LaTonya Yvette rabbit hole for HOURS!)

While stalking I learned Latonya was writing a book!

(Look how stalker I am 🤣🤣🤣)

I pre-orders Latonya’a Book “Woman Of color” because of Leela’s book “Styling for Instagram”

I knew if Leela’s book had pulled me out of my shell creatively and forced me to photograph beauty.. I just knew LaTonya’s book was going to make my mind and eyes explode!

I carry Leela Cyd’s book with me in my backpack where ever I go.

It’s become a reference guide when I need inspiration for for my Instagram feeds!

“Styling for Instagram” really helped to guide me a creative.

I couldn’t put the book or my camera down.

What I love about the book is you don’t have to have a DSLR.. the book is for smartphone photographers!

That made me love the book.

I shoot with my camera

I shoot with a Canon T6 Rebel.

However 80% of my shots are with my phone:

Smartphone photography pays the bills 🤷🏾‍♀️

However ..I want to grow and learn my DSLR (Hence the million books about photography)

The next few books aren’t textbook but more in the vein of self help, memoir-ish books so here goes!

“Woman of Color” by Latonya Yvette

LaTonya Yvette is my shero! She’s literally everything I want to be when I grow up 🤣

She’s a New York mommy blogger that I’m sure will be a New York Times Best Seller in no time.

I read her book in less than 2 hours.

Not because it’s short, but because the words and her story resonated with me.

Latonya shares her struggles being a black woman, raising biracial children, being in an interracial marriage.

Latonya discusses colorism, gives natural hair tips, teaches you to style 7 pieces of clothing 4 ways.

The books was just phenomenal!

In “Woman of color” Latonya shares stories that reminded me so much of my life with my oldest daughter I just became elated looking that photos.

LaTonya shared real photos.

Beautiful, raw photos.

You feel like you’re at home with a friend reading this book.

What I loved about “Woman of color” is it sparked so many conversations in my mind.

“Woman of color” shows you truth. Raw truth, beautiful truth.

I loved “Woman of color” so much I made my first review on Amazon.

I was just that moved.

I love reading the stories of black bloggers because I just don’t see them enough.

I want to see writers that look like me so I know I can make it too.

I’m writing my first book so I was drawn to anyone writing their first book, but I was so drawn to Latonya because our stories are similar.

It just gave me hope seeing her face and reading her book.

LaTonya’s book showed me the beauty in motherhood and owning who you are why that’s beautiful.

This is definitely a must read.

I have the shortest attention span on earth and this book kept me hooked and motivated.

It’s visually stunning. You’ll definitely enjoy this read.

I got my copy on kindle $10.99.

“Next Level Basic” by Stassi Schroeder

I am a Vanderpump UBER FAN!

I write about the show Vanderpump Rules Season 7 episode 1 recap: I’m vanderpumped Jax put a ring on it

I’ve been to Sur:

I wear wear my James Mae sweater because Ariana wore a James Mae sweater.

You get the idea…

When Stassi announced she was writing a book I didn’t care what the book was about I was going to buy it!

In the very first episode of the season Stassi was open about the struggles of writing a book..

(I felt that with my whole heart.. I’m currently writing my first book.. it’s not easy😅)

I pre-ordered Stassi’s book and counted the days till

my packing was going to arrive.. to say I was excited is an understatement!

When the book arrived I was THRILLED!

I had to enjoy it at Starbucks, while blogging.. I felt like I had to do all “the basic” things in order to read

“Next Level Basic”

This books is really fun. It’s like having Stassi Schroeder in your purse giving you all kinds of advice.

Stassi talks about sex, how to be a “girls-girl” and to embrace your inner “Basic bitch”

What I liked about this book is it encourages you to embrace who you are.

If you’re Basic.. be the best “Basic bitch” you can be!

Embrace that don’t change it.

“Next Level Basic” teaches how to take a selfie, how to get over a break up..

It’s a really great read.

I’ve watched Stassi since the first episode of the show. She’s always been my favorite character because she throws the all the shade and she’s so gorgeous.

I love her realness. Love it or hate it she’s is who she is and that what I’ve loved about her in the show.

What I loved about the “Next Level Basic” is this shows what Stassi is beyond the camera’s.

Stassi’s dream was to be on reality tv. She was know as “Bossy Stassi” growing up.. I can relate.. not to reality tv being my dream but I know what it’s like to be bossy with a wild dream.

I loved that “Next Level Basic” was so unapologetic and full of little juicy tidbits about the cast of Vanderpump.

If you love Vanderpump and Stassi then you have to read “Next Level Basic”

Last book on the list!!!

“You are a bad ass every day” by Jen Sincero

I am a huge fan of Jen Sincero. One of the very first books I ever reviewed on the blog was her book “You are a bad ass at making money”

Reading Jen Sincero books changed my life.

I’ve read all three of her books and whenever I’m a space creatively where I can’t create.

I listen to podcast episodes featuring Jen Sincero as the guest.

One podcast mentioned she has a book that was basically a manifestation tool.

I’m all about the law of attraction and manifestation.

(I write about the topics often here on the blog.

5 tips to manifest whatever you want FASTER!)

Just knowing this book was a tool I was excited!

The book is not like the previous traditional novels.

It’s a tiny book you keep in you bag and read daily.

I read it either in the morning or before bed.

The pages are short and power packed!

I tend to find the book giving me advice on what I’m going through at the moment.

It’s so powerful. “You are a bad ass every day” gives you motivational tips, meditation tips, and manifestation tips in one little book.

I’ve enjoyed the spiritual growth I’ve experienced from the “You are a bad ass every day”

I often times read it out loud to my family or people I think the information could help.

I picked up “You are a bad ass everyday” at target for about $20.

It was worth every penny.

I read that some people complain that book is short.. it’s powerful and small.

It’s broken down into small actions you can take daily to lift your vibe and stay positive.

I love this book!

If you follow me on Ig and twitter I post sections of the book just about daily.

It’s truly one of my favorites.


That’s what’s on my book shelf.. what’s on yours?

What are some books you’ve been dying to read? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading ✌🏾


  1. Hey lady! Thanks for sharing your book recommendations! I too am an avid reader and lately I’m loving lots of YA fiction and memoirs. I need to get into more photography books because I’m trying to step my blog/social media photography up. I have a Canon Rebel 6, but I take most of my pics with my phone. I’m trying to do better! Thank you for all the inspiration. I’ve read Aimee Song’s Capture Your Style, but I still need to get familiar with the others.

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for the comment! I loved those books. I love take Pics with both i need to read more memoirs I know they are juicy lol


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