I love this James Mae pullover as much as I love wine.. and I really love wine

You caught me wine handed 🤣

Before I begin this is NOT a sponsored post.

I just really love James Mae!

You see I have an addiction.. I’m a addicted to reality television.

My favorite show of all times is Vanderpump Rules!

I’m an Uber fan! I used to blog about the show! I follow all the cast members on social media.. I need a life.

Anyways, Kristen Doute started a fashion line called James Mae… NO! Kristen’s clothing line is NOT named after James Kennedy

It’s named after her Nephew and I’m super proud of her and her clothing line.

If you watched the show you know Kristen has come a LONNNG way so I wanted to support a fellow female entrepreneur!

As soon as I heard about James Mae, I supported Kristen’s line and purchased my favorite pullover.

I saw Ariana Madix rocking it on Instagram and that’s really all it took for me to purchase it! I believe it was $35 but on sale that day so I got it for $20!

I had this plan.. I was going to sip champagne in my James Mae shirt and watch binge watch Vanderpump when I wasn’t work.. that is my definition of heaven really😍 James Mae is the perfect brand for me.

I’m a vintage jeans and T’s kind of girl and James Mae is all 70’s inspired T-shirts and sweaters.

All the items and super cute and very affordable.

Ariana Madix is one of my all time favorite cast mates!

I love her no nonsense attitude. She’s remained true to herself the entire time. She’s positive, fair and she tells it like it is!

If she doesn’t like you.. she’s not fake about it.

I remember when she and Stassi weren’t friends.. their birthday episode would give me so much anxiety because all the friends had to pick sides and pick who’s party they were going to attend 😅

Times have changed.. so have the ladies.

They were starting businesses and writing books

And I supported them all! I had a lot of Vanderpump adventures this year, Chris took me to Sur and I met Ariana’s brother Jeremy Madix!

My dear Friend Robbie took me to have lunch and be fancy at Villa Blanca.. he knew how much I loved the show and he wanted to see what all the hype was about..

It was totally worth the hype and the 90 minute drive😅 We had a blast! The food was phenomenal and the wine cocktails were soo refreshing.

It’s super easy to support the things and people you enjoy.

I was very inspired by all their off screen endeavors! I had been watching them so 7 seasons it was like watching my girlfriends level up!

It was refreshing to see these women take their reality tv stardom and turn it in to so much more.

Those women motivate and inspire me so much.

I even attempted my very first photo recreation.

(I sound like “Mean Girls” I purchased this pullover and wine tumbler because I saw Ariana do it🤣)

Can I just say how much I love my James Mae pullover, it’s so soft, easy to wash and it’s not too heavy.

I picked the pullover up in the summer and it was on SALE🙌🏾 I immediately fell in love and had to post about it.

I posted my love for James Mae on my Instagram and they showed a little love by using my content on Mother’s Day of all days.

I ugly cried that day!

I was just starting to step in front of the camera and attempt style blogging after showcasing food and my favorite brand used my photo!

It’s felt like Christmas! Now that the weather is starting to get a little cooler I decided to breakout my favorite pullover and head down to 1909 in Temecula

1909 has the best brunch and best wine cocktails in Temecula

I’m not kidding! This beautiful cocktail is called “Yes way Rosè” and it tasted like bubble gum.. it was really yummy.

I everyone kept asking where I got my pullover and were their really flowers in my drink.

The flowers were REAL! Made the drink super fragrant and the pullover can be purchased at Jamesmae.com

Be sure to check out the James Mae Instagram!

James Mae always has great prices and amazing deals. The clothing is very good quality for the price.

(I’m sooo picking up that Daydream Achiever shirt.. I could style some killer looks with that.)

I wear my pullover often and I’ve had it about 6 months maybe 8 months. No fading, holes, tears. It’s a very durable piece clothing that I can style over and over.

It’s a conversation starter for sure and I can always tell who watches Vanderpump when I wear my James Mae pullover.

Overall James Mae is a brand I’d buy from again and again.

I don’t shop much from brands. Typically I thrift

👉🏾Obsessed with this $3 blouse but when I do buy pieces it’s from brand I really love and I have to be able to rewear the piece over and over.

I wear this James Mae pullover every week when I binge my Vanderpump rules so I don’t feel so bad about shopping because I’m putting the garment to good use.

It’s also something I can style many ways! Throw on a skirt with it, jeans, heels and a leather jacket. It’s the perfect girls night out.. or in attire.

I also really love the idea having a tv watching uniform.. it’s a super cute little pullover don’t you think James Mae knocked it out of the park with this one?

Do you have a favorite pullover? Even more specific… do you have a tv watching uniform.. I can’t be the only weirdo with one🤣

Until next time.. Be excellent to each other ✌🏾

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