The wedding diaries: My bridal shower

Let me start out by saying I didn’t want a bridal shower. I figured everyone taking a weekend trip to Las Vegas to watch us say “I do” was enough! I didn’t want to be asking too much of people. I just ignored the subject of a bridal shower when my nana asked me.

September rolled around and my Nana said “You really should have a bridal shower. There are women in the church who can’t make the trip Las Vegas that have seen you and Chris and want to celebrate your marriage with you. Also you deserve it. You’re a bride you should celebrate this time! You should do something!”

I complained A LOT! I told her people don’t have time, it’s too late etc… my nana was hearing NONE of it.

My nana is a Pastor. She has a church in Temecula so she decided to throw me a little bridal shower with a few refreshments. She reached out to the ladies of the church and out to my dear friends and made it happen.

My wedding theme is “The Greatest Showman”

I loved that movie! Chris reminds me of P.T Barnum. The lead in the film played by Hugh Jackman.

In the movie P.T and Charity have nothing but their love for each other and their children. No matter the circumstances P.T always makes things magical for Charity and the girls.

Completely RELATABLE! No matter the circumstances Chris will do whatever he can to make sure the kids and I are smiling. That’s one reason I love Chris so much. He will put on a show no matter where he is to make me smile. As soon as I saw the character portrayal of P.T Barnum I cried.. it reminded me so much of Chris.

I sent my nana a few Pinterest ideas to get the vibe:

and we went to the dollar tree, Walmart and target and whipped it up.

Since we were at a church we had mock mimosas. The mock mimosas were made with sparkling cider and various juices. I really liked the apple cider and pineapple juice!

It was very small, very intimate and really beautiful.

My nana has friend pastor Dixon that had been married for 60 years. She shared advice for me and the other women at the bridal shower. I enjoyed that. 60 years is more than a lifetime. That’s the kind of marriage I want. That’s the kind of love I’m trying to achieve. I listened to everything she said and I was so grateful Pastor Dixon took time out to come celebrate with me for the afternoon.

I really liked the interaction of all the age groups. I received advice from everyone. Little Harlyn scribbled out on a card “Make sure you like your husband” we all laughed but we knew that was sound advice.

I know I will always love my husband but I have to make sure I like him as well and.. “I do”… just practicing 😏 anyways.

I was so happy to just be around my closet friends and bond.

My nana has this game where my friends had to answer questions about me.. shoe size, what school do went to, first job,,, stuff I honestly had forgetter.. not them.. 🤣 these women knew me down to my toes!

I never had a bridal shower before.

I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what to do. I was really overwhelmed by all the love well wishes and support. It felt so good to have support.

We started talking about the wedding planning and details. I’ve pretty much kept things all bottled in till I saw them at the bridal shower and mentioned details that needed beverages stronger than apple cider🤣😭 my dear Friends Ashley, Shameka and Kokoa have know me since elementary- college and adulthood.. Shameka has a wine membership and the bridal venting required wine 🍷

We wrapped up the bridal shower at the church.

I thanked my nana for reaching out to my friends because I really had a beautiful time. I’m still smiling ear to ear. I honestly didn’t want the fuss of a bridal shower, I really don’t like bugging people, but Nana knew best. I will cherish these memories and gifts forever. I will just cherish the time spent with each person forever. It’s truly a blessing to have so many people care enough about your union to want to give advice and pray for the success of your marriage.

I loved having the ladies of the church there to give me the advice I need for the future. Those women have all been married for many years, so I take heed to what they’re saying to me. I may not take every single piece of advice I’m given but I hear it and I keep it near and dear to me.

I’m really grateful my nana gave me a bridal shower.

We cleaned up the church and hit the road for Danza Del sol Winery.

We got snacks for us and snacks for the kiddos. We started with a glass of wine.. which turned into a bottle of wine as the conversation started to get GOOOOOD🙌🏾🍷🍾🎉

We talked so much about Vegas and the wedding I was ready to pack my bag and just go wait for them to show up 🤷🏾‍♀️

I am looking forward to mix of people coming to the wedding. We just talking about the guest and the activities, the rehearsals, the poolside mimosas 😍 it all made so me excited.

I really enjoyed bonding and spending sometime with my friends before the big day. We laughed and talked so much my face was sore the next day from smiling!

I had the best bridal shower ever. I’m so grateful to be surround by so many people that love and care about me for so long! I’m blessed to have the friends that I do and I’m blessed to have my nana care enough about me to throw me such a perfect shower. It was perfect for me. A little food, a few decorations, a few great people.. that’s really all you need to have a great time.

17 more days till the Vegas wedding weekend 🙌🏾 it’s going to be sooo much fun.

I saved my vacation for that time. I’m trying to relax, I’m trying to be in love, I’m trying to bond with my girls, get married and day drink in Vegas while looking cute with my whole family… I’m doing a lot that weekend… I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

I am all about bridal shower stories and wedding stories.. I told you mine.. let’s hear yours in the comments or tell me about one you’ve been to.. I love love stories 🤗

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