Phat life/ Skinny budget: Little booties matter

I have a problem… I’m addicted to little booties!

Last month Brooke and I went on a 12 minute thrift adventure. (Phat Life/ Skinny Budget: Brooke and I had 12 minutes to thrift)

I found these amazing little Aeropostale black suede booties for $4! That’s a steal!

I love when I find a great label for the low.

I pretty much fell in love with them immediately! Booties are a perfect short if you’re short. They made your legs look a little longer and that’s always a plus.

Rocking booties with a mini skirt makes it look like I have legs for days.. even though we all know I’m 4’11 on a good day… these boots make me feel 5’11 for sure!

I am just in love with the detailing on the sides. The buttons give the booties such a unique look.

I still can’t believe they were only $4. When I thrift I typically give myself a budget of $20-$30 for a shopping a trip.

You would be surprised what you can find for $20!

A good deal makes me enthusiastic, almost giddy.

Aeropostale boots on sale typically run between $49 and $100. Finding a pair for $4 is heaven sent!

Fashion doesn’t have to cost a million dollars to make you feel like a million dollars.

Aeropostale Black booties

The first outfit I wore the Aeropostale booties with was a vintage blouse thrifted from The Goodwill a thrifted vintage vest and little red mini skirt I scored at the same little second hand boutique I found the booties.

What I love about these boots aside from from price is the comfort.

I’m super active and I’m on my feet a lot. I can’t wear shoes that aren’t comfortable.

I love the heel is low but stylish.

These little booties are so versatile and fun. I don’t think I took them a second after I got them home.Vintage Juicy Couture pink handbag, Faux suede Black Aeropostale booties

I loved that these little black booties finished ever looks so perfectly.

These Aeropostale faux suede booties are so amazingly versatile, I had no problem switching from school drop off to a brunch outfit.

These boots were definitely made for walking.

I wasn’t just stuck on my favorite little Aeropostale Goodwill find. Oh no, no, no!

As soon as it became fall.. it became boot season!

That was the green light to break out my boots and get to steppin’

I did a little shopping in my own closet and dusted off a pair of boots that everyone in my family hates but I love..

I call these my “Fake ass Tims” these are high heeled boots that look like Timberland work boots.

I love these boots! They’re so much fun! I know they’re a little bit of fashion risk.. but I don’t care! Fashion is fun!

I dress to suit my mood, make a statement and to make myself feel good.

This outfit was to satisfy the part of me that wants to be from the east coast sooo badly😭😩

The Jay-Z “Reasonable Doubt” T-shirt I’m rocking was a clearance find!

I found this shirt at Macy’s for $2.50!

My skirt was also a Macy’s clearance find. The shoes were $5!

I found them at a little boutique that was going out of business my daughter told me to leave those boots there.. she said they were “Tacky” we one Queen’s “Tacky” is another Queen’s fabulous so wore my boots with pride.

The next pair of little booties I took for a walk were a pair of faux leather boots I found 3 years ago at The Goodwill in Murrieta California.

These Mossimo brand boots were my go to boots for the last 3 seasons up until Friday when they broke😭

Don’t cry for me Argentina.. I have NEW BOOTS!

Well.. they’re not “New-new” they were in the closet and I actually thought I donated them back to the Goodwill last year but nope… there were hidden DEEP in the back of the closet and they emerged just in time!


New little black booties! Black with a block heel!


I love a good pair of boots!

I swear little booties matter people!

I may have lost a great pair of boots but they lasted my 3 years and only cost $4!

These “new” black faux suede block heel beauties have been mine for quite some time.

I found them at the thrift store years ago.

I’m always looking for cute functional boots for the fall and winter season.

I think I need to switch it up and try to find a nice pair of thigh boots:

That’s my next thrifting mission… find thigh high boots and these items:

Something vintage and green for the winter season.

I’m also looking to dive into the geek chic aesthetic more:

My style is already pretty similar to this so I’ll be keeping an eye out for pleated skirts and oversized sweaters.

I’m really looking for a pair of light denim high waisted jeans and trendy faux leather jacket for the winter.

All the boots in my closet are made for walkin’ and I love them all!

These boots in particular are going to walk me on into a new thrift store🙌🏾

What I love the most about boots is you can dress them up or dress them down. However you decide to wear them they command attention.

Something about a good pair of boots just makes you feels fierce and ready to kick all the ass!

Are you addicted to boots like me? Is there a cure? Or do we just keep buying and donating our boots forever?!?’🤣🤣

Anyways thank you for reading oh and where do you buy your boots from?

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