Phat Life/ Skinny Budget: Brooke and I had 12 minutes to thrift

After Brooke and I left the party we attended in the post 👉🏾 Phat life/ Skinny Budget: $5 fashion

We were EXHAUSTED 😩 BUT something in me wanted to go thrifting!

The wedding is next month, fall is coming and I was looking for any excuse to get in there and just search for the pieces I had on my mind.

For fall I’m really trying to incorporating more skirts, and sweaters into my look. I’m really out to find a pair of light denim high waisted jeans.

Their so versatile and I need them to break up the monotony of my dark denim high waisted jeans.

I’m a minimalist but I love fashion. I try to stick to thrifting because it’s more sustainable for the planet.

I try to pair thrifted pieces with the items I already own at home. I tend to wear a lot for the same things over an over and simply add a new sweater or style the items completely different by simply adding shoes from the thrift store. I own so many T-Shirts. A lot of them have sentimental value. I attest attempt to dress them up and bring them into adulthood for I donate them.

Last season I was really proud that invested in a pair of dark denim high waisted jeans. I need a pair of light to just balance out my wardrobe. This belt is an essential fall accessory for me!! I’ve been searching for it and found one super cheap!

The belt kind sparked a shopping gremlins in me though! Now, I want jeans, skirts, shorts and dresses to pair it with for fall. That belt was a gateway drug to fashion.

These vintage satchels and over the boots are items I dream of finding while shopping:

I have A LOT of clothing I’m just looking for a few pieces to elevate my wardrobe.

I’m turning 35 in a few months and I just want to have more fun with my fashion. I’ve started to dress up on my days off and it’s been fun to share my fashion and weekend life here on the blog, you can expect to see more of that!

In addition to fall fashion hunting, in looking for pieces to wear for my Vegas wedding weekend (Batmom gets married: Our Treasure Island Las Vegas Wedding run through)

I have a few looks in mind:

I like to make little vision boards so I get the vibe of what I’m looking for before I shop.. plus I get excited I mean what if I actually find some of the pieces I’m searching for!

Brooke and I both got excited think about thrifting I looked at the clock at was 4:30pm.. on a Saturday.

I’m never listening to Brooke about the time of day a store closes again…

My dear oldest child said “Yeah mom.. I go here all the time this place closes at 6:30pm on Saturday’s and it’s 50% there”

The place was Second Hand Treasures in Murrieta.

We Walked in and the woman behind the counter said

“You have 12 minutes!”

I said in a sarcastic tone “Oh, ok someone told me this place closes at 6:30pm on weekends” I gestured at Brooke.

The lady behind the counter didn’t find me amusing she sternly said “She’s wrong!”

I could tell those ladies wanted to go home.. we shopped fast!

we found 5 pieces for $23.00!

Many of the pieces I found I can style for fall and possibly Vegas!

I can totally see this skirt with a fun blouse, cardigan and ankle boots!I just love the bright color of the skirt! It’s probably going to make a lot of appearances around Christmas time!

We were so fortunate to find these pieces 50% off! I love the little peekaboo split on the side it’s a nice little detail. The skirt is also very comfortable and form fitting.

It may make a Vegas appearance.

This skirt is one that Brooke is going to steal.. all the time🙄

I can see this with a black camisole and a blazer.. this skirt is going to be fun to style! It was a steal at $3! It’s from forever 21… decent find.

These Aeropostale booties were the find of the day for me.

I can see these with rolled up boyfriend jeans, a vintage T and black. I can see these with a skirt! I can see sooo many options. I had to have them for the just $4 it was a bit of steal!

Brooke found a handbag. We needed more time to really get in there and find the thing on our fall vision board.

I’m super excited about the pieces I did find! I think there’s a lot I can do with a lot of these pieces! I’m excited about fall and switching up my fashion for the season.

I honestly think we did really well all things considered…

Brooke is fired from knowing store times🤣

Have you started your fall closet overhaul? What pieces are you looking for to spruce wardrobe?

Also how did you think we did for 12 minutes of shopping?


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