Went thrifting for Sneakers at the Goodwill in Murrieta (yes.. It’s open)

My podiatrist said I have to wear sneakers with an Orthotic

That’s literally how I felt when that man told me I had to wear sneakers.

I JUST met him.

He insulted the shape of my foot and my entire gene pool and I literally owned like 2 pair of sneakers.

That man was the DEVIL! It was the summer and he was talking about some SNEAKERS and an orthotic..

At least it gave it me an excuse to thrift..

I went to Goodwill in murrieta for Sneakers… and cute little summer goodies.. (I’m always on the look out for a cute little summer surprise)

and I struck GOLD!

A pair of Nike air Max sneakers! Typically these bad boys go for around $140!but I found them at Goodwill in Murrieta California, for just $20!

That’s not the only pair of Nike’s I found that day at The Godwill in Murrieta.

I found this really cool pair of retro Nike’s that are a little too big but o plan to clean up and sell on my Depop Shop.

There were some really fun shoes there that day!

I was bullied by Brooklyn into putting these back.

They reminding me of my teenage years in Temecula.

I wanted them sooo bad.. she told me to put them bad.

Brooke said they were outdated and super ugly..

But I wanted them (what do you think?? Part me of me is still regretting leaving the shoes at the Goodwill.. they were only $7.99 ughh yeah they’re different but different can be good.. I should have got the shoes.. I shouldn’t have let my 14 year old bully me 🤣)

I did find a really cool vintage wine glass..

I’m looking for like a vintage coupe wine glass….something like this..

I really enjoy sipping a nice glass of champagne or kombucha after a long day I’m really pretty wine glass so I’m always looking for really neat wine glasses and I just so happened to stumble upon one at the thrift store for $1.99..

I felt like it was my lucky day!

The glass was very well made.. obviously from the 70’s

Super heavy and thick, really great find for $1.99.

(I used this glass to taste wine and write yesterday’s blog post ““Black Women who love wine” it was a great glass I needed to test the glass THROUGHLY!” It was truly worth it’s $1.99)

My last 2 finds were clothing..cut off shorts perfect for summer time easily paired with EVERYTHING! These are the best fit! Such a great find for $4.99!

This shirt is just cheeky summer fun I love this color and the message is back it was only $1 and I couldn’t help but buy it 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣 it’s hilarious.. I can’t wait for someone to ask me how to get to the “horse show”

I haven’t gone thrifting since covid started and I’ll be honest.. I was terrified.

But I got over it pretty quickly because I needed an escape.

I found some great pieces to style and everything was just like I remember (well the bathrooms are closed and so are the fittings rooms and if you live in California you MUST wear a mask and well you should 🤷🏾‍♀️) but all and all it was a great trip.

I scored some amazing finds and I accomplished my goal of finding sneakers 🙌🏾 those Nike’s look brand new!

I got to wear them last night at the Hospital

I still can’t believe how many pairs of fresh Nike’s you find at the Goodwill the White ones I post on Ig all the time….

Those are $10 Nike’s from the Goodwill..

Style and fashionable DO NOT have to break the bank.. you just have to know have to coordinate the look.

If have to wear orthopedic inserts.. I’ll have cutest sneakers from every Goodwill and cute thrift store all over!

it’s all a state of mind…arthritis..the pandemic..life..everything..it’s all about perspective.

It’s all about your state of mind.

I might have a hard road to walk.. but the shoes will be cute.

Don’t forget to check out @goodwillsoCal!

They tell you who’s hiring…

🗣and when the dollar days are.. IT IS THURSDAY..

That’s how you build up your wardrobe..$1.. play around with looks.. who’s gonna see you we locked in the house…

Anywayyyyssss this about shoes let me mind my business.. stay focused!

The check out the Goodwill will in area to see if they are open and see if they have Nike’s too..

Alright BYE 👋🏾 thank you for reading I really appreciate you.

light and love✌🏾

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