Phat life skinny Budget: At home spa day

The girls and I decided to have an at home spa day!

I had the idea of doing a beauty haul at the .99 cent store but I didn’t find much.

I was able to find some foot soaking crystals and a mixture of oils of our hot oil natural hair treatments.

I was pretty tried from the work week and I just didn’t feel like searching for supplies at any more stores to be honest🤷🏾‍♀️

Besides I knew we pretty much had everything we needed to have a mini spa day home right under the sink.

We didn’t need a high spa.. I have foot massager, hot oils and mimosas for me! I was ready to home and get started! Brooke and I already had an array of facial scrubs and mask by Freeman Beauty at the house, we didn’t have to do much to throw together a quick spa day.

(This is not sponsored.. we’ve been using Freeman Beauty products for years this is just my opinion of the products)

We started out at home spa day right! We hydrated ourselves with lemon water prior to treatment.

I let the girls use wine glasses to feel for luxurious.. Christy used a plastic tumbler.

She was just happy to be apart of our spa day.

We used the foot soak from the .99 cent store in our little personal pedicure machine.

Christy made sure her dinosaurs “Purple” and “Green” were pampered as well.

After we enjoyed a prolonged soak in the foot massager we gave ourselves manicures and pedicures and with the nails polish we already had at the house.

Next we moved on to skincare!

Brooklyn is great with her skincare. She’s got like a 90 step routine.. it’s insane!

I figured this spa day would be a chance for me to score a few quick skin care tips from Brooke.

I wanted to get right with my skin before the wedding.

Good makeup starts with good skin care.

I cleansed my face with Freeman Beauty charcoal mask and let it dry skin air dry.

Then I applied the destress mask because… I need my skin to destress!

The mask needed about 15 minutes… that was enough time for me to enjoy a little mimosa.

When my face starts to feel like stone I know it’s time to rinse.

Next I used the sweet tea lemon clay peel off mask by Freeman Beauty and it was TIGHT!

While giving myself a facial I prepared my hair for a hot oil treatment. I’m trying to take better care of my natural hair.

I actually really liked the sweet tea and lemon mask. I personally felt like I saw a lot gunk leave my pores when I looked at the mask.. (gunk probably isn’t the correct term but yeah… there was some gunk!)

I think seeing Brooke and I with face mask.. Christy felt like her Dino needed one too.

Christy gave “Purple” the dinosaur a facial as well.. she’s a gentle esthetician.

after all the pedicures, manicures, facials and hair treatments we just relaxed on the couch.

I like having spa day at home because number one.. it cost virtually nothing to use beauty products you have at home and pamper yourself.

I like to instill in my girls it okay to hit pause on the weekend and just take care of you. I don’t want them to grow up feeling guilty for taking time to just care for themselves and know one else.

I also want them to know it’s ok to care about the way you look just because it makes YOU feel good.

I also love bonding with my girls and getting the opportunity to pamper them and give them little foot rubs.

They learn the importance of self care from me I get a few beauty tips from Brooke and I get a pedicure with Christy’s Dinosaurs.. everybody wins.

In order to look your best, you have to feel you best. In order to feel you best you have to spend time taking care of yourself.

Head to toe.

Self care and spa therapy does not have to be thousands dollars.

You can spend $5 on a Freeman Beauty mask at Walmart, pop a cheap bottle of champagne, run a hot bath and feel like a million bucks.

I had the most relaxing weekend after just taking a few moments to cater to myself and enjoy doing so.

You can easily do what I did the girls.

Take $20-$30 head to the dollar tree, Walmart or target (Target has a exceptional travel beauty and skin care section) buy yourself a feel products and just indulge in yourself.

When was the last time you had an home spa day? What are some of your favorite budget skin care products?

Let me know in the comments 🤗


  1. Yes, I love this! Self care does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Simply putting aside an hour or so to focus on yourself is amazing! I love how your little one pampered the dinos!

    Liked by 1 person

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