Phat life/ Skinny Budget: I finally used this Charming Charlie handbag

I have a closet full of handbags that I never use anymore.

I go through these phases where I just get complacent with fashion.. I get too busy, don’t have time, I mean it’s really easy to do when you’re super busy mom, but fashion is fun.. it’s my outlet and I love it.

I love styling thrifted find and cool things I find on clearance. I forget I have plenty of accessories and clothing to wear and style at some!

I was organizing the house and caught a glimpse of this beautiful purple handbag from Charming Charlie. Chris picked me up a Purple handbag and a black handbag for my birthday a couple years ago and I never used it!

I kept saving for a great purple moment in my life.. but that purple moment never came🤷🏾‍♀️

I started wearing my Steve Madden Backpack for work and play and it became my “thing”Backpacks are easier or me to carry all my blogging equipment,snacks for Christy, extra chargers.. backpacks are LIFE!

I have to admit I did miss the feel of a classic handbag.

Something just told me to show that handbag some love and take it out on the town to run errands with me for the day.I actually loved it! It was so colorful and vibrant! I think I smiled a little more because I looked down and saw a great little pop color on my arm as I ran errands. I also didn’t have to take it off my back every too seconds sooo that’s a plus!

There’s also plenty of pocket space inside the purse to store things.

This faux leather handbag is soft and just a stunning piece to own.

The tag was still on this bag 😅 it was $45. I’m not sure if it’s available anymore but I’m sure you can find it on Depop!

Also.. you’re probably going to sick of my Sparkly slides!

They’re by Madden Girl. I found them for $7.99 at Burlington! I’ve never seen a more “Shayla” shoe in my whole life.. a glam hippie shoe!

I had to have them and I’ve been living my best life in them🙌🏾

I love a good fashion find… doesn’t matter to me if it’s at Burlington, or right in my own closet.

A good fashion find just breathes life into you outfit and into your day.

Who knew a purple handbag could bring so much joy!

When’s the last time you did a closet raid and spruced up your look?

High waisted jeans: Wild Fable brand from Target

Long sleeved stripe tee: Thirfted Goodwill

Jewelry: Burlington

Shoes: Madden Girl

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