Come through Walmart! This $2 clearance find is my new favorite tank top

Hello there! I want to thank you for reading and start out by saying This is NOT a sponsored post.. I just wanted to share this cool tank top I found with you all🤗 On Sunday I was looking through the clearance rack at Walmart in Murrieta and I found this fun little tank top for only $2!

I will pretty much buy anything for $2.. but this honestly worth it! Look how adorable this is! I love a good graphic tank! You can do so much with them dress them up with a cute skirt and blazer or throw on some jeans, hoops and sneaks and call it day.

I adore a good tank top and $2 is a steal!

I thought this was the cutest top EVER but Brooklyn shot my shirt down by saying

“That’s the most mom shirt I’ve ever seen”🤣🤣

I mean she’s not wrong, I’m a mom and honestly I run on caffeine🤷🏾‍♀️ name a mom that doesn’t🤣

I knew right away I was going to pair my new shirt with the amazing boots I found thrifting at the Goodwill in Murrieta.

The boots made me happy inside like spongebob when he had those squeaky boots… same energy.

Das boots were only $10! Can you believe that!

I’ve been wanting a pair of boots for the winter and like magic the thrift store provided!

I love that about thrifting it’s like a box of chocolate you never know what your gonna get.. shout out to Forrest Gump😎

I knew as soon as I saw that tank top I was wearing it with those boots and a pair of high waisted skinny jeans.

I grabbed a black sweater, some black skinny jeans and created the perfect mom going to coffee uniform!

Also, I was actually out of K-cups and I needed to go grocery shopping.

This shirt is so SOFT! Feels like velvet against your skin.. it’s ridiculously comfortable. It’s form fitting and it held it shape the entire day!

No lose and sloppy tank top for me! It’s was tight in all the right places and felt like a tank top of much high quality than $2.

Walmart is really stepping it up with its fashions trends and I’m here for it! I always take a sneak peek at their clearance rack when I’m in the store. Sometimes I find some great little gems!

I took my tank top on a little adventure, I needed more caffeine and scored some! I felt like a million dollars in my $2 tank top.

This tank top is definitely a piece I’m going to style year around.

I’m making mustard yellow and green my “colors” from now on so I’m trying to collect more pieces that are mustard yellow and green.

That’s another reason I was drawn to the top. I’m slowly changing my wardrobe so everything that color just sticks out to me.

My tank top my be the “most mom shirt” ever but honestly I’m super in love 😍 cute, funny and $2 sign me up for more!

Do you ever shop at Walmart for fashion?


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