The wedding diaries: I said ”yes” to the dress!

I’ve been planning this wedding for nearly a year… that’s so crazy!

I thought it would be easy to just run of to Vegas with family and friends and just do it!

In my head.. my family and friends get to enjoy our last weekend as an engaged couple.. we have the a time celebrate our love.. our bachelorette and bachelor party and get married..

we’ve actually run through our wedding just for fun to see what the guest experience.

I’ve had few dress trials over the course of a yea. My best friend accompanied me to one and that really helped to get me into the “bridal” spirit.

It took me awhile to get all bride like but having Ashley there that day made me feel so special. The dresses were rest too.

Believe it or not.. I’ve actually said “yes” to my dress 3 times..

The first time was this incredible pink number I found at this place in the Temecula Mall.. I loved it!

They went bankrupt 🤷🏾‍♀️

Next… I went to David’s bridal! I knew that I could find a nice dress within a decent budget.

I was drawn to a lot of classic choices for some reason. This really stood out to me. I loved the detail in the skirt.

I honestly didn’t have anything in mind, I told myself I wanted to stand out! Make an entrance..

I mean we’re getting married in Vegas after all.

I picked the ball gown…

The dress was on sale that day for 10% off or something I don’t remember.. I do remember they needed to order the dress one size up so I had to fill out some forms.

while waiting something said..

“This isn’t what you want”

I looked at everyone and said.. “I need to think about it who cares if it the sale goes.. I need to think about this”

The next day I called my nana and said “let’s wait and try another shop.. I’ll find something else. I feel like I’m just grasping at straws and I really want something beautiful not something expected.. I think that dress is expected of me.. HUGE! OVER THE TOP!.. it’s beautiful but it’s not the one”

My nana agreed. She loved the dress on me but she didn’t think it was worth the price.

The next weekend we too Christy’s dress to get it altered.

I was talking the seamstress about how I had such an easy time finding the girl’s dresses, but I couldn’t find my own.

She told me about a Bridal warehouse in Temecula. She said “it’s just a plain warehouse, but you’ll find designer gowns at discount prices”

I did a google search and made an appointment.

I met Miss Bonnie is basic warehouse.. the warehouse was lined wall to wall with dresses.

Bonnie sized up and took me to the dresses that fit my chest🤣 I had the chance to pick 5 dresses.. I picked this one to try on because it reminded me of game of thrones.

The second dress I picked was my dress.. I’m not going to show you that here!!

But I became emotional when I tried on the dressed I picked.

I asked the price and Bonnie and was soo shocked how low it was. My dress for the big day is originally from Jasmine Bridal.

But I found it in a WAREHOUSE! I still can’t believe it! I had so much fun trying on dresses leading up to the big day.

The dress I had the most fun trying on was this one…

I felt like Sansa Stark🤣

I had loved this part of the wedding planning! I love dresses. I love spending time bonding with my girls.

I actually really enjoyed David’s Bridal because of the whole experience you get at a store.

I loved seeing other brides walk in and you can feel their excitement. The day I was there the two other brides were October brides just like me.

I loved the energy and the romance of it all.

I had the time of my life dress shopping. I felt like a princess and I loved sharing those moments with my family.

My nana, my great grandmother and my daughters were there and it was just really beautiful to have that support for my day.

My wedding dress is alterations at the moment… which is probably why I’m writing this… I miss my dress!

I’m ready to see it again!

I picked a dress I can have altered into a cocktail dress for our first anniversary and beyond. I wanted my dress to be used more than once.. my dress satisfies that and I’m excited🙌🏾

well that’s all for now can’t wait until I can actually show you the dress🤣

Which dress did you like the best? Let me know in the comments.


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