Phat life/ Skinny budget: My $3 Halloween look

Halloween is my favorite holiday.. actually 2nd favorite..

Thanksgiving is my favorite I love to eat 😩 food is amazing!

Thanksgiving and Halloween are kind of tied because I love to play dress up.. and eat!

Anyways! this year I decided to DIY my costume and thrifted it from the Goodwill!

This year I was Mrs Parker from the movie


“Friday” is the 90’s cult classic written and directed by Ice Cube. The character Mrs Parker is portrayed by model turned actress Kathleen Bradley.

“Friday” depicts a day in the L.A neighborhood of Craig and Smokey.

Mrs Parker is the MILF up the street that waters the lawn in ridiculously short, shorts…

(Relatable honestly😅) I love the scene where Ice Cube and Chris Tucker see Miss Parker for the first time it’s iconic!

To this day people quote “Hiiiiii Mrs Parker”

I just got married and my new last name is Parker.. it was a bit of a give me🤷🏾‍♀️ I figured my first Halloween as Mrs Parker.. I should be Mrs Parker from “Friday”

It’s like my entire life has been leading to this moment:

Trick or treaters saying “Hey Mrs Parker”

I already owned the dark denim high waisted shorts.

The shorts are Wild Fable brand available at Target.

I love Wild Fable! The brand is affordable and they fit curves!

I’ve had these shorts for about a couple summers they’re a staple so I had no problem breaking them out for Halloween.

In fact I was excited to be using something I already owned.

I’m all about shopping my closet to create new looks and Halloween is no different!

I’m all about a budget friendly Halloween!

I already owned my belt the only thing I needed was a blouse similar to Miss Parker:

I was able to find one at the Goodwill for $3! I was so excited!

I knew I wasn’t going to find the exact replica of the blouse. I was just trying to get as close as I could to the outfit.

In order to achieve this look all I had to do was tie up my Goodwill treasure and water the lawn!


Mrs Parker is an iconic character.

Friday is one of my favorite movies!

I’ve seen it thousands of times I’m not exaggerating. I quote the movie constantly.. in reality I’m closer to Smokey than Mrs Parker 😎

I had blast dressing up and paying homage to such a memorable character.

I’m also glad I didn’t have to pay an arm and leg for a new costume.

It’s only one day… why go bankrupt 🤷🏾‍♀️

Halloween is a great time to DIY, thrift and save money on a costume.

Thrifting to create your own costume also allows for creativity and individuality. It’s also really good for the environment!

Fast fashion is taking a toll on the environment.

Halloween is another holiday that drives traffic to stores, increases packaging etc.. it’s just one day.. one day you can create a look with things you already own or you can thrift and find an amazing treasure that you can rewear after Halloween!

Style is about much more than how much money you can spend to look like a particular character. You can embody a character for free!

My look was $3 well spent!

It’s a lot more fun to create you look rather than just grab it off the rack and look like everyone else.

Halloween is so much fun isn’t it?!

I had such a blast being the hot mama on the block for the day.

I think Chris had fun with this photo shoot.. he asked me to send him a few just for him that day 😎and I did too🤣🤣

What’s your Halloween costume this year? Did you DIY your costume?

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  1. Great outfit and photos! 🙂 Great that it only cost $3 in total too. I’d actually never heard of this film, looks very funny! I’ll look up this scene on YouTube, lol.

    Hope you’re both enjoying married life so far. Happy Halloween! 🙂


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