My June RocksBox

Before I begin I have to let you know this post is sponsored by RocksBox jewelry and contains affiliate links.

(If you happen to make a purchase I receive a small commission. You are not obligated to purchase or click the links.. I am obligated to let you know they’re there 🤗)

Now that that’s out the way let’s talk about this jewelry!

What is Rocksbox jewelry?

RocksBox is a monthly jewelry subscription box.

To get started you create a style profile. You input your likes and dislikes.

One of the first questions ask if you prefer gold jewelry or silver.

I selected to be surprised monthly with each package because I really want to explore all facets of the service.

Once you create a profile, you then create a wishlist made up of 30 pieces.

You choose the designers you want to wear and RocksBox will send you 3 pieces from your wishlist each month.

RocksBox Jewelry

It’s honestly like Christmas in the mail!

These aren’t names you don’t know! These are the designers I dream about wearing!

Designers like The late great Kate SpadeKate Spade Earrings

Kate Spade Earrings

And Aster Jewelry

You select pieces you want to try! That really means a lot to me.

A lot of these subscription boxes just throw things in box and hope you like it! Not with RocksBox! You truly feel as if you’re a part of your styling process.

You’re sent emails about your selection and RocksBox even ask if you have an suggestions or events that you need the pieces for.

This service is absolutely brilliant.

The best part is.. you get to try the jewelry before you buy!

RocksBox is luxury jewelry rental!

YES!Jewelry rental, try before you buy!

I love a great a deal.. and that’s a great deal!

What you don’t keep it you simply send it back in the box sent to you with the a return label.

You aren’t charged for the pieces you don’t like.

You report the pieces you don’t like in a survey provided and you never see it again🤷🏾‍♀️

It’s genius!

If you decide to try RocksBox use the code “Batmom85xoxo” at check out you get ONE MONTH FREE!

Once you’re a member of RocksBox You are under no obligation to purchase the jewelry!

You wear the pieces you like as long as you like and send them back.

You can purchase the pieces you absolutely love, when I did with a few pieces.

The pieces very reasonably priced if you do decide to purchase the pieces you can’t live without.

Those Kate Spade earrings were only $33!

I couldn’t live without them.. I used my $21 credit on them!

That’s another really amazing benefit of RocksBox, at the beginning of the month you get a credit toward your purchases!

Every single month you receive a $21 monthly credit! It’s fabulous!

The Kate Spade pieces were delivered in my May RocksBox and I loved them!

What I love about RocksBox is you have the ability to freedom of choice and the creative pieces.

I love wearing pieces that draw attention without being too gawdy.

Conversational elegance. Rocking has plenty of playful statement pieces to select for your wishlist.

I can’t believe how inexpensive the service is!

It’s only $21 and you can keep the pieces as long as you want.. I’m serious.. check the site!

For $21 you get to keep the jewelry as long as you’d like!

That’s amazing!

I couldn’t wait for my June box to arrive and when it did I was so thrilled!

June RocksBox

In June I received 3 magnificent pieces.

This Gorgeous “xo” pendant by designer Sophie Harper:

and my favorite piece this Sepertine cuff by Slate

It was the piece that got the most attention when I wore it and when I posted photos of the piece online.

It’s a conversation piece for sure.

I think that’s why it’s my favorite.

Next up the “Viola” drops created by Aster Jewelry.

This box was all silver so I wore a little black dress to make them stand out!

I’m not a huge fan of silver.. but that’s fine..

I simply noted that in my profile when I sent the pieces I didn’t like.

I did LOVE that serpentine cuff.. it was my favorite piece of them all so far it made me feel so fierce!

Lake Elsinore California

How long did it take RocksBox to arrive?

Once I selected the pieces for my wishlist I received an email my package was on its way and within about 2 days I had my jewelry. Which I though was incredible!

Also when you return the pieces you aren’t keeping RocksBox sends you an email and that was around 2 days turnaround as well.

Everything was very quick, smooth easy to select and it was very easy to track my package.

RocksBox really covers all the bases and they answer any questions you have in regards to shipping immediately.

How much is RocksBox Jewelry?

RocksBox is $21 a month. That’s less than what I used to spend a month at Starbucks!

(it’s way less than my Thrifting budget, my last post was bout our $25 Thrifting challenge… RocksBox is cheaper THAN THAT!👉🏾 Phat Life/ Skinny Budget: Thrifting, eco friendly fun! 😅)

I’m a frugal fashionista, I love fashion, but I also want to stay within my means and RocksBox allows me to do that.

In reality I partnered with RocksBox because $21 is something I can manage within my budget for accessories!

DESIGNER accessories at that!

I love Kate Spade.. the promise of Kate Spade every month.. I couldn’t pass it up! SIGN ME UP!

I took one look at the site and shouted “TAKE MY MONEY!”

This service is perfect for women like me who love to shop, but don’t have the time and really don’t want to haggle prices for a nice accessories.

I have really enjoyed the last two boxes I received and I can’t wait for the next!

Don’t forget..If you use the code “Batmom85xoxo” at checkout you will get one month of FREE jewelry✌🏾

Do you have a favorite subscription box? Let me know in the comments below🤗


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