The podiatrist stepped all over my summer plans

I shared on my Instagram that I was going to be sharing more content about my journey with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.. I figured I’m a young mom with a platform and I might as well share here instead of constantly sharing with my family and bothering them with every ache pain and new symptoms.

You know what it’s like when your Newly Diagnosed with a couple of chronic illnesses during a pandemic right?

I have just now realized that my body and mind are a phase where I’m adjusted and learning to what my body can can’t do learning that’s ok and how to maneuver around those things.

People think “you’re just giving up”

No my body literally just can’t do that anymore..

You don’t think I’m angry at my body for not being able to what it use to be able to do?

There’s things I want to say about slowly losing mobility, while remaining grateful for the body time you’re to stand free of pain.

I’m so happy for low pain days.

I honestly feel like I was in a car crash and I don’t remember being in one. I don’t understand how this happened or why but I’m not angry about it. I’m still alive and I have insurance, I have doctors and there’s treatment so it’s not like it’s a completely hopeless situation.

In fact I had been looking forward to today because a lot of the pain I was experiencing started in my feet and ankles.

At the end of the day my ankles had a lot of swelling and creaking due to the arthritis and

How to adjust and cope to life with pain.

I’ve recently had to become my own advocate for my healthcare.

I have to be my own voice for a lot of things, and speak up and my primary care for labs, more test, as woman of color I know a lot of times in the healthcare community I’m overlooked, it’s Scary and often don’t receive the best care.

We have to be our own advocates.

Anyways… that’s a whole different post entirely…

It’s hard out here for black women…

(it wasn’t until I actually started advocating for myself that I found out how hard… like I said that’s a whole other post this about FEEEETZ!

So I know what y’all are thinking..

“Damn.. something always wrong with her…”

Well two things

#1 people with Fibromyalgia have pain alll over their bodies and people that have rheumatoid arthritis have swelling all over.. I had been experiencing swelling in my ankles at night every night for like 2 years…

And well I can hear my hips grinding and they pop out of socket…

Sooo it’s to the point that I can only stand for like 10-15 minutes at time without severe pain, stabbing burning, throbbing or having to hold on to something, to hold my weight, or sit down, or lay down….

I swear I feel like I’m 90…

But some days I’m fine… I just rest when I have to rest.. listen to my body.

Today though…

The Dr fondled my foot and insulted my gene pool!

I was like

“Cute shoes are to blame”

He said

“Genetics are to blame, you have extremely flat feet. No more flats or sandals, you’ll need to wear orthotics in your shoes, you have Tendonitis”

I was like:

First of all I didn’t even know that man.. he just come in the room insulted my whole gene pool and ruined my summer but I’m going to wear the inserts because I’m sick of limping like a pimp everywhere!

I’ll have to find some cute sneakers

Friday.. I actually have an appointment over the phone..

Hopefully they’ll get me an X-ray.. I’m dealing with the v.a Friday.. so fingers crossed 🤞🏾

I’ve had some interesting dealings there.

I just hope someone believes me I’ve been in pain too long anyways.

Today was actually pretty positive..

Well as positive as these appointments go..

I didn’t curse anyone out.. I learned Fibromyalgia typically affects the feet often so that might be why I have burning sensations in my feet often so at least I did learn that… so not a total loss!

I learned something 🙌🏾 I’m always down for a day where I learn something and progress is made so today went very well.

There’s still a lot to navigate and there’s still a lot of frustrating moments, it seems like my body is betraying me but I focus on the good days today was good one

😌 even if I have to wear sneaks.

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