Obsessed with this $3 blouse

I woke up this morning and I can’t get this blouse off mind! Is it weird that I think about clothes 24/7?

I mean I think about other things too but you have to understand… I’m in scrubs all week and I fantasize about the weekend when I get to style myself and enjoy myself.

Fashion is my way to show the world how I’m feeling that day and I want to be the bright spot in someone’s day!

I think this is the blouse for the job! I found this stunning vintage mustard yellow lace blouse and I don’t want to do anything but wear this blouse and cause a scene!

I love everything about this blouse the cut, the color.

I love that it’s pretty much see through. It’s sexy but it’s still sophisticated and I like that.

I tried it on last night and it’s a show stopper for sure. The blouse splits open in the back and has the gorgeous gold zipper lining the back. I still can’t believe it was only $3!

I found it over the weekend at The Goodwill! I love that I can find such unique and beautiful pieces for such an amazing price!

I love style, I love fashion and I live keeping up with trends.

I know mustard is the “it girl” color of the moment.

I want to be just as trendy as the next woman but I honestly hate the toll the fashion industry is having on the planet.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world behind the oil industry.

If we keep buying fashion fashions we’re going to be all dressed up with no where to go.

Sad but true.. there are ways to help!

One way to reduce the impact on the planet is to thrift!

There are so many amazing finds at the local Goodwill. Often times the Goodwill has sales and even deeper discounts on already low priced clothing.

I know I’d never find something this unique and of this quality off the rack at the mall.

I think that’s what I love the most about thrifting. You really never know what your going to find.

You have to be creative and style it what you already have at home.

It’s like a treasure hunt! Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt and honestly.. I consider this blouse a treasure!

I love finding one of kind pieces for unbelievable prices.

No one would believe this blouse and skirt combined make a $5 outfit!

That’s bananas!

I’m going to be shooting some content in my new favorite blouse. I’m also shaking up my comfort zone and trying an animal print skirt.. I’m not against animal print.. I’m just trying A LOT of textures in one look and I’m worried.. but a good worried.

Chris and I are going to be looking for a cool place around Temecula to recreate these shots:

One of my favorite content creators is Stephanie Yeboah. Stephanie Yeboah is a freelancer writer, blogger, body positivity advocate based out of the u.k and in my head…we’re besties.

I read her blog constantly and I love the way she showcases fashion and weaves her thoughts and life into her pieces. She’s really astonishing, I’ve learned so much from reading her blog the last year. Not just about fashion but about life.

Stephanie is #goals honestly. She’s doing what I want to do with my life. Seeing her success just lights me up and inspires me.

I wish I could model like her.. own my look and just be a boss with every single shot..I’m going to give it all I’ve got this weekend.

I’m going to channel my inner Stephanie and be fierce as hell all over town.

I’m going to find a groovy place to kick my leg up and show off my outfit and score some great shots!

I actually need to find shoes.. I’m going to shop my closet this week.

I don’t have time to thrift.. we’re throwing our first event at home!

We’re having a little BBQ with a few friends and I won’t have time to do anything other than entertain.. how sad right 😏

Anyways I do have a great pair of black Katy Perry Collections pumps that would be pretty fun with this look.

I know thigh high boots would be ideal but.. I have use what I have this week!

I honestly can’t wait to strut around in that blouse. Who knew a $3 blouse could make you feel so good about the weekend!

Ugh I can’t wait to get to work lol

Do you have any weekend plans? If so what do you plan to wear?

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