“Insecure” Low Key Trippin

(This blog post contains spoilers.. at this point I assume you’ve watched the show from Sunday.. it’s Wednesday.. but I don’t want to be a jerk either so

🗣Spoiler alert )

So I know everyone hates Molly because she’s chronically self sabotaging situations.. I call it “Molly woping” and I know everyone is complaining that these episodes are “filler episodes” but you need to see “Insecure” Low Key Done (episodes where Molly and Issa aren’t interacting)

It’s like peanut butter and jelly but being cool..

These are not “filler” episodes these episodes are made to show you that relationships are complicated!

Friendships 🗣ARE RELATIONSHIPS and this relationship is dying because these two refuse to communicate and we get to see how these two are moving on without each other.

Molly is going to Mexico and getting her ass ate..

And she’s still not happy..

Molly needs Therapy but that’s a whole other post

I don’t hate Molly.. hell I can’t admit I’ve been Molly, I’ve been Issa.. I think more Kelli

But I’m just being honest with myself and I know who I am 🤷🏾‍♀️

Back to this episode

Molly met Andrew’s brother and she “Molly-wop’d” that there was some racism.. and being in an interracial relationships is all fun and games until someone has to get the towels

Andrews brother was kinda of a douche for pushing Molly all episode!

I get that he was trying to open up conversation..

But he will never understand what it’s like to be black.

He’s had his own story as an Asian man and that’s why he and his family were upset with Molly but Molly as black woman had her own story as well.

There was a lot to unpack this episode.

Andrew was the winner all episode for eating ass and handling racially tense situations

Kudos to him this episode.. that was very mature!

You see you have to dig deep..

These aren’t “filler” episodes you soo soo much there’s a lot at sake here.

You have Andrew probably internally sick of Molly’s shit but not saying too much because he knows she needs therapy but he doesn’t know how to bring it up.. because he’s eating that ass in Mexico.

and the relationship is super new.

Eating ass is one thing.. telling someone they need to see a therapist is another…

(Molly is very gun shy about therapy)


Molly and Andrew run into 🗣LAWRENCE at the airport..

that’s really it and 🗣JAY ELLIS Directed the episode!

He acted in and directed the episode!

How awesome is that!

Episode so nice I had to watch to it twice 🙌🏾 can’t wait for next week.. what “I” would like to see happen is what Kelli wants.. I want Issa and Molly to work it out they have history!

I honestly when believe when you have history with your best friend your out the relationship.. it’s a relationship you communicate.

You fight.. you fix it. It’s just like a marriage or a strong relationship You wouldn’t just throw away your marriage the first time something happened. (Depending on what it was )

You would communicate.. and I know this isn’t the first time something awful has happened between Issa and Molly I’m just saying they have history.

They a strong relationship worth fighting for something has to give and the problem is their egos are too big to give but somethings got to give or they’re going to lose something beautiful.


They say to best way to test a relationship is to take a trip.. the universe was sending so many signals and I really think Molly is just holding on to this relationship to have a relationship but they cute and so were those bathing suits!

So are y’all ready for Sunday???

I am…

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