Our first party

Chris and I threw a little get together over the weekend!

Chris is a Florida Gators fan. He loves the team, never misses a game. He buys the family matching gator gear. He’s really into it.. LIKE REALLY into it.

Anyways, Chris set up a little Facebook event and invited a few people.

I was super hesitant because our house is small!

It’s super cute.. it’s just small.

I grew up in a 4 bedroom house in the suburbs and I think my mind.. I felt like I needed a big house to invite people over.

I guess I was embarrassed because my house is small.

I kept daydreaming and telling Chris about how I dreamed of inviting people over and entertaining.

Every time it would get close, I’d get anxious about the size of our house and then I wouldn’t want anyone over.

Chris is the most social man on the planet. He loves our house.

We actually had a place smaller than our current home a couple years ago and I couldn’t entertain at all. I’m actually grateful for how far we’ve come.

Anyways.. Chris ordered food, made group and started organizing.

I’m a little pessimistic.. I told him..

“Don’t buy a lot of food.. no one shows up for parties you know”

He looked at me and says “Baby, I don’t care about who shows up or who doesn’t, I’m going to watch the game, eat this food and enjoy my home! It’s not about all those things you worry about”

I invited a couple friends the people who went to the wedding and a few people that weren’t able to go.

We had some great food!

Chris cooked these ribs that made everyone want to eat the whole pan!

We had 6 guest total. My dear friend Anthony Pedroza and his wife Tiffany brought their kids.

My friend Zarah came, the landlord popped down for a plate and one of my apple cider mimosas

We had such a beautiful time. I’ve know Tiffany, Anthony and Zarah since I was in middle school. Anthony was actually one of my first friends in middle school.

He was so kind to me when I moved to Temecula.

I had just lost my mom, I was going to a new school… and my first friend was Anthony. He was so kind I wasn’t scared to come to school anymore because I had made a friend.

I guess it was fitting that my first friend and his wife were my first house party guest.

Tiffany actually talked me in to taking out my camera and capturing the day. I was in full on hostess mode and entertaining.

I was loving ever second of having friends in my home.

I stopped worrying about the size of my house and let go of being so anxious about what people thought.. everyone loved it!

We had beautiful conversations and Zarah even helped me plan my next party!

We have this huge space on the side of the house.. big enough for a Dj or a band to play, we’ve got more than enough space to have a killer Little shindig!

It’s not about who didn’t show up. It’s about who did. I had so much fun and I really felt so grateful to spend time with Anthony and his wife.

Anthony is in the front man and founder of the band “Fellow Robot” I love Anthony’s band and I love that he follows his dreams and his wife follows her dreams and loves her job as a teacher.

Those kids are lucky, lucky, lucky to have Tiffany as a teacher. She’s so kind, caring and just perfect. Every child so have their kindergarten teacher be as sweet as Tiffany.

Our party was short.

We started at 12 ended around 430 and cleaned up the mess..

There are perks to a small home and small party..


I’ve honestly stopped being ashamed of my house. I’m grateful for my little house. I have a lake view that’s out of this world! My rent is FANTASTIC and really.. I can’t complain.

I know we need a bigger house and we’re saving toward that but right now I’m learning to love my little house. We have to save.. and owning a house T 40 is still win🤷🏾‍♀️

I’m learning to decorate and spruce up the place. I’m learning to love and cherish those who show up to the party.

This party was the first of many. We were so thrilled to host this little party and show our home and next time guest come we’ll have new decorations and new drinks.

I can feel it.

You don’t need a big house.. you just need good food, good people, lots of love and giant vat of alcohol.

Chris calls this cotton candy… it’s serval vodkas and pink lemonade.. it’s delicious.. we have enough to last us till 2020🤣

Have you ever had a house party?

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