The wedding diaries: Happy Time/ Happy Tears

The past few days have been some of the most beautiful days of my life. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced an outpouring of love like this in my life honestly it’s overwhelming.. it’s been so emotionally overwhelming I breakdown into happy tears at least twice a day!

I kid you not the things that happen would soften the hardest of hearts.

I ranted on twitter about not having a robe… you know catty little bride stuff.. not super important but important..

I honestly had everything I needed for the wedding I just wanted to have a gorgeous robe to get ready the day of the wedding.

However I had gotten to the point that I was sick of shopping.. I like to shop.. in fact I love to shop but wedding shopping is whole new level of shopping and nit picky selection.

It took me two hours to be fitted for shape wear.

(I’m used to 12 minute thrifting 👉🏾Phat Life/ Skinny Budget: Brooke and I had 12 minutes to thrift 👈🏾 )

I don’t do long shopping. I felt like a hostage at one point!

I was just done.

I had giving up on the robe my final shopping day was Sunday 10/6.

All day at work Monday I sulked about the robe… I got off work and arrived at my nana’s to pick up the girls and my dear friend Baylee of @coffeeandcreamroses sent me a package.

Inside was a robe, a gorgeous white lace dress and bridal jewelry… pretty much all the things I wanted and just didn’t have time to shop for.

I broke down sobbing!

I have some amazing online friends!

Baylee doesn’t know from a can of paint but her kindness brought me to my knees.

All week friends have written the sweetest message and well wishes for Chris and I.

I have never really experienced people being happy for my relationship. I’m serious!

Most of the time it was me convincing friends and family that what I was showcasing was “love”

This time I think people not only see but they feel the love between Chris and I.

The energy is just different. We love each other. We are in love with each other. We want to be with each other and spend our lives together and I think that evident to people.

Our love is real. It’s raw. It’s genuine and it’s true. We’ve worked really hard to build what we have. We’ve worked to build a life for our children.

It’s the kind of love I’ve prayed for and I pray my daughters find when they’re of age.

It’s just amazing to me the people coming from all over to be apart of our special day.

I have a wonderful friend named Shannon.

I meet Shannon on Facebook.

we were both pregnant at the same time. We were both due July 2016 with girls.

Shannon and I just clicked.

We shared the same humor and I just adored Shannon and was in awe of her life.

Shannon is a mother of 5. She runs a photography business, she’s a pageant and modeling coach.. she’s pretty much a super hero.

We bonded over so much and we became online besties… well I extended an invite to my mom group.. (It’s a tight knit group.. super small for a mom group)

Shannon and her husband RSVP’D “YES”

I did the happiest of dances!

I felt like I Shannon and I were neighbors and besties!

We talk just about daily, follow each other’s lives on Facebook.

Our babies are toddlers and our friendship has grown as fast and strong as our children.

I have been so excited for Shannon to meet my family and friends

I’ve cried a few times over the fact Shannon and her husband are flying all the way out to Vegas to meet be at the wedding.

I don’t know how to react to this much happiness.

I don’t think I’ve had this much love in my life and I’m so grateful to all my family and friends that have come together spent time, money, done so much to make sure the journey to our wedding day has been amazing.

I’ve shared every beautiful message with Chris.

He’s wiped happy tear after, happy tear this week.

If I could use a .gif to describe how I feel inside it would be this:

There is a unicorn of happiness just running through me.

I am so overjoyed.

Chris and I are about to step into the next phase of our relationship and life in front of about 50/55 of our closest family and friends and I’m so happy.

I may need to hydrate if I keep up all this happy crying all the water I drink comes out of my eyes!

I’m grateful for it though.

I’m grateful for all of it. I’m holding on to every moment and I want to remember all of it. All of it has been special to me my bridal shower (The wedding diaries: My bridal shower) the phone calls each week from friends wanting to talk details.

DM’s from blogging buddies.

It’s all beautiful and means the world to me.

I feel like I don’t deserve all this.. I don’t deserve it but I’m relishing in it. Love really is magic and I feel it from everyone.

This weekend is the girls trip I never had. The family vacation I’ve always wanted and the wedding of my dreams.

I couldn’t ask for anything more than the happiness I feel right now.

I’ve gotten everything I’ve wanted and more this week and I’m just in awe what prayer, family and friends can do.

It’s really beautiful.. the kindness of strangers really. I’m just so moved.

I share my life because I love to create content. I don’t expect a thing in return. Receiving gift after gift has been just more than I bargained for. I’m so thankful.

I love to write, take pictures and live.. the fact that my life has entangled with so many over the years is a blessing.

I’m so grateful for this time.

I better stop before I cry again.

I have 4 days till my wedding weekend and I CAN NOT WAIT!

I ready to relax, sip some drinks, dance and MARRY CHRISANTHONY PARKER

4 days till 4ever… actually 3 by the time this is posted 🤗 but who’s counting 🤷🏾‍♀️😅

I can’t believe it’s almost time can you?

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