$10 thrifted boots styled 10 ways

About a month ago I found these fantastic caramel ombré riding boots at The Goodwill SoCal (murrieta) for $10!

Yes.. your read that right $10!

Can we do a $10 boot dance real quick…

I made a style vision board earlier this year,

(yeah I know it sounds crazy but it helps when shopping to have a mood board🤷🏾‍♀️)

I was determined to find a nice pair of boots for the fall and winter season.

I scored big with these caramel ombré riding boots.They’re just above the knee and accentuate every outfit just right.

They’re the perfect boots for everyday wear.

They even pair nicely with a little black dress.

I’m telling you I found the perfect pair of boots!

The color, the texture, the feel..

I’ve worn the boot with skirts, I’ve rocked them with high waisted jeans.

I can walk miles in these boots and my feet don’t ache.. HUGE PLUS!

It’s pretty safe to say these boots have become a part of my daily uniform.

I’m okay with that!

That’s more bang for you buck if ask me!

Everywhere I go people stop me and complement these boots and I shock them when I say “I got them at The Goodwill for $10!”

I love the look on people’s faces when I say “I got these at these thrifting!”

I love thrifting because you can really find trendy items for the LOW!

I love style but I’m on a budget and thrifting helps me to stay fashionable and keeps my bank account full.

These boots have become my staple of the winter/fall season and I can now cross boots off my fashion wish list!

From the moment I saw these boots at The Goodwill in Murrieta I knew I was going to style them so many ways.. I didn’t think I’d hit 10 styles so quickly but they just go so well with so many things I already own!

That’s the goal really!

Eco friendly, budget friendly and stylish..

I’m always amazed by what I find on the racks.

Every city has different treasures for thrifting but there’s just something about The Goodwill in Murrieta, I find the best pieces there!

Pieces that’s style over and over.. that’s the point of a sustainable closet, items you can restyle.

I bet everyone is sick of seeing me in these boots.. that’s ok..

I found these boots for $1 on Black Friday..

I can switch it up on em’🙌🏾

Aren’t these little cowboy booties gorgeous.

On Black Friday The Goodwill had this $1 double dip on items with a yellow tag or a red tag.. these beautiful boots had a yellow tag and I couldn’t believe my luck! They were my price and my size!

Now I’m not typically one for cowboy boots but these boots are just fun!

Almost as much fun as my ombré riding boots but they’re only $1 so they’re cuter by default.. I don’t make the rules here…

I do know that finding these boots at The Goodwill may have triggered a boot addiction 😅

$10 riding boots and an epic pair of VINTAGE cowboy boots for $1… you can’t beat that or find deals like that anywhere.

If you take a little time and give your local thrift stores a try you can really find some amazing pieces.

I’m putting together a mega post of my favorite thrifted and styled looks of 2019.

Until then check out my last thrifting posting

👉🏾Obsessed with this $3 blouse

You’d be surprised how much you save by simply shopping at thrift stores.

You don’t have to spend much at all..

I typically give myself a budget of $25-$40 each season to find pieces and that has been more than enough for me to style myself this year.

Who says you can’t be stylish on a dime?

Have I inspired you to thrift yet?

If so where have you gone and what have you found this year?

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