Our wedding weekend

I married the love of my life over the weekend at Treasure Island hotel and Casino in Las Vegas!

We invited our closest friends and family to run away with us and spend the weekend in Vegas.

Chris and I had been planning this weekend for about a year and we couldn’t wait to get on the road.

Las Vegas is about 4 hour drive. I love road trips with Chris.

We seem to bond more on long car rides, I think I was secretly looking forward to the long drive to just listen to Chris talk and hang out with my family.

The theme of our wedding was “The Greatest Showman”

Chris reminds me of the character portrayal of P.T Barnum.

In the film Hugh Jackman plays P.T Barnum of Barnum and Bailey circus.

He stops at nothing to make his family smile.

They don’t have much but he makes everyday magic for them and their story was similar to ours at the time.

Chris and I watched “The Greatest Showman” a million times and every time I cried, I just loved that movie.

Throughout the planning of the wedding we would listen to the soundtrack together so it was fitting to listen to it one more time on the way to Vegas.

We stayed at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. I’m chronically late, so I figured if I stay at the venue I won’t be late be late to my own wedding.

The girls were excited to see such a lovely view and pool.

We had a block of rooms for the weekend for the guest attending the wedding.

Each guest that booked in the wedding block received complementary champagne!

My favorite beverage is champagne!

I drank champagne like water all weekend long!

My nana and great grandma are non drinkers… so I happily received their complementary champagne… as well as all the guest that didn’t like champagne… when I say I was LIVING this weekend… I really mean I was LIVING MY BEST LIFE! This weekend!

I planned SIX outfit and accessory changes, I had a girls trips, a couples getaway and I got married!

Once I had a couple glasses of the complementary champagne, Chris and I got dressed for the night and got the girls ready for dinner with the family.

The first night I wore was a cute little vintage butterfly dress I found at the Goodwill for $5.99!

The shoes were $5 from goodwill as well.

All my accessories were found at Forever 21! ON CLEARANCE FOR $1!

Yes, I’m a diva… on a dime.

I wanted to have outfits Chris had never seen before so I could be cute for him all weekend!

I knew everyone was going to be breaking their necks to make me feel special.. I wanted to do something special for him.

Every outfit was to be cute for my husband.

I started thrifting for my outfits about 6 months before the wedding.

I made a vision board of what I wanted to look like and shopped every weekend until I found the pieces that matched the looks I was going for.

I was really pleased with my $5 butterfly dress it was perfect for a night out on the town.

Our first stop for the evening was dinner at The Grand Lux Cafe.

One of my Nana’s friends from church had recommended the restaurant so we checked it out!

I wanted to make sure everyone did something that they wanted to do on the trip so it wasn’t just all about the wedding and all about me as the bride.

A lot of people worked really hard to make my weekend come true.

My nana probably worked the hardest 😅 so if she wanted dinner at The Grand Lux Cafe.. I didn’t mind.

Besides they had vegetarian options… I had to give myself wiggle room to be vegetarian over the weekend and not vegan.

I had veggie fajita platter.. it was AMAZING! Very filling and flavorful.

After dinner we got the Nana, the grandmother and the babies to bed!

and we went out on the town with my cousins!

I forced them to order ME their complementary champagne and follow me!

We ended up wandering Vegas and having the time of our life!

As a child my cousins were my best friends. I spent every summer in New Mexico growing up and getting into a little bit of everything with my cousins.

It made my heart sing to have my cousins there to celebrate with me.

It was my couple of my cousins birthday so we made sure to celebrate their birthdays extra hard.

Chris and I had to be up early in the morning to sign our wedding license and attend our wedding rehearsal so we peeled off for the night to pick up the kids and go to bed.

(I had a rule that I MUST get 5 hours of sleep for my mental health… I wasn’t about to break that rule on what had the potential to be the most stressful weekend of my life!)

The next day Chris and I got dressed:

My main source of fashion inspiration for the weekend was a picture of a young woman in a whit “Bride” t-shirt and a white tulle skirt.. I couldn’t find a white tulle skirt but I did find a really cool high waisted skirt with a beaded tulle overlay.

Believe it or not I found that skirt for $2.50 at Burlington Coat Factory!

Looking good doesn’t have to break the bank. The most expensive item I wore was the “Bride” T-shirt $20 from amazon… worth every penny!

Our wedding package at Treasure island hotel and casino included a limo ride to the courthouse to sign our marriage license.

We didn’t know how big the limo going to be.

We didn’t know if we could bring people with us to the courthouse.

We didn’t know much about those details.

We decided to go alone and just share the moment between the two of us.

I liked that.

We signed our marriage license and celebrated by changing meeting up with our family and friends for Top Golf!

I found my “wife of the party” swimsuit on amazon as well for less than $20 and it only took 2 days to arrive! My shorts were $3 from THE GOODWILL! My swim cover was $3 from the goodwill of Southern California as well.

Sandals too 🙌🏾 all Goodwill! The thrifting Gods were kind to me for this trip!

That Top Golf experience was amazing!

First of all my best friends planned all of it! They tried to smack me when I reached for my card to pay for our drinks and round of golf.

They knew Chris loved sports and I love drinks and found a happy wonderful place where sports and drinks roam freely!

I met my Internet bestie Shannon for the first time!


I’m typically not the type to cry when I meet someone but meeting Shannon was like meeting a long lost sister or something.

We have talked to each other just about everyday for about 4 years.

Shannon knows entire relationship with Chris because we were in the same Facebook mom group. Facebook mom friends share EVERYTHING.

We’ve helped each other through some very emotionally rough times, I think my heart was just so overwhelmed that someone would hop a plane for little ole me!

There were so many people I loved everywhere I looked all I could do was cry. I never experienced that much love.

Chris and I had so much fun at Top Golf it’s bananas!

There was so much LOVE all around us this weekend!

After top golf we took the kids to circus circus!

My cousin treated us all to Jell-O shots!

I had one with my mother in law🤣

We let the kids run wild and I regret not bringing a stroller for Christy because walking a mile with a 30 pound toddler on you back for a mile in glitter sneakers will make you cranky.

I went the hotel to crash for a while because Chris and I were going to go out, My best friends Kokoa and Ashley paid for Chris and I to go to 1Oak with open bar!!

we used that open bar wristband to fullest! Soooo that’s the last photo I have of Saturday night 🤣

Chris and I went back to our room about 1230/1am and talked for a while… I think we had the deepest talk we ever had in our entire relationship that night.

He talked about our fears, joys, everything and then we parted ways and I told him I’d meet him at the alter.

That night I had like 5 panic attacks😩 I was trying to set up a tea party for my nana and I… I couldn’t find my tea or the teacup. I broke a necklace I found and saved to give to her.. I was a bundle of nerves trying to write vows and make gift baskets.. halfway drunk at 0240.. I finally reached over at set my alarm to wake up and greet Vanessa, my dear friend and makeup artist…

I’ll end this post here because I need a lot of space to talk about THE BIG DAY!

Friday and Saturday were two of the most fun filled days of my life.

I had my family and friends surrounding me. I had my future husband, I had Vegas and copious amounts of free champagne… I was truly living my best life… but those days as beautiful as they were.. were a close second to my wedding day… you’ll have just come back more.. trust me you don’t want to miss that post!

Have you ever been to a destination wedding? Where did you go? How was it?

And also… how was your weekend?


  1. Ahhhhh this makes me so excited for you!!! I am taking all the notes too of places to visit when we go to Vegas!! I can’t wait to read about the big day!! I’m so happy for you, friend. Here’s to many many years of happiness between you and Chris! 💜💜💜

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