Inspo Scroll: Delaney Childs

I’m currently obsessed with a content creator by the name of Delaney Childs.

Delaney makes content centered around fashion, makeup, lifestyle, health, positivity, girlie things. She’s a 20 something from L.A with a very edgy west coast modern boho vibe I’m obsessed with her looks I think she’s just gorgeous!

She loves Bravo! I love Bravo! I’m a super fan.. can you tell? 🤣🤣

I’ve talked about her before in previous blog postHow I plan to grow my IG to 3k because she’s really incredible in just 3 years she’s amassed on Instagram following of over 300!

Delaney is more than just a pretty face in a pair of sick jeans, she’s actually super inspirational.

She gave herself 40 hours a week like a regular job and she worked HARD Listening to Delaney’s story motivated me to keep going and it also showed me that this stuff doesn’t just happened over night.

I spent an entire day just devouring Delaney’s Content. I moved from Ig to YouTube then podcasts because I was just obsessed… stuck in the house wondering how she did it.. then I heard it all made sense.

She just works very hard. She and shows every detail of her life (well majority of her life) in her Ig stories.

She used to work as the receptionist for her boyfriends construction company.. she knew it wasn’t for her.. blogging was her passion.

She’s had her share of breakdowns but her boyfriend and his family support her blogging dreams and she’s successful.

How beautiful is that!

She’s so positive and she’s friendly!

She’s sweet and such a wonderful soul, We’ve had several conversations and I’ve become friends with her online.. she actually motivated me to get serious about blogging full time.

Even in the pandemic Delaney was creating fire content and I was HOOKED! I was curled in the bed and I was waiting to see what was next…eventually and I was I motivated enough to workout on my own after seeing Delaney and Clayton workout and make up their bed every day… they are some super motivating folks.. I’m serious…

She went to her stories and she did and poll and she asked her audience what they wanted from her, she’s really connected to her people and she’s HUGE!

Delaney is just proof that consistency and positivity truly pay off!

Delaney is VERY successful! She’s the definition of booked and busy.

That’s the level I’m trying to be on🙌🏾

She’s really successful and super positive and her content is amazing!

Delaney Childs truly shows what it means to be of service to your audience she’s constantly creating evergreen content, she’s doing cooking videos, makeup tutorials, blogs she is incredible and she has this chemistry with her boyfriend Clayton you can’t stop watching they’re like a tv show it’s so beautiful to watch.

I’m really just drawn to creatives that have more to offer than just what’s on the surface you know.

Delaney really hit home with that whole

“If I’m putting 40 hours of effort into what I’m doing I have to get some where” that has just really resonated with me lately I think it’s really easy to look at something and say “hey I want to do that” but then doing all the work.. the tedious work that’s the tough part..

So that’s just inspired me to put in more effort.. smarter efforts I mean you can put time in but if your not using your time wisely or putting passion behind your time it’s pointless..

Anyway if you get a chance check out Delaney she’s really cool and she’s also vegan and makes cool easy from time to time in her stories she’s really fun to follow I’m telling you she’s super adorable and addicting.. like cute crack..but positive so I guess it’s ok 🤷🏾‍♀️

I hope you all have an amazing day be blessed talk you soon! Stay safe, stay happy God Bless 💚💜🧡❤️💕✌🏾

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