Can we stop stealing from AUTISTIC black creatives.. it’s wrong!

Amina Mucciolo is an autistic black creative.. and I wasn’t inspired by her because she is autistic I was actually drawn to her because she lived in an apartment called “Cloudland”

Well Amina and her husband were evicted from cloud because Lisa Frank.. yes THAT Lisa Frank completely ripped off the design of her entire living space and made an apartment in the same building where she and her husband live.. kicked her out and left her with NOTHING..

Mind you Amina and her husband make a living in that apartment making YouTube videos and selling her crafts.. the manager KNEW Amina and her husband lived there out hey it’s 🗣LISA FRANK.. so they kicked out poor Amina and her husband in the street.. you can watch the YouTube video all about it.. it’s really SAD

I spent an entire day just mesmerized by this woman’s story number one because I’m a black creative with mental health issues and I share them openly.

I’m bipolar, I have ocd, panic attacks and several other things.. on the day I was binge watching Tasselfairy videos I was battling depression because I had JUST switched mood stabilizers and the world decided to shut down because of a pandemic…

I know what it’s like to be a black woman with a black that is a unique a partner that has to help take care if you..

Many people don’t know that I’m coping with fact I’m disabled..

I’m not what I “used to be” that a for a person to mentally handle and for brands to just take advantage for an artist that’s not seen as typically abled is frankly frightening!

This is the SECOND time I’ve seen her taken advantage of and this is a woman that I consider a hero!

Look at her!

She came out as bisexual last year!

She makes living selling her crafts.. she shares her life and her love with her husband and all she did was make a video with “lol surprise” and they used her likeness to make a doll and they didn’t her pay her..

That’s disgusting.

Do you know that we creatives want nothing more than to “‘ make it” so essentially this doll is making it but to steal someone’s face is so awful and to steal a black woman’s face right NOW.. without paying!



Black creatives are trying to support their families!

These giant cooperations are essentially looting from creatives with AUTISM! how do you even justify that

Amina is the woman who helped me to embrace the fact that yes, my brain is different but different is beautiful!

I’m 35 I’ve got A LOT going on I even have memory loss.. that is real hard to face at 35 but that’s my life and I have wonderful and I have not so wonderful days but I have to cope and coping can be a rainbow of possibility!

the fact that these companies can sleep at night crafting a doll without PAYING is ridiculous and unacceptable!

It’s unfair! It’s time to pay black artist!

How can you sleep at night stealing from an autistic black woman..

Amina keeps it real!

She talks about the fact that was diagnosed with autism later in life because she didn’t look like the stereotypical candidate for autism.. you know.. young, white, male…

(her mental health diagnosis took a backseat due to her gender and race.. but that’s a different post and I just don’t have the timmme y’all.. let that marinate.. until the next post… )

Anyways I just don’t want what happened to Amina to happen to anyone else.. I also don’t want anyone I know to support lol surprise dolls beautiful they steal for Autistic black women and that’s pretty awful!

Who does that!

Well lol surprise.. apparently..

Just not ok….

What’s cool… what next? stealing from the blind… literally! They are just AWFUL.. Don’t support them.. SUPPORT AMINA✊🏾


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