Phat life/ Skinny Budget: $5 fashion

I’ve been really lucky this summer find great deals while thrifting. I found this really cute vintage romper at Goodwill in Murrieta California for only $4.99!

I found it on sale and I loved everything about it! I’m fan of sunflowers.. I know this a daisy print dress but I mean.. close enough🤷🏾‍♀️

I the romper actually has cute little detailing in the front they makes it look like a mock skort.

I love that this piece can actually be dressed up or down. I was heading out for a fairly causal day in 102 degree wear so I wanted to be as cool as possible and this romper really kept me cool, comfortable and cute!

I decided to carry one of Brooke’s handbags actually.

I was a littler worried about carrying such as small bag because I’m used to carrying a huge backpack or a diaper bag.

I wanted to be cute! This purse reminds me of carefree afternoon and that’s exactly the mood I was trying to convey.

We found this purse back in July when we took a little thrifting trip to find out for summer outfits. This little bag just went perfectly with the carefree vibe I was trying to create.

The cut of this romper, the flounce of the detail and the wrap around my hair made me feel a bit like Carmen Miranda. I was dancing in the mirror on way out the door I was so happy with my $10 outfit.

I made my head wrap by cutting a small strip out of a larger head wrap I often wear. I was just trying something new with look. Trying to have a little fun. I enjoyed it!

I’m so happy I finally got a chance to wear some of the things I found over summer. I hate when you buy something and it just sits in your closet.

I actually had an amazing time.. this romper was great for chasing 3 year olds.

I wore my outfit to a birthday party for my dear friend Sylvia’s son.

we met a Dinosaur but Christy was NOT having it.. Sylvia has the best parties! Every year there is some cool surprise . It’s honestly my favorite party to attend every year.. so much love in one room it’s really beautiful.

I love wearing the fashions I love with the people I love. Next I’m going to bringing this romper into fall by adding a long mustard colored sweater and black booties.

I really love this romper. I only buy an item if I can see myself styling it 3-4 ways and this romper is actually a piece I can style multiple ways.

The goodwill Murrieta seems to be my go to place for finding great bargains.

I’ve been on the hunt for my fall pieces.

I’m looking for more green, more mustard tones and I’m even trying some orange 😍

Do you get happy when you find a good bargain AND you actually wear it? I hope I’m not the only one🤣🤣


    • Thank you sooo much! Oh yeah I can be super patient when it comes to thrift stores its like treasure hunting. Brooke and I make vision board for our aesthetic so we know the vibe before we walk in and we aim for labels some time we find great ones some times we just find super cute things for the low lol thank you for reading made my day ❤️

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  1. Looks pretty and that’s great that it was only $4.99! 🙂 Nice summery style, and as you say you can take it into autumn. When I was a pre-teen/teenager I had some flowered shorts from a charity stop (thrift store) that I wore all the time.


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