Turns out my “Twerk knee” is actually a disease.. I need surgery

I’ve been joking about my knee pain for almost year😅 I went to my dear friend Kokoa’s bday party last earlier this year.. I want to say end of January.. beginning of February. Kokoa had this amazing party at Pechanga:

We paid for bottle service.. this bottle glowed in the dark and it was GORGEOUS.. so I decided..

“I’m getting my money’s worth! I am dancing!”

I was out there twerking for my life!

The next day I couldn’t walk. I figured… “I’m old.. I don’t need to be out there twerking because I bought a bottle.. I’m toooo old”

I babied my knee.. and I started saying “oh my Twerk knee is sore!”

Well I’m unable to put direct pressure on my knee. I can’t put a lot of pressure on it’s swollen. I’m a very active person and I’ve had to modify a lot of exercises and it was getting very frustrating.

I called up my primary care and made an appointment to get some X–rays. My yearly exam was coming and figured… to it all at one time!!

I got all dressed up and went to my appointment!

My Dr informed me I have undiagnosed Osgood–Schlatter Disease I was like:

She explained that it’s a disorder typically found in adolescent boy where the knees don’t grow as they should. A bony prominence forms. Most of the time the bony prominence doesn’t affect the day to day activities but in rare occurrences it can cause pain and discomfort.

So basically I have man knees.. not even man knees.. Adolescent boy knees and my adolescent boy knees hurt!

My knee has been in pain almost a year and frankly I’m just sick of modifying my life for this knee.

I’m not one for surgery and I’m not looking forward to time off from work.. (that’s whole new ball things of worry about.)

I haven’t had the quality of life I’m used to. I can’t work out without limping or not putting pressure of the man knee.

I can’t crawl around and play with Christy. I can’t get on my knees at church.. I sit cross legged on my bottom 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️

I honestly thought it was going to be something that I go to physical therapy with but nope!

Undiagnosed chronic weird knee.

I’m not sure when this surgery is set to take place. I’m shooting for around February or March…

I’m really not looking forward to having to rehabilitate a knee. I’m not a very good patient at all. I don’t do to well with staying put in one spot. The thought alone is almost anxiety inducing.

I think this maybe the universe’s way of getting me to relax… or it may just be time for me to get my bum knee fixed.

I’m creeping up on 35 and all my parts are giving out on me 🤣

I know it’s silly but I’m pretty sad this means I’m out of heels for for quite sometime. I love heels however years of intense dance, cheerleading and rigorous, repetitive work out I’ve caused a lot of wear and tear on my knee and it’s tougher to wear heels for long periods of time, but I do it anyway.

I think after this surgery I’m going to be resigned to life of wedges, platforms, boots and ballet flats..

I mean I’ll be ok.. there are plenty of gorgeous sensible shoes out there…I keep telling myself that anyway 🤣

I’m not afraid of surgery. I trust the process and just hope I wake up and keep it on healing.

I’m afraid of healing from knee surgery with a toddler.. has anyone experienced that?

I have had knee surgery.. but it was so long ago I honestly don’t mention very much about the process at all🤔

If you have knee surgery story I’d love to hear it!


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