October Goals

It’s October first and I’m so grateful to see a new month aren’t you! I have a lot of exciting things going on in my life if you have read my recent post

👉🏾The wedding diaries: My bridal shower

You’ll see I’m getting married OCTOBER 13th🙌🏾

I’m super excited about that!

Maybe that energy has sparked this post!

I haven’t done a “Goals” post in a very long time.. I kinda miss doing them!

This one is going to be a little different. I’m discussing professional goals, relationship goals and mom goals🙌🏾 I have a lot of goals and lot going on this month so let’s jump in!

Professional goals

-Finish my book

I actually wrote a whole book!

I finished the physical writing of my book back in June. I commissioned a cover artist and everything.

I’m in the editing process. I don’t own a computer and I’m editing from my phone and tablet.. with no WiFi at times.

I have lost motivation at times, I’ve been working on this book since December and planned to launch in July but I bit off more than I could chew.

I became overwhelmed with my day job, the wedding planning, Keep up with the blog, writing for Tokewell,

I kind of got burnt out and had to push my book back.

I had placed this date of July 22nd on myself because I figured “I can make a human in 9 months I can write a book”

I did succeed in the writing aspect but the launch.. it’s hard with a computer. I have to do it chunks. I’ve almost completed the editing portion. I have to write up a description, upload and go… I’m getting there. I’ve decided not to hold myself to a deadline. I’m going to just hope I finish this thing by the end of the year because it’s a very useful book.

It’s all the tips, tricks and hacks I’ve used to find work as blogger in the short time I’ve been blogging. I want other people to find success life I have.

Blogging and social media have made extra income for me when I had none. My book details how to get that income but I’m so afraid to hit publish. It may just be anxiety. I get in my own head about things a lot.

Either way that’s one of my main professional goals.

-Get better headshots

I was signed by a talent agency!

Chris and I did a couple of acting gigs over the Summer.

My dear friend Mike Ferguson helped me get into indie films and even got me connected to a feature film.

I’ve been in several plays over the years but I stopped acting after high school because I didn’t see anyone that looked like me on the screen.

I’m realist and in 2003 there was no Lupita.

There was no black girl magic movement.

I wasn’t represented so I didn’t think acting was a viable opportunity for someone who looked like me.

I didn’t think I could ever see myself on screen so I didn’t even try.

I really loved acting and I did have talent.

I was in several plays. I itched for the stage so badly I would sign up for community college classes just to take theater and be stage.

I just needed that rush. The stage was my drug. Performing was my fix, Acting was my heroin.

In high school I was known for acting, cheerleading and dancing. If there was a stage I was on it! I even competed in drama competitions! Acting was my life!

Silencing that part of me was very difficult. It was a dream I killed young. It was easy to kill the acting dream with silence. I mean it’s not something I could talk about. How often do you slip “I’m an actress” into a nursing exam… not often. Not ever.

How often do you get to ramble on about your love for theater? You don’t.

You bury that passion as far as you can.. in my case you try to bury it and burst up and refuses to buried!

I followed Mike’s journey from tattoo artist to actor my whole life. I met Mike when I was 16 years old working at Chuck E. Cheese. He and his wife and children looked soo cool. I wanted to be just liked them! I loved their tattoos and love. I wanted to look just liked them! I knew they were tattoo artist in town I saved my money for my first tattoo.

He and his wife used to own the tattoo parlor in town and the gave up tattooing to pursue their acting dreams!

I have watched and been inspired by them for years! I had a fan girl moment when I was casted to be in a scene with TWANA “THE BEAST” FERGUSON!

Seeing them inspired me so I put all of my energy into acting.

I was hanging out in set with Mike and he said “One day acting doing what I love, anywhere for any amount is better than working a 9-5 any day! Fuck your couch I’m out here living my best life!”

I wanted to be like Mike! That drive! That ability to just grab you dreams by the balls and force it to reckon with you! That’s what I want. I want to just follow my dreams and talk the steps I need to get more acting jobs under my belt.

I made some videos of myself reading monologues and I cold auditioned to agencies.

One picked me🙌🏾

Now I think I need to focus on getting better headshots and reel together. I’ve been submitted to a lot of roles but I’m not hearing a lot back.. I think it’s because I need a better headshot to be honest.

I plan to get one of those this month and keep self submitting and get my manager better pictures.

-Pitch to brands for 2020 work

I haven’t been on pitching game because I’ve honestly been pursuing so much lately. I haven’t really pitched. I’ve been blessed to have brands and campaigns come to me. It doesn’t happen every day.. certainly not enough to consider it a part time income. I need to pitch myself to brands and get more work for the new year!

That’s my big goal to pitch and form relationships with more brands that I use both large and small.

Relationship goals

Chris and I are getting married so I guess my major goal for us is to get GET MARRIED!

The wedding is close.. super close! Really close and I’m so excited to marry Chris and begin our journey as husband and wife.

My goal for the wedding weekend is to a savor those moments. I won’t get another weekend with my future husband or anyone else. I won’t get to relive that time my goal is to be peaceful and happy and welcome that energy into my marriage.

I’ve loved every phase over our relationship and honestly I can’t wait to see married life is like for the two of us.

Life is really beautiful when you’re sharing life with your best friend. I imagine married life will be filled with awesome adventures for us to share. I can’t wait to grow out with my husband!

My first little goal after the wedding to have our first date as husband and wife.

We’re really big on date night so I know whatever that first date is it’s either a Wednesday or a Saturday or date night and it will be WONDERFUL 😍 my goal is a date night as THE PARKERS🤗

Mom goals

More “Mommy and me dates”

I plan to have a date with each of my daughter individually and then an epic girls day together!

I think it’s really important to spend time alone with each of them and develop individual, personal bonds with each other.

Brooke is 13 and Christy is 3. They’re each at different stages and life and require different needs from me when we spend time together. Brooke has teen needs. She wants to hang out at the movies and go to theme parks.

Christy has toddler needs.

They also need to bond as sisters!

I plan to make more of an effort to have these mommy dates with the girls.

We’re going to be decorating the house for the holidays and doing a lot more DIY crafting so I’m excited to try those things.

Date myself!

I used to really be serious about taking myself on dates. I do what I need to do for the family and take myself to coffee or I take myself to a winery for tasting and just to relax.

I really used to look forward to that time. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a movie alone or gone to a lunch or dinner by myself so that definitely on my list of things to do.

I think I put so much effort into everything and everyone else I struggle squeezing time for myself. I used to feel guilty about it but I don’t anymore.

With everything I do.. I need to unwind or I’ll pop!

Also dating myself is exciting! I get dressed up, I look of the menu days before. I learn what I like and what I don’t like about a particular place. It’s really fun to do! I’m a cheap date half time. I just really enjoy a good meal and glass wine. Some time alone with my thoughts.

My goal is just a single date alone in the month October.. who knows what I’ll do a winery.. maybe tacos 🌮 I’m up for anything🤗

What are you goals for the month of October?


  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Good luck with all your goals and I’m looking forward to hearing about your wedding! 🙂 I don’t have many goals for this month but I love Halloween, so I’m looking forward to celebrating that! lol.



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