Phat life/Skinny budget: $2 skirt for the win

My church outfit was inspired by style blogger and fashion icon Bryanboy.

I couldn’t sleep the night before. I was up scrolling twitter. I’ve been following Bryanboy since before social media existed.

I’ve followed him since 2007/8 and my dear friend Perez Hilton since early 2006. I idolized them. Bryanboy started his blogging from his parent home in Manila and NOW he’s a front row staple at fashion week.. They were rockstars in my eyes, they wrote for a living and lived a lifestyle I dreamed of at 21/22 years old.

They remain my little escape. I was scrolling in sweet, sweet silence when I saw this tweet by Bryanboy:

I responded:


I screamed!

I woke up Chris..🤷🏾‍♀️ I quickly quickly explained I wasn’t dying.. that Bryanboy retweeted me with 3 heart emojis… I was in heaven!!

I was actually up reading blogs and scrolling for inspiration so that tweet was like a nod from the fashion God to keep thrifting, keep styling what I already have in my closet and keep blogging about it!

Phat life/ Skinny Budget: $5 fashion

I’ve been paying subtle homage to Bryanboy for many years and I don’t think too many people caught on:

So Sunday morning I decided to take my Pink Crocodile Michael Kors handbag off the shelf and strut with my purse out like Bryanboy right into Sunday morning service.

I also needed an excuse to really wanted to wear this $2 skirt my nana found for me.

A lot of my fashion is clearance finds from my nana, thrifting and gifting.

I very rarely shop for myself and when I do.. I have to be able to find 3 ways to wear the item.

The skirt is a first time wear but I’ve have a great summer in this blouse I found at Burlington Coat Factory for $5.99!

Brayboy is sooo right there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing something over and over.. and over again.

If you love it … find a way to wear again!

You don’t have to own a million pieces to be considered fashionable.

It’s what you do with the pieces that you own.

You also don’t have to pay tons of money to have style!

That’s why I love thrifting!

You can find great treasures for next to nothing.

I know that $2 skirt is going to make another appearance I really like the cut and detail in the skirt.. I found these really cool Aerospostale booties at this awesome little thrift store called Second Hand Treasures that would look pretty cool with that skirt..

Fall is coming and all that skirt really needs is a cozy long sweater or cool statement blazer with a scarf to make it fun and fall ready!

My church outfit was great not only my blouse add little pops of color add life to a muted skirt and nude Steve Madden pumps, the skirt ended being up a lovely pillow for the girls during church service.

Not a bad gig for a $2 skirt.

Have I inspired you to go thrifting or shake your closet for a new look or two🤗

Let me know in the comments..


  1. I love it! I fangirled for you when I saw he retweeted. I would love if someone I looked up to for so long even acknowledged me!
    Also I totally agree, you shouldn’t be made fun of for wearing the same thing you know? Also who knows, maybe that person even has like 5 pairs of those pants and 5 of those same shirts because they loved them?
    Whenever I get a new outfit or even just a new shirt and its comfy or cute; I want to wear it all the time! Haha so I definitely repeat my clothes a lot.

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