“Insecure” Low Key Done

Wow.. so much to discuss this episode!

Spoiler alert in advance 🚨

Issa took a lot of advice from “Mirror Bitch” who I am LOVING this season!

I think Issa is doing a lot of self reflection since she doesn’t have Molly anymore.

I really loved the scene when Issa was cleaning and taking care of herself and also did we peep that Nathan was back 👀

Issa took glances in Mirror this episode and “Mirror Bitch” would guide her and it would fail epically it was hilarious! I loved this episode and I also hated it for Issa there was so much pain for her..

This episode was actually very raw and real.. Issa gave and gave and gave it just seemed like the universe slammed the door in her face all day.

Been there Issa… Been there.. she really did try! She just wanted to give back! To be better human.. everyone is accusing her of using people after all.

She paid attempted to pay it forward for a young pregnant woman the grocery store…the woman mocked her

She tried to give a man ride.. against her conscious will.

the man was a handful to say the least.. but Issa wanted to help in order to be a better human for the universe! Issa just wanted to better she was just on a mission you could just feel she was on a mission.. so can the universe…you can’t just force good out there it has to be real you know what I mean, genuine.

I think that’s why nothing went right for our hero.

“Mirror Bitch” talks to Issa as is she’s her conscious through out the whole episode pretty much telling her to abandon an old man and go to paint and party

It started out just fine..there was a vibe sisterhood and then they went to the bathroom and..it just got all bad

I’m still really mad about that…..

Issa went to 🗣TALK to her mother when things where very hard because all of the issues of the day eventually weighed on Issa and she went home and broken down as soon as her mother began speaking to her

obviously Issa is can communicate just not with Molly.. the one person needs too.. like an adult.. to fix her friendship!

Speaking of which Kelli calls and tells Issa she and Molly need to speak…

I mean DUH!

They have a friendship and yes.. it’s was ugly before.

Public and ugly but they need to face that ugly and move speak.

To either end what they have or move forward.

Kelli was the one adult in the whole episode outside of Issa’s mom dropping all the knowledge of course!

The episode closes with Issa seeing Molly and saying nothing and me 🗣YELLING AT THE SCREEN

I just want them to communicate 😭

How hard is it to say hi..


  1. It’s very hard to say hi. I’ve been Issa, shit Issa is me. Lol when you are clearly trying in your time and not others, so called friends only see the trying times and not your good intentions or growth.

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  2. I could never see my best friend and not say something I don’t know it’s hard I’ve known my best friend since middle school we been through some shit lol


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