“Black Women who love wine”

Soooo My good good girl friend Kokoa Lawson aka @hautekokoa started this AMAZING Facebook group yesterday called “Black women who love wine”

I was like

Kokoa and I grew up in Temecula “Wine Country” we love wine! We brunch for fun and we spend our spare time roaming the farmers market on Saturday..

And yes we LOVEEE wine…

But Kokoa…

she knows the good stuff and where the sales are.. where they smash the grapes and how..

She’s sophisticated, classy and she’s a model with the all fancy degrees.. Kokoa.. is the friend you ask about wine 🧐

Plus she’s a frigging super model.. look at this creature!

She just walks around looking like that! and has such a sweet soul to want to EDUCATE people about the wine!

I tend to buy wine because it’s cute 🤷🏾‍♀️ just kidding!

I’m your classy, ratchet friend from wine country that knows about wine because… I live in wine country and listen at the tastings while I’m half tipsy…

I was talking to her today and I told her that her group was so necessary for black women because I was so tired of rappers talking about moscato and rosè!

Y’all know there is other wine right!

There is a variety of reds and whites just waiting to rhymed about but no one ever does.

I told Kokoa anytime someone says their favorite wine is Moscato I just stop talking to them about wine because I know they don’t shit..

They know what everyone told them they should drink and they didn’t even bother to explore the hundreds of choices in front of them.

I would respect a woman buying herself bottle of cheap ass Andre to celebrate anything, than someone telling they like moscato and Andre is the lowest form of like life in bubblage and that’s why I’m writing this..

To let black women know they are better than Andre and they need to educate themselves about wine before some rapper does!


I’m actually proud of Snoop for branching out and producing a red wine!

I was so excited about this group!

It’s beautiful black women from all across the country talking about their favorite wines.


Some of us.. just hang around with a vintage wine glass with a nice bottle of wine and judge things on the internet and on tv.. some of us being me..

That’s brings us to wine I’m reviewing tonight…

Freixenet extra cava (Sparkling white)

The bottle says it’s an Extra dry Negro… (relatable…)

🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’ve been moisturizing!


I actually picked this up on sale at Albertsons for $9.99

It’s one of those.. I am celebrating the fact my friend just started an amazing group uniting black women all across the country nights.. I’m not typically spending $9.99 on my wine 😅

I found this little at the .99 cent store.

This was a Pinot Grigio that I scored… I was cute, sweet to the point.. I mean.. I was $2.99

As far as taste goes.. it tasted like it was $2.99..

But the bottle was cute so I put up with it.

Now I have a really cute “Hello Kitty” wine bottle for $2.99

It’s incredible!

Now… back to the Freixenet

It’s really refreshing! It’s subtle, you can taste notes of pear but it’s not overwhelming. It’s not SWEET sweet, if that makes sense, it’s just sweet enough to keep you sipping, it’s an extra dry and I’m a fan of drier champagne there’s an underlying fruitiness that makes the champagne irresistible. I am a huge fan of that! it’s definitely a good one for mimosas.. it’s one you grab for brunch.

It’s easily paired with fried foods, oysters things of that, certain seafood..it’s a sparking wine, you pair it with things you pair with champagne

If you’re like bougie bougie this crap.. 🤷🏾‍♀️

If you’re only used to Andre.. well you’re in for a treat because you need to step up game spend $5 extra dollars and treat your palate. Step your game you are better than Andre.. your insides are better than that..

wine is an escape for your mouth. Why would you escape to CRAP.. escape to goodness.. this is some goodness (for the moment.. it’s not TOP TIER goodness.. just remember.. there is better.. but this good for right now… enjoy this.. rest in this moment, bask in it you deserve it)

Each gulp you should be tasting an individual note, characteristic, tone, quality.. not just red and white battery acid in a glass making you appear like a sophisticated woman.

There is so much more.

In Temecula your first wine tasting is like a right of passage.

You gather your best girlfriends in a limo.

You’re driven around till you’re dizzy, tasting, laughing, learning..

Well I fell in love…with wine, the entire experience. how it’s made, the variety, the taste, the process.

I LOVE WINE! and there are so many black women like me!

I practically came to life when I saw Kokoa give me an invite to that group and not because it was an invite to drink alcohol.. no, that’s not the case.

It was just a chance for me to meet up with our black women that share a love wine!

We are educated, we are black and we love wine!

We want to know where we can find the good wine, on the low..

That group again is “Black women who LOVE wine” and you can like moscato.. I’m just mean… Kokoa is nice.. SHE will love you no matter what kind of wine you like… me on the other hand…


Overall… would I buy Freixenet again..

I mean yeah!

It’s good, it’s sippable and it’s under $10!

Next week I’m going to try the Snoop dog wine! It’s over $10…. and in this economy..

🗣I AM CHEAAAAAPPPP and I don’t like Red’s but I love Snoop✊🏾 you gotta support black business

Be blessed and enjoy a good glass of wine with your good girlfriends cheers to what makes you happy❤️

Thank you for reading my post and don’t forget to check out

“Black women who LOVE wine” it’s a really great group!

Light and love! See you next time ✌🏾


  1. First of all, I love wine, I’m black and I joined that group. I guess that was a first, second an third of all. I’m so mad that COVID prevented. E from visiting Cali this year. Was looking forward to you taking me on a vineyard tour. Lol

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