Phat life/Skinny budget: $5.99 blouse 5 ways!

I’ve been on a thrifting kick all summer long!

I made a mood board in the beginning of summer and set out to find fashions and looks similar to my mood board.

I was going for a fun, quirky, vintage vibe for summer.

Pieces I could wear out to brunch and just hanging with the family on weekends.

The fam and I have been checking out thrift stores all over SoCal and it’s been so much fun.

I love fashion but I’m a mama on a budget.

I want to look to stylish and not break the bank so I’m an avid thrift store shopper.

In my first “Phat life/Skinny” budget post I found this amazing navy blue vintage blouse.

I love the look of the blouse but what I loved most was the price! $5.99! Can you believe it!

The detail around the collar alone in my opinion was worth more than $5.99 but I didn’t it question it.

I thanked the thrifting gods and kept on shopping.

I only purchase an item if I can see myself styling it 3-4 ways with clothing I already own.

My goal is purchase very few pieces during the year. My family and I are minimalist we try not to own more than we need but I also want to remain fashionable.

I tend to look for pieces that are timeless.

Certain vintage pieces just never go out of style and this was one of them.

As soon as I saw it.. I fell in love 😍

I knew right away that shirt could be paired with many so options! My head was just dancing with ideas for accessories, shoes! I loved this blouse HARD!

I started out styling the blouse with a pair of high waisted dark denim jean shorts by “wild fable” from Target.

I know, I know.. you’re typically not “supposed” to wear dark colors in summer but.. I do what I want🤷🏾‍♀️ you only get one life.. if you want to dark colors in summer.. WEAR DARK COLORS IN SUMMER.

I’ve decided this is summer blouse because it’s a sheer top.

The material is very light and breathable.

I was shocked because normally blouses made of that material hold in head and cause perspiration but not this blouse!

It’s perfect for summer play!

Next I wore styled the blouse with favorite pair of lace shorts and quirky pair of sneakers!

Next, I decided to wear the blouse the blouse with lighter shorts to soften the shirt and bring out the collar and detail around the sleeves.

I really wanted the white to pop! This outfit was really comfortable and cool. The shorts are also a thrifting find from my last post so I was excited to wear them together.

The finished the look with funky fun sneakers. The red white and blue just immediately make you think of summer and BBQ’s and fun!

(I wasn’t happy with my photographer.. she was trying to be wayyy to creative.. I just needed a shot of the pants 🤣)

I paired the blouse with white high waisted skinny jeans I wanted to really play up the collar again and just have a fun look.

I love a great statement bag! I picked up this bag from The Goodwill. I had been dying to wear it with something so I did!

I’m a little boho, a little vintage and nothing makes sense but it’s fashion doesn’t have to make sense! its self expression!

I threw on my SPERRY boat shoes, a pair of dark denim high waisted jeans and went for a more preppy look.

This blouse is so playful and sexy. I really loved the blouse with jeans.

My favorite look by far was when I paired this blouse with a black mini skirt.

This blouse gives you all the sexy vintage vibes when styled just right.

There’s really no wrong way to wear this blouse and that’s what I love so much.

Being a fashion lover on a budget is tough!

However finding such a stunning piece for the low really just makes it all worthwhile.

For $5.99 I really got a lot of wear of this piece and that’s what I look for.

I know this isn’t the last I’ll wear it this piece I’m actually looking forward to pairing it with a blazer in the fall who knows what’s next for my new favorite blouse.

Do you style your clothes multiple ways?

Tell me which look was your favorite in the comments🤗

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