I spent $12 at the Goodwill SoCal’s $1 “Double dip” sale, checkout my haul!

Earlier this week I saw the Goodwill SoCal was having a $1 double dip sale!

That means tags that are green or purple are $1!!

I have been excited about this sale since Monday. I made a mood board before I went the Goodwill SoCal

Basically, I’m looking for pieces that fit the vibe above.

Fun, flirty vintage pieces that can be styled multiple ways.

I’m turning 35 on January 13th and I have this idea to style 31 outfits over the course of 31 days 🤗

I also just wanted to up date my look a little bit.

I’m still finding my personal style. I use clothing to express my mood and tell a story.

I make these mood boards of how I’d like to look and i go Goodwill hunting!

I really like to experiment with my look and $1 days at the Goodwill Socal really help me achieve all of style goals.

It’s really amazing what you can find.

Let’s Check out my haul shall we🤗

I found a Banana Republic teal fitted button up blouse and gorgeous red INC by Macy’s blazer.

I already own several little flouncy skirts and in mid October I found the most incredible little black suede booties I can really pull off a look inspired by this photo.


I’ll probably wait till the weather is bit warmer.. but here in SoCal that can be next week 🤷🏾‍♀️I love that skirts are so versatile. Since I’m short.. short skirts make my legs look longer.. I love that!

And I love this flouncy daisy a-line mini skirt

I found 3 amazing little skirts that can be mixed and matched with so many things!

My goal for 2020 is have a closet that is 100% second hand.

A lot of the pieces I found today I will style for my 31 days of fashion but more than likely these will be spring pieces.

I found a great St John’s Bay khaki blazer that is giving me all the safari vibes.

I can just see this with a cute pair of ripped shorts, chunky wood heels and a graphic tee.. this blazer is screaming to be brunched in.

Don’t you think??

It’s definitely a blazer I can dress up and down.

I also picked up an oversized striped Jackyln Smith collection blouse.

It’s a XXL BUT.. it can be tucked in or worn as an outer layer.

Living in SoCal a lot of time a larger shirt can double as your outerwear during the summer nights. Oversized pieces can be belted and styled so many ways.

That’s why I’ve been digging them lately. They can be worn so many ways!

I’m trying to find more staple pieces that can styled over and over and worn regardless of the season.

Both of these tops can go from spring, summer to fall effortlessly.

My last two tops were probably my favorite finds!

I’m trying to change my aesthetic colors to green and mustard yellow.. all year around..

My eyes immediately were fixed on this gorgeous v neck sweater from The Limited.. RIP to The limited.. I loved that store 😭

Anyways.. I found this green sweater that goes perfectly with my aesthetic goals.

It can be worn alone or paired with a collared shirt.

That’s what I plan to do!

I’m planning to style a look similar this.

I found my green cardigan at this sale and couple weeks ago I found a white Banana Republic collared shirt.

I have a feeling that this white shirt is going to pair with a lot of the pieces I found at the Goodwill SoCal’s double dip today!

I came looking for black combat boots but I couldn’t find any.

BUT I did find a pair of black faux leather knee high boots and pair of vintage inspired Mary Janes for $1!

You already know I’m going to wear these till the heel wears out!

These are perfect little casual shoe and it’s great for church.

The heel isn’t too high the shoe is very comfortable and they’re going to look super cute when I wear knee socks 🙌🏾

This haul was huge success to me!

I spent $12 ($2 were spent on t-shirts for Brooke.. so they don’t really count for me but still two counted in my total 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣)

For $12 I found clothes from several name brands that can be styled all year around.

We shopped sustainably and we saved so much money!

For the price of one T-shirt I was able find 12 items of clothing that I guarantee I’ll wear over and over and probably hand down to my teenage daughter!


That’s why I love these sales. You can come in with $5 and leave looking and feeling like a million bucks!

You can’t beat $1 deals anywhere!

Be gentle to yourselves and be excellent to each other!

Can’t wait to show you what I Thrift and style next ✌🏾

When’s the last time you visited the Goodwill?

Check out your local Goodwill and see when they have $1 days I guarantee you’ll find something you’ll love.

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